Hump Day Kick Start – Payphone Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.



I love this prompt on so many levels. The possibilities are endless.

Tell me about him. Who is he? Where is he? Who is he calling? Or has someone called him? Is he a time traveler restricted to the 20th century and payphones are his vehicle? Could he be a low-level criminal in a police station desperate for a better way of life, reaching out to the one woman who can help him, hoping against hope he hasn’t screwed up so badly that she won’t answer? What if he is getting instructions for his next hit and he’s not down with who the mark is. Is he saying he’s sorry to someone on the other end? If so, who? Perhaps he’s just received bad news. Or maybe he’s hearing his wife/girlfriend’s voice for the first time since she was taken/he was deployed on a mission/they had a fight a year ago/she married someone else/he took off to protect her. Endless possibilities, I tell ya.

What’s yours? I’d love to hear your take or just caption the pic.

5 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Payphone Edition

  1. pibarrington says:

    “Ergh,” he growled, dropping coins into the phone without counting. “If I hear that damned operator one more time…” He clicked the metal latch again, waiting for the voice. It was the fourth time and he was pretty much out of change “Come on, come on,” he begged this time willing to forget and forgive all, if the call would just connect and go through. It wasn’t like him to question orders no matter who gave them but this was different. He’d fallen for the secretary unaware she wasn’t a secretary at all. That didn’t matter. But he needed her now to give him that shot of confidence to kill his mark this time. He wished he didn’t need her; wished she didn’t exist at all. Wished he could wipe her off him like he’d done so many times with so many other women. The phone clicked into life, and he heard his frustration at the voice of his momentary nemesis.
    “Please rey your call again–”
    He lost it. He pulled the gun from his coat and shot the phone into pieces, someof its schrapnel breaking the glass windows. But not before he heard her voice on the other end, connection finally made.
    “Agh!” he turned and banged his own head on the window. The connection lost and found in an instant. Just like the second bullet that found the back of his head and smeared it across the glass with the schrapnel. He slumped and slid down the glass wall, losing conciousness fast. The last voice he heard was telling him, “That number is out of service. Please check the number and call agai–” If only he hadn’t stopped to call her. The hit wouldn’t have been on him. If only…

    I’m hoping this makes some kind of sense…


  2. pibarrington says:

    “rey” was supposed to be “try”. Sorry.

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  3. jeff7salter says:

    Gosh, Leonard was in a fix. Let’s listen in to his conversation:
    “Yes, I know it’s late… yeah, I’m sorry you were asleep. I couldn’t call anybody else. No, it’s the CITY jail… not the County. But I don’t know any lawyers. No, I don’t think Perry Mason is still working. Look, I’m in a jam here and you said you’d be there for me, no matter what. Well, this is ‘no matter what.’ No, nobody died. No, they weren’t my drugs. I don’t know her name… just some girl. Look, are you coming to get me out of here or not? Why do we have to wait til eight in the morning? That’s six hours away! Oh, crap… okay. Eight o’clock. Yeah, I have clean underwear, Mom.”


  4. pibarrington says:

    Jen! You couldn’t have given me a better compliment than morbid!! Thank you!


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