Friday Fun Facts- Hurricanes Again

I know we had facts on these mammoth storms once before, but in light of Michael, I thought it’d be good to learn some more tidbits for interest and special knowledge for your next book.

  1. A Category 5 hurricane has sustained winds of higher than 155 mph. There is talk among scientist that we will soon need a Category 6 on the Saffir-Simpson scale.
  2. Category 3 is where they describe “devastating damage”.saffir-simpson_hurricane_wind_scale_2014
  3. Category 5 is catastrophic and power would be out for weeks, maybe months. And they think we need a 6?
  4. They can unleash 2.4 trillion gallons of water per day!
  5. In 1900 a Category 4 hurricane slammed into Galveston. Over 8000 people lost their lives…it’s a Category 4 that just devastated Haiti and is now pounding Florida.hurricanes-17-728
  6. Remember: Run from water, hide from wind. (Can you hide from 155 mph winds??)
  7. 40% of all hurricanes that hit the United States go to Florida.
  8. Hurricane Katrina cost us $108 Billion.
  9. The Hurricane Hunters fly directly into cyclonic storms to gather data and study these huge weather beasts.hurricane_hunters
  10. They are from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron of the US Air Force Reserves.
  11. They are based out of MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida.


    Inside the eye of a hurricane. Can you imagine being in the clouds with this storm swirling around you?

  12. Great story: During WWII, a group of British pilots were training in the US. There was a surprise Hurricane, dubbed so because there was limited information distributed due to the war and it was a surprise to most, and the Brits were shocked that the planes were evacuating their planes. Some smack talk later and the leader of the US squadron took the trainer plane and flew it directly into the hurricane. He survived and came home, only to switch places with his navigator and fly right back out into the storm again. This showed that hurricane reconnaissance was possible and a few more flights occurred until someone gave them the name Hurricane Hunters.

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