Hump Day Kick Start – Romantic Suspense Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.


Need a little power of persuasion?

What’s going on in today’s prompt? Who are these two? Criminals who get off on the rush of being on the run? Is she his hostage? Or is she seducing him, distracting him? Maybe one of them is undercover. What if she were trying to convince him, a broken man, of her love? What if he is a veteran struggling with himself and she is his angel who will save him?

What’s your take? Tell me a story or caption the pic.

8 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Romantic Suspense Edition

  1. jeff7salter says:

    “I’ve never had my back scratched with a 9mm before,” said Vanessa. She had previously removed the magazine, cleared the chamber, and switched the safety on.
    “What caliber do guys customarily use with you?” asked Reginald, somewhat peeved that her chatter was distracting him from visually investigating the charms directly in front of his face.
    She thought a moment before responding. Reginald, whom she’d just met about a week ago, seemed a bit too immature for her. So she chose her reply carefully: “Well, normally, I don’t mess with the smaller calibers. I prefer the magnums, like .357 and .44.”


  2. jbrayweber says:

    I’m still wrapping my head around why she was having her back scratched with a gun. Seems like she’d get more coverage with a brush or is fingers. *shrug* Nice quip, Jeff. I love quips.


  3. rita says:

    Him: “How many are there? What kind of weapons do they have?”
    Her: “Weapons? Oh, great! Now spiders have weapons.”
    Shrug. I’m having a snarky kinda day.


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Oh, I love it, Rita! I really do!


  5. pibarrington says:

    “No, that isn’t a gun in my pocket, honey. My gun’s right here behind you. You three chances at the correct answer. And the second two don’t count…”


  6. jbrayweber says:

    Haha! Cute, Patti.


  7. rekenjura says:

    oh this is right up my ally, and the story is rolling around. I will post once the words sprout and bloom


  8. jbrayweber says:

    Looking forward to it!


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