Friday Fun Facts-Wicca

Our typical idea of a witch is someone with a broom, pointy hat and shoes, gnarly teeth hanging out with a bubbling cauldron. Wow- is that image off base.

  1. Contrary to popular opinion, anyone can write and cast a spell. The trick is to know the key elements. Things such as intention, elements, and knowing how to put it into practice make an effective spell caster. Practice makes perfect!
  2. A practitioner of Wicca is called a witch.
  3. They can choose to join a coven or can practice on their own- whatever best suits their spiritual journey.
  4. The main laws of Wicca come from a poem called The Wiccan Rede. It has only been recently published but many claim that its been handed down for generations and it ancient in origin.Wicca-The-Wiccan-Rede
  5. Those who practice will often have a “Book of Shadows”. It’s sometimes referred to as their Bible but that is not quite right. It’s more like a diary of their own spiritual journey. Today many even keep a digital form and not an actual physical book.
  6. Wiccans are of an Earth religion. They believe in a God and Goddess and many have multiple gods- whatever represents aspects of Earth. Seasons, fertility, trees etc. all have importance.
  7. Many believe in reincarnation. They believe that when they die they go to Summerland where they can stay until they are ready to continue their journey and return. They will be sad at the passing of a loved one but also believe, as in nature, the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.
  8. Many people believe that the things going into their potions and sachets were horrid, scary items. Not true. Healers use herbs to perform naturalistic healing. For instance, wild vanilla was sometimes called deer’s tongue, and dandelions were called lion’s tooth. They were persecuted for this practice. However, except for liability issues, it continues today.2ad7c77d939959abbf61711b3557077c
  9. Many people think Wiccans use black magic or evil sorcery. This is far from the truth. It is a neo-pagan religion at its base, most of which died out when Christianity came in existence. Their black magic is sometimes called negative magic where someone casts a spell to hurt another person or to help a person against their will. Most practitioners are strongly against this because one of the tenets in the poem is to do no harm against anyone.4-burningatthestake
  10. Some don’t even practice any kind of magic at all.
  11. Can you call a male witch a warlock? Not if you don’t want to offend him. It has negative connotations because the old Celtic word for warlock meant oath-breaker. They were considered to have broken their oath to God. No one wants to be known as an oath breaker. The word witch is gender neutral.
  12. The pentacle is not to summon demons. It has nothing to do with satanic worship. The 5 points represent the 5 elements of Wicca-air, fire, water, spirit, and earth. They are usually drawn from densest to least dense with the soul being at the top. A circle is drawn around it for protection.4bzkIHP
  13. Some of their rituals are done in skyclad. That means complete nudity. Sexual practices are not part of it. This is not a new, there are records that even early forms of Christianity and other religions practiced this.bcfaa7fc476dd80c294daf936ef4a997

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  1. Very interesting. Great article.


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