Hump Day Kick Start – Mermaid Sunning

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

Rare mermaid sighting!

Who are these mermaids? Are they waving goodbye to their pirate lovers? Beckoning ships closer so that they wreck upon the rocks and then steal the hapless sailors’ souls? Has Poseidon set a dangerous challenge for suitors who want to win the hand of one of his daughters? Is this a cut scene from the Little Mermaid?

What’s your take? Tell me a tale or caption the pic. I’d love to hear from you.

2 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Mermaid Sunning

  1. Jeff Salter says:

    With great excitement, First Mate Smee tugged on the Captain’s sleeve. “Mermaids, Cap’n! Must be a dozen of ’em. Take a look!”
    “Be gone with you, Smee,” replied Captain Hawk. “No more time to be wasted on your fictions.”
    “But these are real. Just see through the glass.”
    “I’ll not be bothered, Smee. Your eyes are in your breeches, and you’ve been too long at sea.”
    “Cap’n… please, sir. Just look through the glass. They’re real. I swear it.”
    “You’ll be swearing if I lash you on the main mast, Smee. The last time you spotted mermaids, we lost half a day’s sailing with that longboat through choppy seas and nine sailors rowing like they were fleeing the King’s hangman.”
    “That was different, Cap’n. It was hazy that day. But this is bright sunlight and my glass is clear. It’s a dozen mermaids, I swear on my own mother’s gray head… if not a full score.”
    “Be done with you, Smee. No sailor on my ship will spend another minute chasing after your sea lions. Young Haskins lost three fingers when that creature bit him.”
    “Cap’n, I tried to warn Haskins not to try to mount that sea lion… but he was too excited after all the mermaid talk.”
    “Exactly my point, Smee. Now relay my order to turn about. No sailor of mine will set foot near that cursed island with its vile sea lions.”
    “Aye, Cap’n,” said Smee, as the Captain stalked away. Then Smee turned to the quartermaster and said quietly, “Gather seven other lads and be quick about it. We’re launching the long boat and getting to that island. And bring provisions for sixty days.”

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