Friday Fun Facts- Snow!

It’s mid summer and I’m sweltering in Texas. Some days I feel like my brain is on fire if I stay outside working too long. Thought I’d share some chilly facts about snow to cool us all down to tolerable temps!Goodmorningsnowflakes

  1. An average sized snowflake consists of 180 BILLION molecules of water.
  2. Every single snowflake has exactly 6 sides.
  3. Chionophobia is the fear of snow…..who knew?
  4. Here’s a good one- folks will buy more cakes, cookies, and candy than any other foods during a blizzard. Hmmm not sure their survival instincts are well honed!
  5. Snow is NOT white. It is colorless. Gaps between the snow crystals bounce light around making it look white.snowfall-wallpaper-5
  6. Did you know there was a record for making the most snow angels? Bismarck, N.D. is where it happened. Two schools combined to raise money for clean water in Ethiopia and 8,962 angels were made at one time. They also raised a ton of cash for their project!! This makes me smile.
  7. 1998-1999 in the north part of Washington state was quite the winter. They had over 1140 inches of snow that season. SHEESH!White-Snowfall-Winter-Road-View
  8. Igloos can get warm inside. Fresh compacted snow is almost 92% air so it’s a terrific insulator. This is why animals and people in the movies dig holes in the snow to survive.
  9. The largest recorded snowflakes in the Guinness Book of Records were found in 1887 in Wyoming. They were 15 inches in diameter!
  10. A single snowstorm can drop 39 million tons of snow. The energy in that is equivalent to 120 atom bombs!
  11. Winter cold kills more than twice as many Americans as summer heat does…maybe I shouldn’t be wishing for cooler weather just yet! maxresdefault
  12. The average snowflake falls about 3 mph.

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