Friday Fun Facts- John F. Kennedy

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the presidency of the United States. Call me crazy, I just can’t get it off my mind. (Note the heavy sarcasm)

I don’t want to talk about modern politics, but it sent me searching about Lincoln last week and Kennedy this week. Check out what I discovered.images-1

  1. John F. Kennedy was obsessed with his weight and traveled with a bathroom scale everywhere he went. Seriously?
  2. This is a shout-out to the author, Will Graham who is a Bond aficionado and faithful MuseTracks follower! President Kennedy was a Bond fanatic and To Russia With Love was his all-time favorite book! He even tried writing his own Bond like book about a coup d’etat headed by Lyndon Johnson!!
  3. He was the first president to dance with black women at the Inauguration Ball.
  4. His last year in office is when his son, Patrick, died.
  5. A month before his death, he created a “James Bond” movie about his own assassination! The grieving widow was played by Jackie and frazzled Secret Service agents were, indeed, played by his very reluctant Secret Service agents. Now that is creepy.
  6. He spent time in the company of his mistresses, but after Patrick’s death, he never had sex with any of them. He drew much closer to Jackie and was determined to “keep the White House, white”.
  7. On Nov. 11, 1963, he laid a wreath on The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington. He would be buried at that cemetery two weeks later.
  8. The open top limo that he rode in on that fateful day was flown in from Washington. .00010469
  9. Lyndon B. Johnson became president 99 minutes after the shooting.
  10. Jackie removed her wedding ring and put it on his finger to be buried with him.
  11. One of his legs was shorter than the other which caused life-long back pain.
  12. Kennedy desperately wanted to learn to speak French. Jackie was fluent and he often turned to her and their daughter Caroline for help. It was…a struggle never mastered.
  13. President Kennedy bought 1200 Cuban cigars the day before he set a ban on them. Hmmmm…….president-kennedy-smokes-a-cigarrillo-outside-photographer-howell-conants-nyc-studio
  14. Taken from ABC’s article on President Kennedy: “Kennedy had been the target of at least four assassination attempts before Dallas, one barely a month after he was elected president, when a retired postal worker, his car loaded with dynamite, followed the president-elect from Hyannis Port to Georgetown to Palm Beach. “Brother, they could have gotten me in Palm Beach. There is no way to keep anyone from killing me,” Kennedy told a Secret Service agent shortly after the suspect was apprehended, recounted Thurston Clarke in “JFK’s Last Hundred Days.” Two more assassination plots — one in Chicago, one in Tampa, Fla. — were uncovered in the weeks before Nov. 22, 1963.”
  15. President Kennedy gave his entire $100,000 salary to charity every year.why_we_do_we_admire_a_president_who_did_so_little




6 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- John F. Kennedy

  1. jeff7salter says:

    I knew a lot of this — at least generally — but never heard of JFK writing his own fiction story or (in your # 5) plotting a movie.
    When I was a kid and JFK was new in the office, I wrote the white house asking for an autographed photo. One was sent to me and I had it framed and hung on my bedroom wall for years.
    Wish I could find it now.
    I always believed JFK had signed it personally, but I later learned that most of the big shots have secretaries do their signing for them.
    But I wonder.
    I also saw JFK in person, on a visit to New Orleans, in the months before his death. He was WAY off on a stage — out doors — don’t recall where we were. I could barely see him, but I had stenciled a sign (8.5 X 11 paper) which said “Welcome Kennedy”. In my youthful idealism, I wanted to believe JFK saw me and my sign, among those thousands in the audience.


  2. Sounds like he was a real hero to you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading this. I always hope when I included a historical piece, you will find it worthwhile!


  3. Will Graham says:

    Stacey, this is remarkable! The only thing I knew about in your article was the piece about Ian Fleming. It’s hard to imagine now but, at the time, Fleming’s novels were at best low mid-list. Once JFK named him as one of his favorite authors, that is when Fleming’s career took off, the first movie was “green-lighted” by the studio, and history was made… 🙂


  4. I knew you’d like this piece that’s why I gave you a shout-out! Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Carina Betts says:

    Not a US Citizen. Cant vote, but JFK will always be the “prince” Pres in my mind. American royalty.


  6. Hi Carina!! Waving from my desk in Tejas! 🙂

    He was an interesting man who did some pretty amazing things. There was always the Camelot mystique that surrounded his time in the White House.


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