Friday Fun Facts- Voodoo

Ahhhh Hollywood. We have it to thank for voodoo being one of the most misunderstood religions around. It focused on the dark underbelly and mysticism associated with this belief system and messed up what little it did try to portray correctly. That doesn’t mean voodoo isn’t interesting and might not have a few things that will make you shiver.voodoo

  1. There is no single founder of voodoo.
  2. There are 3 main types of voodoo, West African, Louisiana, and Haitian voodoo.
  3. There are strong parallels between it and Christianity. In fact, Pope John II participated in a voodoo ceremony cementing the peaceful coexistence the two churches have.
  4. The dolls are more complicated than what we think. They don’t represent the person they were made for- a picture, a lock of hair, or something personal must be attached to the doll to link it to the person. It was used mostly for good, but like most things, it depends on the darkness of the practitioner with how dark the purpose is.mythos_voodoo_dolls_by_jasonmckittrick-d6a0mmx
  5. Marie Laveau’s name is synonymous with voodoo. But what you might not know is that she worked tirelessly for her community. She gave assistance to the homeless, the hungry and the sick.  In fact, people still leave offerings at her supposed grave asking for help.Mlavaue-211x300
  6. Voodoo priests and priestesses undergo a long period of training before performing any ritual that opens themselves up to spiritual possession. During these rituals, one of the two spirits that inhabit the body—the ti bon ange—leaves the body so the spirit of a loa can possess it. The ti bon ange is the portion of the spirit that contains the individual, and must be protected when the individual is hosting a loa. The other part, the gros bon ange, is a spirit that is shared among all the living.
  7. Animal sacrifice is a part of voodoo. It is not so much about the icky morbid as it is about elevating the life force of the loa spirit. The meat is also then cooked and eaten as part of the celebration.animal-sacrifice-_-Source_-imgkid
  8. There is a voodoo serpent god called Danballa.They believe he is the creator of the world and also carries the souls of the dead to the afterlife. When practitioners are possessed by this god, they don’t talk, they hiss.
  9. There are no distinctions of black and white voodoo. In fact, when an evil spirit is called forth, it is called Red magic because the person’s eyes turn red when they are possessed by evil.
  10. The voodoo pantheon has 3 levels. The highest is a single god, the second is the loa, those that interact with humans, and their ancestors, and finally there is us.
  11. The Kingdom of Oyotunji is a traditional West African voodoo village near Sheldon, South Carolina. It is technically not part of the United States.hqdefault

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