Hump Day Kick Start – Writing Prompt #47

Writing prompts to kick-start your muse.

Is this as obvious as it seems? Is there another woman? How does she know that he is meeting a woman? Was there a perfumed note? Had she seen a text message or overheard a conversation? Is “he” a husband? A brother, dad, or boyfriend? When she spies them together, what happens? Is she surprised? Angry? Hurt? Murderous? Is the woman someone she knows? Someone that looks like her? Or perhaps she is a stalker and he has no idea he is being watched.

Share your ideas and/or post your creations, even if it’s just a line or two. I’d love to hear them.

2 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Writing Prompt #47

  1. Jeff Salter says:

    The key was for Diana to stay far enough behind him that she would not be seen following… but remain close enough that she wouldn’t lose him.
    And this particular morning — pre-dawn, actually — Nelson seemed intent on shaking any possible “tail” that could be trying to follow. Did he do that every time he slipped out of the house in the wee hours? or was it only this day? and, if so, did Nelson sense Diana was following? Indeed, did Nelson KNOW.
    But she would not be shaken. Come hell or high water, she was going to find out where Nelson was going, why he kept it secret, why it was so important to be there so gosh-awful early.
    As she hustled to catch up, he made another turn. By the time she reached that corner Nelson had zagged again.
    At the next block, he zigged.
    It was crazy.
    Diana was just about ready to scream out, “Okay, I give up. Just tell me where you’re going. In fact, I don’t even care anymore. My lungs are bursting and my legs are cramped.”
    But she didn’t say a word… even it she were able. This secretive pre-dawn jaunt would be his last. Today she would discover his secret, find out why he cam back home smelling so fragrant… today she’d KNOW.
    Finally, after looking behind him, Nelson zipped into a little non-descript establishment with no name above the door. It was hardly more than a hole in the wall. But what was that familiar fragrance?
    She got closer. No longer could Nelson be seen from outside the door, so she’d have to enter. But what would she find?
    Her senses were bombarded by the sweet smells and flavors.
    Nelson was in the corner, standing at the serving counter, with one fist around a hot steam mug of something… and the other hand cramming a filled donut into his mouth. From across the room, it looked like Bavarian cream.
    “So this is where you’ve been going!” she shrieked, startling the dozen other hungry customers. “Why on earth have you been sneaking out for… for… for pastry?”
    After he chewed, swallowed, and washed it down with a few sips of scalding coffee, Nelson placed a fingertip to his lips and said softly, “because you’re on that diet again, Hon. I didn’t want to discourage you.”
    Difficult to argue with that response. So Diana just elbowed his side. “Move over and order one for me.”

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