Hump Day Kick Start – CD Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.


Raise your hand. How many of us has at one time in our lives created a playlist based on a love interest?

So what’s up with today’s prompt? What is on the CD? Who does it belong to? Who is it intended for? Why is it on the ground? Is it filled with love songs? Songs about breakups, missed opportunities, or revenge? Could it be a picture collage from a stalker? Filled with poems from a dead lover? A scary manifesto? All my lost first drafts?

What do you think is on the CD? Tell me a tale or caption the pic.

9 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – CD Edition

  1. pibarrington says:

    Suicide. Idiot. Sending himself off to the great beyond or the hell past the great beyond for a lover. Or, a wanna-be lover, probably himself. “Oh, my Love, there are so many things I didn’t tell you and now you’ll never get to hear them! But I have found the way to leave my thoughts of you in a concrete manner on this CD! I hope when you see and/or remember this, you’ll think of me and perhaps think of me with emotion or a little despair. I will love you always my one true Love…”
    I don’t think I can view this any longer without puking.
    How many times has this been written, professed, or claimed over human history? Probably just as many times as music been written for the same thing. Repetition, the mating call of young lovers. What a load of crap. If only I could beat these losers in the brain they might get some perspective and save their relatives the emotional trauma of finding them and getting them buried. There are certainly more worthy people who have passed on who shouldn’t have.
    But, no. I’m guessing the main reason for the suicide is revenge hidden behind sorrow and unrequited love just to punish the object of that love and make them feel guilty.
    “Yeah,” someone told me about another dead young lover. “He thought he’d punish her that way. Only he’s dead and she’s on her fifth lover, moving on nicely without him. Punish her, yeah,”
    I nod, knowingly, and pick up the CD carefully from the ground, no doubt where the love object innocently dropped or discarded it.
    Huh, poor thing shares the same name as me. From the date on it, about the same age too and the same year that I made my own mistake. Huh. Some people never learn…

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  2. rekenjura says:

    okay, I thought of 4 different versions, one for each story I have simmering But I returned to the 1st and used Katherine’s story.- sorry it’s a bit long.

    Katherine slid the disc into her player, her hands trembling, as a thousand questions rolled through her mind. At first, she thought it was a CD with favorite songs of her grandfather. Then she saw the words “This is everything I didn’t say”.
    What didn’t he say? She hesitated, her finger on the play button. Why were her hands trembling? Why was her heart beating in double time? Why did he wait until he died to tell her?
    She hit play and watched as his face filled the screen and then he smiled, knowing she was looking at the screen, he smiled right back at her. He seemed so alive. But she had watched them lower the casket. He was gone. And then he began.

    Hush baby girl, don’t you cry. Poppa will sing you a lullaby….

    Katherine watched, tears rode the rims of her eyes and a pain settled in the middle of her chest. Memories flooded back. A broken sixteen-year-old girl, curled into a ball sitting on the lap of a grandfather she never knew as a child. He would sing and rock her until the shaking stopped and she fell asleep. He sang to her for the last time, his voice shaking and a bit off key. What she wouldn’t do to have him back.

    Baby girl, I want you to know how much I love you and how very proud I am of you. You have overcome more than most, not only overcome it, but succeeded where most would have given up. And after you see this, I hope that you will forgive me and remember I love you and never wished to hurt you.

    He went on listing her accomplishments, how he had been afraid of her in the beginning. Even doubted who she was. Then he went back to the first year they found each other.

    Katherine, I remember the first day they told me my granddaughter had been found. But she was being held, pending the outcome of an investigation. They had you in the hospital, but had guards on the door. Your mental state was volatile, and you called yourself many names. Often speaking in the third person. The social worker encouraged me to have you committed, and I must tell you, I did give it a second, even a third thought. They said you were going to have a baby, and it would be better for everyone, including the baby for you to be watched 24 hours a day. You know the outcome, I found MaryEllen and she became your therapist/guard.
    I know you resented her in the beginning, and it was a difficult time for all of us, especially all of you. I mentioned this time, because what I am about to tell you may change everything.
    I’m not going to draw this out. Katherine, I lied to you once. And I lied thinking this was the best solution for everyone. You gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I know you were told the baby didn’t make it, but she did and she was beautiful. And I signed the papers to have her adopted.

    Katherine hit the stop button on the remote, then threw it across the room. Tears traveled in rivers across her cheeks. Her baby was alive. She let the tears come and she sobbed, releasing the hurt, the pain and the anger. As much as it hurt, she knew he made the right decision. There was no way she could have cared for a baby. Not at sixteen with all the people living in her head. She crossed the room, and searched for the remote. Then hit the play button once again.

    I’m so sorry baby girl. Maybe I should have told you before. But I’m a coward and never wanted to have you look at me with hate in your eyes. She has grown into a beautiful young woman; her adoptive parents were killed when she was still a toddler. Her brother has raised her. If you decided to find her, David, has the information. But I ask that you approach her with caution, and know that I love you and always have. Please forgive me.
    The screen went blank. It was over, and she had a daughter. So what was she going to do


    • jbrayweber says:

      See…this is why I do this. I absolutely love to read stories like this. It brings me joy that I can help inspire greatness, even if in a silly caption. Ruth, hurry the *bleep* up and finish this book.

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  3. rekenjura says:

    You do realize that this is the first book- Katherine’s story, it’s finished but in total overhaul – the one where she is more than one — So I used this for all four books, I only sent this one in


  4. jeff7salter says:

    “What’s on this CD,” she asked.
    “Everything,” he replied.
    “Such as…”
    “The times I could have and should have thanked my teachers, shown more appreciation to my friends, expressed my affection to relatives, reached out to somebody I knew needed the contact, complimented someone who needed to know they were special.
    You know, the usual stuff.”
    “Well,” she said after pausing to digest his list, “that’s pretty much everything.”
    “Except for all the times pride kept me from asking for assistance, directions, or comfort — even though I needed it really bad.”
    “Uh, you mean, like right now?” she asked.
    “Yes, now. Please.”


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