MuseTracks is an amazing blog for both authors and readers. Okay, so we here at MuseTracks are a tad biased. But what you’ll find is a candid, entertaining look into the world of publishing. We provide, in our own unique and sometimes satirical way tips, education, and opportunities for authors and their muses, and plenty of eye-candy, excerpts, and book news for readers.

A little history…

In MuseTracks’s infancy, aspiring authors Jenn, Candi and Marie-Claude met while critiquing each other’s work on the online critique group of the Romance Writer Community run by Charlotte Dillon. Their journey started together as they became fascinated by their stories of magic, pirates, cowboys, and more. They became fast friends as they continued to critique one another, share writing tricks and provide each other with tremendous support. This blog was founded by the three and continues to provide support and education to aspiring, new, and published authors across the spectrum. To add to the fun, Stacey  joined the  merry little band.  Though we have grown over the years, the demands on writers ebb and flow. From time to time, Marie-Claude and Candi, joined by award-winning and Amazon Goddess,  Saranna DeWylde, still stop by to bestow wisdom and share trials and tribulations of the writer’s life. You just never know what crazy things we say and do here at MuseTracks.


Your hostesses…

Jenn Bray-Weber

Author – Historical/Paranormal/Erotic Contemporary

Born and raised in the great state of Texas just outside of Houston, I grew up with wide open spaces and free reign to express myself. Always a “good girl”, I had a penchant for trouble. With that comes plenty of entertaining tales and a brassy attitude.

After high school. I received a degree in Music & Video Business. Locally, I managed rock bands, booked clubs, wrote reviews for a music rag, ran lights and video for a cable show, and worked promotions for various organizations. Meantime, I carried on a real (i.e. “paying”) job. I gave my lifeblood in the aftermarket car industry for 10 years conducting every aspect of customer service and logistics known to man.

A husband,  daughter, 3 cats, and 2 tattoos later, I went back to school – a career student, of sorts, earning another degree. Somewhere in my pursuit of a Masters in history, I took a creative writing course. It was a thrill to write and share my stories, which often teetered on the macabre. Yeah…I have a bit of a dark streak. My professor suggested I pursue writing a novel. I don’t imagine he meant for me to quit school, but I did just that.

I seriously began writing in January 2007, finishing my first manuscript 7 months later. So what has happened between then and now? My family has grown (and so has the number of tattoos) and I have published  7 books. I’ll share with you here my hair-raising take of this roller coaster ride as an author. Get in, buckle up and please keep your hands inside the car at all times.

Visit me at jbrayweber.com and connect with me on Facebook.

You can contact me at:  jenn@jbrayweber.com


Stacey A. Purcell

Author of romantic suspense/thrillers and historicals

Texas girl by birth, child of the world by choice. While I was born in Texas, it was a momentary lay-over on our way back to Venezuela. My dad was in the oil industry and that allowed me to have my backyard in countries like Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. I never lived in the U.S. until my mom dropped me off for college in New Orleans. Talk about culture shock!!!!!

I earned my undergrad (French Literature and Education) and grad (Early Childhood Development) degrees from Tulane University. As soon as I finished, it was back off to Malaysia to teach! After that, I was on my way to work in Beijing when my grandfather became ill and I returned to Texas. I met my husband on an airplane and the rest is history. We now have two kids and hop planes whenever we can!

I write romantic thrillers/mysteries that seem to take place in exotic countries…imagine that! My first is located in the rain forest of Malaysia and is followed by an adventure set in Costa Rica complete with hidden treasure, drug cartels, and portable nuclear weapons. I wrote my first romance on hotel stationary in London when I was fifteen and have been dabbling ever since. I joined RWA two years ago and that’s when I decided to become serious about writing. I love being here with Jenn, Candi, and Marie-Claude.


Recognizing other MuseTracks founders…

mc-home2Marie-Claude Bourque

Author of mystical romance and fantasy

A former oceanographer and fitness professional, I am now a science teacher for Seattle Public Schools.  Originally from Montreal, I immigrated to the US in my thirties, first living in Rhode Island, then recently settling in the Pacific Northwest.

I was raised with French legends, told and sung by my late father, traditional stories that I sang to my sons at bedtime when they were little. The sadness I feel over the fate of tragic lovers from these ancient legends and my interest in Celtic mythology have inspired me to use paranormal elements in my writing to reunite these torn couples in happy-ever-after endings.

I am a winner of the American Title V, a member of RWA and SFWA, and my first novel, a gothic paranormal romance titled ANCIENT WHISPERS  was published June 2010 in mass market paperback by Dorchester Publishing.


Candi Wall awa K.R. Lawson

Contemporary romance/Young Adult

Living on the beautiful coast of Maine with my wonderful husband, four great kids and a menagerie of four legged critters, I am a part time stay at home mom, part time writer, subsitute teacher and was an animal control officer for six years. I grew up all over the world as an Army brat, and finally settled in Maine when I was nineteen. That was sevente… well, let’s just say it was a long time ago, and I still love the beauty of the coast. Though the winters could be a touch less brutal.

Yep, my plate’s pretty full, but there is one undeniable passion that I have. One thing that will not let me ignore it for long. And that’s writing. After years of putting off my dream of becoming an author, in Feb. 2008, I finally made the time to sit down, do some research and start to learn what I needed to know to get published. Boy was that a shock. Didn’t you just have to sit down and write the book? Yeah, okay.

Thank goodness for this great crew who keep my head tightly screwed on, and my lines neatly corrected. With their wonderful support and incredible wealth of knowledge, I have accomplished my dream of publication. Visit often for great info, the funny stuff we just have to share, and an all around good time.

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !


  2. Stacey, what a great adventure you’re undertaking. You’ll be a tremendous asset to an already fabulous blogsite.


  3. Thanks, Judythe! I’m so happy to be a part of this cool blog.


  4. Gloria Cook says:

    Stacey – I’m so proud of you!


  5. Thank you so much for dropping in and “Liking” my moist recent post on “Four Foxes,One Hound”. Not only do I appreciate it for itself, but thank you for introducing me to your site.I have been tooling around and find it inspiring and a wealth of information.I need to ratchet my writing up and reading your bios and info is helping.


  6. I’ve awarded your blog the Blogger Recognition Award! Please visit my post at >>>http://wp.me/p6PVez-1jg<<&lt; for information.


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