Friday Fun Facts- What’s So Wise About Wisdom Teeth?

My daughter had her wisdom teeth taken out this week. Everything went fine but it’s still causing a lot of pain. The drugs have helped. 🙂dtts

Weird facts about those suckers:

  1. Linguists have agreed that the most likely reason they are called wisdom teeth is because they come in a such a later age. By 17, we are on the brink of adulthood and have gotten “wiser”. Hmmmm….that’s debatable.
  2. In medieval times, they thought cavities were caused by tiny tooth worms.They would bore into the teeth and hide out below the surface. The wiggling around and making their home larger is what was thought to cause tooth pain.
  3. Aristotle believed that men had more teeth than women. He was married. Didn’t he ever count her teeth to see? Pfft- and they say he was smart!
  4. When you’re born, your 20 primary teeth and your 32 permanent teeth are already there below the gum line.
  5. Some people are born without wisdom teeth! About 35% of the population don’t have these lovelies waiting to erupt.
  6. Wisdom teeth are the only ones not formed in the womb. Research is being done to prevent them from growing at all.BrushingTeeth
  7. Japanese researchers found in 2008 that induced stem cells can be harvested from wisdom teeth. Thus, wisdom teeth can be saved for potential need for stem cells later in life. Wow!
  8. You can now have those stem cells harvested and cryogenically frozen for the day you need them. The cost? To save, or bank, your cells costs about what you’d pay for a cup of coffee. (I wish I had known about this before Wednesday!)
  9. The oldest known impacted wisdom tooth was found in a European woman who lived approximately 15,000 years ago. She must have had some pretty bad jaw pain!
  10. Hyperdontia- meaning excess teeth. A few folks have more than 4 wisdom teeth. Sheesh!
  11. For your added enjoyment…My daughter coming home after surgery. This is funny stuff.

2 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- What’s So Wise About Wisdom Teeth?

  1. jeff7salter says:

    as I recall, I had only three wisdom teeth. All were removed shortly after I got out of the Air Force, by my former civilian dentist, under some special program they had to get such work done within a specified period by a civilian. don’t recall now what that was about.
    Anyhow, he pulled those three the old fashioned way — no medicine, just the anesthetic shots and a big set of pliers. At one point, having a LOT of resistance from one tooth, the dentist climbed up in the chair and braced his knee against my chest… so he could get enough leverage.
    Not kidding.


  2. Funniest routine on getting wisdom teeth removed. British humor at its best!


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