Link of the Week – Judging a Book by it’s Author

Should we judge the success or demise of well-written, perhaps even acclaimed, books by authors’ personal (and private) lives, beliefs, political slants, and/or morals?

I’m interested to know opinions on the matter.

One Response to Link of the Week – Judging a Book by it’s Author

  1. There are so many responses running through my head over this article. It poses interesting questions to think upon. I remember way back when Jesus Christ Superstar came out. Many in my church cried blasphemy and refused to go. My take on it was that the musical was fairly accurate and the blasphemy depended on the heart of who listened. I, for one, was moved by the music and it helped me connect to the Bible in a way church couldn’t. So, was I part of the blasphemy? Don’t think so.
    In regards to the letters uncovered about the 2 well known and revered authors- my fear is the same for them as for more current people. We do not know if what was accused is the whole truth. No one is alive to ask. Could it be the truth? Of course, but we will not ever know for sure.
    Literature is for you to take away from it what you need or enjoy. If the writing does it for you, enjoy it. If you can not approach it with an open mind, then go find something else that speaks to you.


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