Friday Fun Facts-Do You Know Abraham Lincoln?

This president is on our penny. We read about him all through grade school. We think we know all about him…but do we?

  1. Abraham Lincoln was a licensed bartender.pitch_dark-cocktail-20_zpsc29eb665
  2. Lincoln’s assassin was a famous actor of the time and the President was a big fan of his.
  3. Here’s a weird one- Abraham’s son was saved from a train accident by John Wilkes Booth’s brother. There’s some kind of karma going on there!
  4. He was the first major leader of the U.S. that felt women should have the right to vote. Go Abe!!
  5. Abe Lincoln is enshrined in The Wrestling Hall of Fame having only lost once in 300 matches!!maxresdefault
  6. His dog was also assassinated. 😦
  7. Abraham Lincoln did NOT have a college degree.
  8. He dreamt of his assassination before it happened.
  9. In 1876, a gang tried to steal his body and hold it for a $200,000 ransom.
  10. Abe Lincoln had a secret message engraved into his pocket watch. It was not discovered until 2009.abraham-lincoln-watch-hidden-message-631-jpg__800x600_q85_crop
  12. Did you know that President Lincoln created the Balloon Corps to help fight in the Civil War? Hot Air Balloons!int-inflate-balloon1

2 Responses to Friday Fun Facts-Do You Know Abraham Lincoln?

  1. pibarrington says:

    Am I insane or did I dream this up? Anyone know of an episode from any show like Twilight Zone that was about an old newspaper printer who at the end of the episode who kept telling people that he had to print the news from the next day when the next day hadn’t happened yet. At the end of the episode, the next morning people came into his workroom and found him crying as he mindlessly rolled out the headline “President Abraham Lincoln Assassinated”
    I swear I saw this episode on television but I have no idea where or when. If I didn’t it means I’m pretty creepy in my sleep…


  2. I never saw that episode but it would make a terrific short story!!


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