Hump Day Kick Start – Pool Gaming Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.


Is it Wednesday already? With the holidays and shopping crazy deals behind us, I give you today’s sexy prompt.

Who are they and what’s going on? Socialite not quite understanding how placing a bet on the game works? A hypnotist who successfully fleeces old men with old money and their young wives by playing high-stakes pool? Are they double-agent spies seducing each other for intel before the next tournament? Maybe she was losing so bad, she decided to distract him. Could she be performing a bank shot? *wink, wink* Sure hope that stiletto doesn’t  put a rip in the table’s felt.

Balls, sticks, pockets, even chalk, I’m sure you can come up with something. Tell me a tale or caption the pic.

5 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Pool Gaming Edition

  1. jeff7salter says:

    “What are you doing on the table?” asked Luthor.
    “Well, you said you had only time for one game,” replied Sylvia, “and I wanted to be certain you selected the correct activity.”


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