Happy Valentine’s Day

6 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. rekenjura says:

    So Jenn, it spurred me to write about a forever love.

    Happy Valentines- the words that once meant so much are empty now.
    Gazing at the old, tattered make shift heart decoration she remembered her once upon a time fairy tale.
    He was dashing that Valentines day in his one blue suit, and he’d even put the tie on she’d given him at Christmas. He hated ties. Always felt like there was noose around his neck. But there he was, dressed up, with a bouquet of daisies, a box of candy and a giant card. They didn’t have much money back then, but love was really all they needed, it was their first of many Valentines.
    A tiny tear trickled down her cheek, she brushed it away as she cradled the tattered remnants of that day. Sitting in her chair and she rocked to and fro, letting all the memories flood through her mind. He’d been her soul mate, her best friend, her one and only love. Together they faced all the trials and tribulations life had thrown at them and conquered all but one. The one that took him from her.
    A song echoed in her mind, their song and she heard her as clear as if he stood in front of her singing
    I will always love you. It was so real, and then she knew. He was here, keeping his promise he’d come to get her and take her home.

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  2. jeff7salter says:

    And a big HEART to you, too

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