Friday Fun Facts- Wet Your Whistle With Water

Have you ever thought about water? No?

Most of us take it for granted. Some of us don’t have access to clean water. And some have very little to survive. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, it is absolutely necessary to exist. Check out what I’ve found out about this liquid.dsc_0208

  1. Water is the second most common molecule in the universe. The first is hydrogen.
  2. There are 1.5 billion cubic metres of water on Earth. WOW! That is equal to 800 TRILLION Olympic swimming pools.
  3. If it was poured out evenly over the surface of Earth, it would be 12139 feet deep. Whoa.
  4. Only 1% of that is fresh water available to us. The rest is either salt water or ice bergs.iceberg
  5. The Antarctic has been covered in ice for 30 million years.
  6. This is for all of our science geeks! Water should be a gas at room temperature. It’s because the molecules are so sticky, it keeps it together as a liquid!
  7. Most people drink around 264 gallons of water every year.
  8. This is sobering. A 5 minute shower uses approximately 53 gallons of water!dripofknowledge_zps18306ad8
  9. Hot water freezes faster than cold water. It is called the Mpemba Effect and no one knows why it’s true.
  10. It takes almost 53 gallons of water to produce enough coffee beans for one cup of coffee.
  11. Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid including sulfuric acid.
  12. 70% of your brain is water.
  13. 80% of all illness in the developing world is water related.images-1

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