Hump Day Kick Start – Writing Prompt #16

Writing prompts to kick start your muse.

Spooky! When he found the note, was he alive or, ya know, not? Had someone set him up? Did he follow through and now wonder why he was still here? Wonder what unfinished business he had that kept him anchored? Was he murdered and vows to solve the mystery as to who, what, when, and why? Maybe he knows who did it and will take his revenge. Uh-oh.

Share your ideas and/or post your creations, even if it’s just a line or two. I’d love to hear them.

4 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Writing Prompt #16

  1. jeff7salter says:

    It wasn’t the first time he’d stumbled upon a note written by him and addressed to him. Often they were terse and confusing — more like a note you’d write to remind you of something so you couldn’t possibly forget it. Yet he did… forget.
    Even after a few hours, he’d not remember that he’d written the note, but the nanny cam his ex-wife had left in the now-abandoned nursery actually SHOWED him writing one of the notes. He couldn’t remember doing so, but he could replay the tape and watch himself writing it. That particular note had been insignificant… just something he jotted down that meant nothing to him now. The words were “finding housing.” What the heck did that mean?
    But this new note was shattering. Not only lengthy — by the standards of the rest of his notes — but this one quite detailed. And chilling. There, in his own hand, dated two days prior, was what could only be interpreted as a suicide note.
    Of course he didn’t remember. And why would he want to kill himself? He hadn’t been overly depressed… at least he didn’t recall being so.
    But just say that he WAS horribly depressed and demoralized. Just say that he HAD written the note announcing to all that he was ending things. WHY had he not gone through with it?
    What interfered?
    Who stopped him?
    What changed his mind?
    Or was the Sept. 4th date on that note… for a FUTURE year?
    What might happen in the next 363 days to make him want to end things then?
    Or might it be even father down the road?
    If only he could remember…


  2. These days he could smell the blood and know whose it was. He didn’t even have to taste it to know. So, when he identified his own blood scent, he knew they’d taken him, body and soul literally, into immortality once and for all. The situation and note would cover it all, especially for her, though of course she wouldn’t understand at all, not for a long time if ever.
    He laid the note carefully, deliberately, where it would be found and explained away as a terrible depressive act and then forgotten. She wouldn’t forget, however, and that pained him. He loved her and it took every power he possessed to leave her behind, untouched, alive. He knew he could never see her again, not even in death because there would be no death for him, never again. He was doomed to roam the Earth, always thirsty for the blood of life, such as it was and never quenched no matter how many people he’d drained of their lives.
    He hated it, but there was no longer a choice for him. He opened the window and jumped, not landing, but taking flight into the long permanent darkness of his soul.

    I hope this made sense…


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