Claimed By the Beast Nocturne Cravings

December 27, 2013







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Available January 1

Dr. Daphne Panetta is desperate to find a cure for a virus that turns its victims into zombie werewolves. Infected Konstantin Gevaudan should be nothing more than a test subject, but the only thing Daphne fears more than the beast within him is her own intense attraction to the virile man himself….

When the research facility where he’s being held goes up in flames, Konstantin has no choice but to take Daphne on the run with him. For the desire burning between them can mean only one thing: she is his true mate. But how can he claim her without changing her—forever?




Where the others were seemingly mindless killing machines, there was a self-awareness in his eyes. He was a predator, to be sure, as ravenous as the rest of them. What made him terrifying was his cunning, his obviously human logic.

And this one had a name—Konstantin Gevaudan.

Obviously aware of her scrutiny, he stepped forward, prowling toward the observatory as if she were the one on display.

The shadows fell away like a cloak, the bright sodium lights blaring down on his massive form. He stood, rising up bipedal and perfect, with none of the abnormalities of the others except for those eyes blazing that strange electric blue, like an LED bulb. Form followed function, each part of his body designed with the same purpose in mind—to be the most efficient killing machine. Thickly muscled, but his tread was light, graceful. His movements were fluid synchronicity. In fact, he was horrifyingly beautiful.

He knew it, too. The beast stopped under a particularly focused shaft of light, displaying himself for her. The sleek pitch of his silky pelt, the sculpted planes of his musculature so much like a human’s but still so alien, and the sly, knowing look in his eyes.

Daphne found herself almost hypnotized by the creature, unable to look away. Maybe he was somehow part King Cobra and he’d caught her in a death sway. Her rational, educated brain told her this was more information than they’d ever been able to gather before. No matter how uncomfortable it was, how ugly, or even how she ached for Bethany, she had to keep him engaged. The cameras were still recording.

Although, the primal, basic animal part of her brain screamed for her to break the spell, to flee. To hide away so his horrible eyes couldn’t dig down into the meat of her, into her fear. The faint beep from the lapel of her lab coat vaguely registered—she was excreting pheromones at dangerous levels. The infected could scent them even through all the barriers.

The throng of the deformed, snarling infected were suddenly in frenzy mode, throwing themselves against the electrified walls, their claws scraping down the enchanted glass as they struggled to get at her—prey.

A sound that Daphne first thought was an earthquake rumbled deep, until she realized it was coming from it—him—Konstantin.

His muzzle retracted in a snarl, revealing supernaturally straight white teeth that looked more at home on a barracuda than a wolf. She shuddered and his lips twisted farther. He turned his great head slowly toward the wolves, as if focusing the sites of a weapon.

The bass sound began to build, but it wasn’t until the space around him trembled with its might did the noise erupt from him in a deafening roar that was itself the hand of a vengeful god smiting the wretched masses.

Infected wolves yelped and whined as their ears bled and it seemed their nervous systems had been paralyzed by the sound. They dropped to their bellies, their yips quickly fading.

Daphne prayed to any gods that were listening they’d caught a digital imprint of the roar and could reproduce it. It could be the weapon they needed if they couldn’t synthesize a cure.

His attention snapped back to her, his appraisal blatant, intense, and obviously human. She refused to look away or back down, even though her adrenaline spiked again.

The beast lifted his nose to the air with purpose, his too sharp eyes still focused on her. As if that scent were some delectable sweet she’d prepared especially for him. He stalked forward closing the space, coming as close to the observatory bubble as any of them had ever dared.

That primal part of her screamed at her to run and the logical part agreed, but she stood her ground. She knew he could smell her fear like a perfume, but that was the difference between humans and beasts. Daphne refused to be controlled by her lizard brain. She was a rational being in charge of her own actions.

The only thing between them now was the glass. She swallowed hard, her saliva thick as a wad of cotton in her throat. Daphne’s fingers hovered over the button that would slam the panic protocol wall between the enclosure and the observatory.

His regard was as intense as it had been before, but instead of staring her down, he sized her up. His gaze lingered on her breasts.

Undeniably male, and human.

Suddenly where there’d been a beast, there was a man. She jerked back from the glass, unable to control the visceral reaction to the intrinsic need to put more space between them. If she’d thought the beast was horrifically beautiful, the man was even more so.

Daphne could see the beast looking out at her from underneath his skin.

What beautiful skin it was—smooth and unblemished, like alabaster. He was as pale as the moon, the silvery sheen of his flesh utterly surreal. His powerful body seemed compacted now, coiled and waiting to strike. This creature was still every inch a predator.

Her gaze was drawn down from his broad shoulders, his pecs, his defined abs, and lower still to that ridged triangulation of muscle that directed her study to the last place she wanted to look.

Yes, every long, thick, hard inch of predator.

Already high on adrenaline, her body responded in kind. Fear and lust induced many of the same bodily responses. Clinically, it was a simple matter of biology, as basic as breathing.

Only her breathing wasn’t basic. It shuddered out of her in staccato bursts, her lips plumped, nipples tightened, heartbeat thundered, and her thighs clenched hard against the electric jolt of desire that stabbed through her.

Daphne jerked her eyes back to his face—it looked like something that belonged in an art museum. Or maybe it was the face of the Devil himself, with those damned infected blue eyes staring back at her.

His mouth curved in a scimitar of a smile, lifting his head as the animal had done. Scenting the air—her desire.

Even though he looked like a man, he wasn’t. She knew the bio suit worked. He’d infected Bethany, ripped her humanity away from her not on instinct, not because no matter what he ate he was always starving, but because he simply wanted to.

Guilt flooded her again, disgust at her body’s reaction to the monster.

His head cocked to the side, as if he could hear her thoughts and found them strange. He splayed his hand on the glass, the electric current there having no effect on him. Or if he felt it at all, he demonstrated no reaction.

Her hand rose of its own accord, slowly like moving through water, and settled palm flat against the spot where his rested. She wanted to jerk her hand away, he was a monster. He was a test subject. He was the enemy.

It’s Editor Shopping day!

December 15, 2013

UPDATE: Candace requested four FULL manuscripts today. I have sent out all emails, so check your boxes!


Good morning everyone. I apologize for posting the pitches so late, but we’re under about a foot and a half of snow up here in Maine, and my internet has been spotty at best – when we’ve had power. Fun times.

Anyway – quickly to the stats:

Pitches received: 29

Pitches accepted: 17

Pitches rejected: 12

  • 8 – Too long
  • 2 – missing information
  • 1 – Off genre (Childrens fiction)
  • 1 – No pitch

Please welcome Candace Havens! Thank you so much for joining us here at Musetracks. I hope you find something you like. If you do, simply e-mail me the number, title and what you’d like to see from the author.

Happy shopping!



The Elder Race

YA Urban Fantasy

85,000 words

Seventeen-year-old Carri Helms is not the first person to be attacked by the Goetia, a legion of Fallen Angels and demons, but she is the first to survive.

After walking away from an accident that should have killed her, Carri soon learns she is their primary target. They track her to her senior prom party where, Riker Irin, a Watcher with a troubled past, ignores his Commander’s standing orders of no mortal interference and saves her.

In an effort to find out how to stop the attacks, Riker leads Carri deeper into his world. They discover she is the last obstacle standing between the Goetia fulfilling an ancient plot to unite the earth with the heavens and the only way to destroy them is by working with the enemy. Now Carri must decide how much she will sacrifice to free Riker, and herself, from the past to ensure they have a future.

THE ELDER RACE is an 85,000 word YA urban fantasy. Although it is a standalone novel, I have already outlined a sequel.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Final Notice – Book 1 in the Damaged Goods Series

Mystery with Strong Romantic Elements

75,000 words

Jackie Parker has had enough of her butt-grabbing lawyer boss. Sexual harassment lawsuits aside, there’s got to be a better way for a certified process server to earn a living in Miami. When her husband asks her to join forces with him and his brother to start up their own property management company, it seems like the perfect solution. Until they find an unidentified young girl’s body in the first home they visit and no sign of the tenant.

Just another day on the job for the Damaged Goods team.



Seething Jealousy – Book 1 of Conniving Cocktails Series

Mystery with Strong Romantic Elements

70,000 Words

When bar and nightlife expert Lorelai Lake agrees to help turn around the failing bar Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, she’s sure she’ll regret it. But Lorelai has never been able to say no to Grant McTavish, and beverages are her business even if Grant’s love life is no longer any of hers. More than the whiskey turns sour though when one of the bartenders is found murdered in the bar basement and Grant becomes the number one suspect. Now Lorelai must save Grant’s reputation as well as his bar in an epic turnaround that could either exonerate the man she loves or cost her everything.



Arty Smarty

Single Title Contemporary Romance (Romantic Caper)

80,000 words

Museum curator Claire Raffen must retrieve the keystone piece for her art exhibit from reclusive artist Sinjin Reid. When she arrives at the sexy Brit’s estate on the shores of Lake Michigan, to collect the sculpture, it’s missing. Claire discovers that Sinjin has hidden his masterpiece from his greedy ex-wife and her lover–Claire’s smarmy boss–the director of the Lafferty Museum.

Since the success of her show hinges on the star attraction, Claire reluctantly agrees with Sinjin’s crazy plan. He will gladly display the piece in Claire’s exhibit only if the exhibit is hanging at his gallery. Claire and Sinjin uncover allies who help them move the exhibit under the nose of the museum’s crooked director. Working together, Claire gets a glimpse of the real Sinjin beneath his iconic image.She resists his genuine charm and shakes off her squishy feelings.

Sinjin’s only using her to get back at his ex-wife. With her reputation and exhibit at risk, Claire musters up enough trust to rely on Sinjin.  Pulling off a museum heist, Claire might wind up jobless and in jail. But worse, if she falls in love with Sinjin, her heart may be stolen.



Waking Up Dead


45K words

The Western Werewolf Legend series continues

The truth, Sonja Brooks understands is relevant. She’s a werewolf with a special ‘gift’ and faces danger at every turn. Now, the bloodsuckers stalk her family and the man she loves.

He vowed to protect his men despite the cost. Tyler Loflin must save them and Sonja from the threat of Yankee vampires. Seeking help from one of them will test his faith in the human he once knew and his own strength as a newly born werewolf.

Escaping to a better place, Ty and Sonja set out for Texas, but will the freedom and safety they seek elude them?



Wolfen Secrets


50K words

Not only do our dreams hold secrets to our future, but as Sonja Brooks discovers they also hold the keys to immense danger for her kind. Sonja finds the westernwerewolf pack in great peril when she and her mate, Tyler Loflin have to take on the vampires and their undead magic.

When confronted with vampires that won’t ever die, Tyler Loflin has to formalize a plan to protect the woman he loves as well as the men who are like brothers to him. The only problem is keeping the plan a secret from Sonja, who is the alpha she-wolf of their pack.



Comanche Haven, The Loflin Legacy # 1


100K words

From the moment Celia, the emerald-eyed, Comanche half-breed, gets off the stage in Tyler, Texas, Seth Loflin realizes he is on a collision course with the past.  She was his first love and now the Shooter Creek’s ranch boss can’t allow her to succumb to the danger that stalks her.  Someone wants to kidnap her and sell her as a slave, but now that she’s in his protective arms, he intends to keep her safe.

Celia can’t run back to the safety of her former life in South Carolina.  And if she stays at Shooter Creek with Seth, she’ll be putting the man she has always loved and his ranch in danger of harboring a Comanche.  But Seth refuses to leave her side, and his vow to protect her gives Celia the hope and courage she needs.  Now she’ll fight for her new life with Seth…or die trying.



The Lady in the Mist, The Western Werewolf Legend # 1


45K words

The Civil War took Sonja Brooks’ husband and left her alone. Unprotected and scared, she runs headlong into a life changing event when she’s attacked by a pack of wolves. Her fate as a werewolf is sealed. When she stumbles upon Ty Loflin, a Rebel soldier dying of his wounds, she nurses him back to health. He’s the perfect mate, but will he want her once he knows the truth?



Science Fiction, alien post-apocalypse
93,500 words

Dan Amenta wakes up one morning to discover the world has changed…the Apocalypse has arrived.

Death, destruction, and disaster are spreading around the globe. Yet Dan and his family remain untouched. He begins to fear they are the only three people left alive on Earth. They are not.Efforts to survive and make contact with others reveal disturbing truths about the human extermination. Dan finds Laura who discloses even more. Her presence – a young, sexy, disruptive girl – adds questions about what is moral and ethical in this new reality.

Then supernatural experiences reported by other survivors force Dan to seek explanations from his own past. Memories of childhood hallucinations strike him with sledgehammer force, bringing him face-to-face with a secret millions of years old. Planet Earth is in the hands of an older power, one Dan never envisioned and dares not disobey…

A first contact and an alien colonization set the seeds in the trilogy for a galactic upheaval and space wars with aliens.



In the Heart

Contemporary romance/womens fiction
100,000 words

After a tragic shooting claims the life of her fiancé, Celia Bailey returns to her small hometown vowing one day to find love again. A year later, she’s finding it difficult to keep that vow when the man occupying her thoughts and haunting her dreams is a man she knows shouldn’t get involved with.

Toby Colton is about to find his new life turned upside down. He has a steady job as a prison guard and is forming ties in the close-knit community he recently moved to. However, one chance meeting on the side of a road brings a string of complications he never counted on.

For the ex-rodeo rider, Celia is one sad cliché after another: the boss’s daughter…his best friend’s sister…and love at first sight. While the two fight a losing battle to resist their attraction, a scheming and dangerous inmate by the name of Vince Monroe sets his sights on escape—and Celia.

When Toby must risk his own life to save a kidnapped Celia, they learn love doesn’t always play by the rules.



The Found Girl

Contemporary paranormal romance
100,000 words

Jonas Kavanagh’s life was predetermined.

One day he will be king to a magical elf kingdom and he will also be the first in the royal line to take a human as queen. Only two complications stand in his way. First, the human woman fated to be this queen doesn’t believe in love, magic or even the prediction. Second, and far more difficult to overcome, the person assigned the task of finding this human wants nothing more than see Jonas joined with someone else and he possesses enough power to accomplish this.

Alvina McKellen’s life has been one loss after another. Orphaned and unwanted by relatives forced to care for her, then framed by a man who said he loved her, she seeks a new life far from where she began. She sure never expected that new life to involve a frightening man with strange abilities and an unexpected marriage to a supposed king.

Together, a reluctant elf king and a lost girl find passion, love and their destiny together, something not even the most powerful magic of one who would tear them apart can destroy



Chasing Jasmine and Butterflies

Contemporary Urban  Fantasy

85,000 words

Raghnall is enchanted by a beauty with face painted like a butterfly and hair braided with Jasmine. However, if he knew she was a member of fae royalty, he might’ve thought twice.

Princess Comyn seeks adventure in the human world. Instead, adventure finds her, in the form of a passionate encounter with a handsome druid priest.

The only problem—this druid is the immortal messenger between the gods and the fae. It isn’t until after they discover eternal magic in each other’s arms she learns who he is and he figures out what she is.

Believing she’s angered the gods with the liaison, she engages him in a game of cat and mouse until fate steps in to right the wrong.

This is the first story in a series that will rewrite the history of the fae. The gods created them to replace humans on earth. However, now the fae are on the brink of extinction. To survive in today’s world, someone must reunite the many realms across the earth.

What better place to begin, than with two who already found their destiny? Then they can play matchmakers to the rest of the supernatural world.



Once Humans

Science Fiction, alien post-apocalypse
75000 words

In a dark future, aliens are regenerating a new, transgenic species of humans called the Selected. But when sabotage and conspiracy threaten — and a divided humanity risks destroying itself — can one human save his species in time?

Mankind is undergoing rebirth, the new arrivals closely watched by the Selected: the transgenic beings created by the Moîrai. The new communities thrive with the aliens’ support and peace and security reign on Eridu, as the planet Earth is known by the Moîrai and in the galaxy.

But peace and security of the cradle are suddenly shattered by acts of sabotage set to disrupt the fragile balance of the fledgling communities.

From the coldest climes to the deepest ocean floors, a cosmic conspiracy full of betrayal and fear is being hatched with the hope of pushing the world perilously close to the brink of self-destruction.

A first contact and an alien colonization set the seeds in the trilogy for a galactic upheaval and space wars with aliens.



Under Covers

Contemporary Romance

76,000 words

Animal Welfare agent, Jade Devlin, plans to photograph the abuse happening at a puppy mill to help convince the D.A. to grant her a search warrant. She’s as far from a kick-ass heroine as a body can get, and when she’s discovered by one of the mill workers, she’s forced to play along as her captor’s girlfriend, or risk certain death in the backwoods of Virginia’s forgotten countryside.

F.B.I. agent Mason Gardiner has been under cover for nearly a year. As much as animal abuse sucks, the illegal weapons the mill owner is running, and finding their supplier, are his biggest concern. Smart, stubborn and incredibly sexy Jade is the last thing he needs, but removing her from the danger, without blowing his cover, is impossible.

With different missions on the line, and an insatiable hunger for justice, mistrust and desire are constant companions for both Jade and Mason.



Commitment Issues

Contemporary romance

89,000 words

Alexis has never committed to anything. Ever. Color her a vagabond like her dad, but she likes life with no ties. But when her sister Emma dies, leaving behind two young children, Alexis can’t walk away. They don’t have any family, and If Alexis doesn’t take them in, the state will.

Known child advocate, Assistant District Attorney, Allen Gates doesn’t think the vagrant younger sister of Emma’s shoud have the boys. He’d fallen hard for Emma and her children, and he’d be damned if those boys were going to be dragged all over the country and beyond by their un-grounded aunt.

Anger, attraction, and much more erupt as Alexis and Allen knock heads over the boys well-being.



Call Me Casanovette

Erotic romance

99,500 words

Marriage isn’t the fairytale Gemma’s mother made it out to be.

Sixteen years worth of matrimonial agony, an ex-husband that walked out to bang his twenty-nine year old secretary, and having to start over at the ripe-young-age of forty is just the proof Gemma needs to affirm that thought.

So now it’s her turn. She has sixteen years of wasted time to make up for. She just doesn’t know how. But her best friend does. She wants Gemma to kiss 16 men in six months and let the sparks fly as they will.

The catch? Each man has to be a different age. No repeats. She has to start with twenty four years old and working her way up to forty.

Gemma accepts the challenge and quickly learns that what she’d considered taboo might be her thing, and that what she’d always dreamed about is all wrong for her.




Romantic Suspense

86,000 words

Tally Martin came from nothing but abuse. When she was ten, she was saved by a kind older woman named May who taught her to love life, smile often, and kick ass when needed.

Now Tally’s twenty two, and her mentor is gone. But May’s sudden death reveals a side of her Tally never knew existed. A darker side. A cool-as-hell-vigilante-side. And taking over where May left off is just the focus Tally needs. The sexy as hell agent that keeps showing up at her door is a tempting inconvenience, one she finds harder and harder to resist, even if he could put her in jail for a long, long time.

Agent Sumner Chapman has worked the ‘Outer’ case for years. It’s his obsession. He doesn’t care of the do-gooder ‘Outer’ leaves enough evidence to put his victims in jail, he’s doing it illegally. Somehow, spirited knockout Tally Martin keeps cropping up in his investigations, and damned if he doesn’t suspect she’s not telling him everything she knows about the ‘Outer’.

Attraction is one thing. But  he’ll put hot as hell Tally in jail for interfering with his case. He’s just that much of a hard ass. Isn’t he?

It’s Editor Shop Pitch Day!

December 14, 2013



Good luck to everyone pitching today.

Don’t forget to read the rules. I’d hate to delete pitches during the holiday season!

Wait until I update the page with a bog green GO at the top of this post. I’m working again this weekend, so I’ll try to post the update as close to 10:00 am EST as I can.

And now I’d like to introduce our guest author. He’s an author with Entangled and I can’t wait to read this! Asalways, my TBR read pile will get a few new layers this holiday.:)


Parts and Wreck

Wade Crowson, a brutish and brooding playboy and veteran vivisectionist for the Parts Department, runs into more than he bargained for in new partner, Lucid Montgomery, a quirky beauty with a bizarre secret and a string of psychiatric diagnoses she tries hard to keep hidden. Loving Luce will stamp a demonic target on her back and thrust Wade into a frenzied whirlwind of hilarious misunderstandings and, quite possibly, a stripping gig for emptynesters. Can they withstand the savagery of an exorcism (with or without the split pea soup) and come out alive and …in love?

You can buy Parts and Wreck here:





And you can find Mark here:






Here are a few reviews!

K. April Holgate

Haunted One

Shoe Junkie

And as a little bonus, here is what Candace is currently looking for:

Covet: Category paranormal romances with more romance than paranormal
elements. The focus should be the development of the relationship. We
like them funny and we like dark, and all points in between. Should be
between 55-65k

Edge and Select: We accept all genres on these lines, as long as there a
strong romance in the book with a happily ever after, or at least a
happy for now. That said… I’m on the hunt right now for single-title
contemporary romances. Think Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Cruise
or Lori Foster. I’d also like to see some strong paranormal romances
along the lines of Sherrilyn Kenyon or Nalini Singh. If you have a
series, each book must be stand alone with a different couple in each
book. I’d also like to see some good mysteries with strong romantic

Have a wonderful day everyone! And good luck.


Editor Shop is Saturday with Entangled Publishing’s Candace Havens!

December 9, 2013

Well, in the midst of the holiday season craziness, I hope you’ll be able to visit us for another Editor Shop. The last of 2013. Yes, another year has almost come to an end.


We’ve had another amazing year here at Musetracks, and look forward to another fun, crazy year in the writing world we all love so much.

new year

Our guest for Saturday’s Pitch Day is Candace Haven with Entangled Publishing. You can check Entangled out HERE and here’s a little about Candace:

Candace Havens, Editorial Director of Covet, Edge, and Select
Bestselling author Candace Havens has written multiple novels for Berkley, Entangled and Harlequin. Her books have received nominations for the RITA’s, Holt Medallion and Write Touch Reader Awards. She is the author of the biography Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy and a contributor to several anthologies. She is also one of the nation’s leading entertainment journalists and has interviewed countless celebrities including Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and many more. Her entertainment columns can be read in more than 600 newspapers across the country. And she is the Editorial Director for the Covet, Edge and Select lines at Entangled Publishing.

Candace also runs a free online writing workshop for more than 2200 writers, and teaches comprehensive writing class. She does film reviews with the Hawkeye & Dorsey on 96.3, and is a former President of the Television Critics Association.

Good luck to everyone, and please pass this along. Pitch day is Saturday starting at 10:00 A.M. E.S.T.

Check the rules under the tab for Agent/Editor Shop above.

Good luck and happy writing!


It’s Editor Shopping Day!

November 17, 2013

UPDATE: Karen emailed. She requested 6 FULLS! I’ve sent emails to all the lucky pitchers, so check your inboxes!


Good Morning All!

And welcome to another round of Editor Shop.

This was an interesting pitch session. Here’s why. It was the first time I had to screen for genre specific pitches, beyond romance.

We’ll get the stats out of the way first as always.

Pitches received:44
Pitches accepted:18
Pitches rejcted: 26

  • 12 – Too long (One of these was by one word! Ugh.)
  • 8 – Not New Adult (And I varified this with the authors)
  • 4 – Missing information
  • 1 – No pitch
  • 1 – Spam

Now on to the pitches!

Please welcome Karen Grove. The launch of Entangled Publishing’s Embrace line is exciting. I love reading New Adult.

Thanks for visiting us today. If you see any pitches you like, please email me thepitch number, title, and what you’d like to see from the author. Happy shopping!



There Was a Boy

New Adult Romance


They met under the worst circumstances imaginable…

One night when she was just twelve years old, Bliss Hartwell witnessed the murder of her father.

But she wasn’t alone that night. There was a boy there with her. A boy who held onto her and promised her that everything was going to be all right. A boy who got her through the worst possible night of her life. A boy who also happened to be the son of the killer.

But she never forgot him…

For nine years, Bliss has wondered about that boy, about what happened to him after that horrific night. Wondered, and secretly wished to see him again, to thank him for getting her through the worst night of her life. She even wrote him letters she knew would never be mailed to him, for living under the watchful eye of her mother – who treats her like a fragile doll one step away from breaking into pieces – gives her no opportunity to do so. But all that is about to change when Bliss enrolls in the same college as the boy. And Gideon Lennox has no idea what is about to hit him.


No Place in Heaven

NA Fantasy


In an aerial peacekeeping guild where students are Blessed with supernatural abilities, eighteen-year-old Quinton Petronis remains Unhallowed. Turns out that if your crazy mother tried killing the Guild Father twelve years ago, you don’t qualify for his Blessing. Who would’ve thought?

When he’s finally assigned his first undercover mission, Quinton thinks his luck has changed. He joins the Guild’s best Silencer – assassin is such an unpleasant word – on a trip to the Deadlands below the clouds, where a rebel organization against the Father has taken root. Here’s Quinton’s chance to prove treason isn’t hereditary. He just hopes he’s granted some kickass abilities to help nip the rebellion in the bud.

But the people down here aren’t terrorists after all, the Father’s not the magnanimous leader the Guild paints him to be, and the “Blessing” Quinton’s granted is actually the worst curse he can imagine. A curse that, left unbroken, will turn him into the Father’s primary tool against the rebellion Quinton has come to support.

Looks like treason will have to run in the family, or the Father’s reign will overtake heaven and earth — not to mention Quinton’s identity — forever.


‘The Lady in the Mist (The Western Werewolf Legend # 1)



The Civil War took Sonja Brooks’ husband and left her alone. Unprotected and scared, she runs headlong into a life changing event when she’s attacked by a wolf. Her fate as a werewolf is sealed. When she stumbles upon Ty Loflin, a Rebel soldier dying of his wounds, she nurses him back to health. He’s the perfect mate, but will he want her once he knows the truth? Her blood made him a werewolf.  Now vampires, masquerading as Yankee soldiers, covet her blood because it allows them to walk in the sunlight. Ty and Sonja are destined as mates and must defend against the evil vampires who’ll do anything to get her blood.


Above The Game
Literary Fiction
70,000 words

Eliot MacKenzie dreams of escaping his small New England town of Granite Harbor. Suddenly, there is no more dreaming, no escaping. Eliot MacKenzie is dead.

His life is over but not his tale. Over a several year period in the mid 1990’s, Eliot narrates a story of grief, anger, conflict, estrangement and resolution as family members struggle to deal with their loss.

Eliot’s abrupt death shatters the deceptive harmony of his family’s life. His twin brothers reaffirm their private bond, but each pursues a separate path out of the rage and confusion rising from the loss of their brother. Eliot’s mother contends with a second family crisis that not only provides escape, but also helps her deal with the death of her son. His father remains lost in the present and tied to the past as he indulges in one-sided conversations with his dead son. Eliot’s narrative follows his family members as they emerge from tragedy and anticipate futures beyond their small town and their fragmented family

Eliot alone remains above the game – a spectator, confined to Granite Harbor forever.

ABOVE THE GAME was shortlisted for the 2013 Faulkner Society Novel-In-Progress Award.


Tell Me My Name



When twenty-four year old Reece Stewart regains consciousness in a small town emergency room, she discovers three critical things have happened that have altered her life forever. She doesn’t remember the bullets meant for her that killed her boss and co-worker, nor her dramatic kidnapping. She doesn’t even remember the car accident that occurred while trying to escape. She does remember that her first name is Reece, and that somebody wants her dead.

The hysterical emerald-eyed amnesiacs insistence that someone wants to kill her, has Dr. Rafe Haulster perplexed. Rafe’s indecision to believe Reece comes at a very high price when his nursing assistant is tortured, and killed, for information as to Reece’s whereabouts. The nursing assistant leaves a cryptic message for Rafe before dying; that the killer is coming for Reece, and Rafe needs to get her to safety. A deadly game of cat and mouse begins through the forests of the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming. Falling in love may not be enough to save them from their unknown killer; they fear the only chance of survival, and stopping a killer, may rest on the return of Reece’s memory.


Deadly Magic

New Adult Paranormal Romance


Vin Archer, a power-hungry vampire, seeks to be an Infinitis, a vampire-witch hybrid believed to be extinct. Indestructible, with magical abilities, the Infinitis make other creatures fall to their knees, begging for mercy. To become an Infinitis, Vin must drain a powerful witch and bind her essence to him. He even has a witch in mind, Lexi Brighton, but Vin’s rival, Connor Weatherstar, threatens his plan.

Lexi has no knowledge of vampires or her Wiccan heritage. She isn’t looking for love, but Vin has a hypnotic effect on her, and she can’t shake her need for him. As their relationship evolves, peculiar things happen. She rationalizes everything, until Vin reveals he’s a vampire, then betrays her, inverting her world and nearly making her favorite place her grave. But Connor saves her.

Lexi has been drawn to Connor since the day they met, but after learning he’s also a vampire, her feelings become uncertain. But Connor’s kind-heartedness earns her affection. Vin won’t stop until he possesses Lexi, and Connor will do anything to protect her. If Lexi is to hold on to Connor, she must acknowledge her Wiccan heritage and fight to save the one she loves, or lose everything.


Kilt Over

NA Historical Paranormal Romance

10K (part 1 of 3 in a series)

Totally broke college student, Brenna Sweetwater inherits a vintage clothing store from her great aunt in Scotland.  Having survived a recent series of bad luck experiences, she hopes that this new business venture will be just the change of luck that she’s been searching for.

When she tries on an old Scottish kilt that she finds hidden away in the back of the store, she unwittingly opens a portal to ancient Scotland.  After falling through the portal, she awakens to find herself in the chambers of one sexy…naked Scot!

What happens when a twenty first century shop girl is transported to the sixteenth century Highlands on Christmas Eve?  Will her holiday season be ruined?  Or will this be the Christmas blessing that she’s been dreaming of?


The Fairy Godmother’s Rulebook

New Adult w/ Paranormal Elements


“Being a fairy godmother isn’t all ‘bibbidi bobbidi boo,'” according to Aviana Willowbrook. “It’s hard work, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We don’t handle cash, jewelry, real estate or revenge, and we can’t get you or your mother a date with Ryan Gosling.”

Aviana is an underachiever struggling to find her way in the world until her 25th birthday when she learns that she’s the last of an ancient family of fairy godmothers.  Aviana thinks she’s found her purpose helping people find their Happily Ever After until she falls in love with a man destined to be someone else’s Prince Charming.

Aviana’s story is about finding yourself and the courage to be true to who you really are. Will she follow the rules and use her fairy godmother magic to make someone else’s dreams come true, or will she break the rules and use her magic to win the man of her dreams? And if the man of her dreams falls in love with her, is it just a bit of fairy magic? Or is it true love that will last forever?


The Dead Days Journal

Dark Urban Fantasy


The end of the world is a blessing for Vincent Marrok, a Doomsday prepper prepared for the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Vincent’s family, along with several other survivors, are alive because of him. Together they form a strong family unit, the kind needed to survive mankind’s extinction.

Twenty-two year-old Leo Marrok understands survival is everything in a post-apocalyptic world. She will do whatever she can to protect her home and family, until her father orders her to do the unthinkable. Fearing for her safety, Leo flees, but does not get far when a blood-thirsty creature that was only rumored to exist takes her prisoner.

When Leo learns her home is under attack by a ravenous Horde, she escapes captivity. On her own, the odds are insurmountable. Leo lacks the power to save her family. However, there is one viable option: her recent captor. Leo’s courage and strength will be tested when her uneasy alliance with the one she calls “Halloween” results in alienation from the people she is trying to save. In the end, Leo must decide who the real danger is to her family — the hungry beast outside their door, or the father she always trusted.


The Found Girl

Contemporary paranormal romance


Jonas Kavanagh’s life was predetermined.

One day he will be king to a magical elf kingdom and he will also be the first in the royal line to take a human as queen. Only two complications stand in his way. First, the human woman fated to be this queen doesn’t believe in love, magic or even the prediction. Second, and far more difficult to overcome, the person assigned the task of finding this human wants nothing more than see Jonas joined with someone else and he possesses enough power to accomplish this.

Alvina McKellen’s life has been one loss after another. Orphaned and unwanted by relatives forced to care for her, then framed by a man who said he loved her, she seeks a new life far from where she began. She sure never expected that new life to involve a frightening man with strange abilities and an unexpected marriage to a supposed king.

Together, a reluctant elf king and a lost girl find passion, love and their destiny together, something not even the most powerful magic of one who would tear them apart can destroy.


Urquhart Plight

Paranormal Romance/Sci Fiction


“Alice is the key to set Nessie free. From loch Ness comes the tale of hope, love and a girls need to save her true love. The Urquhart Plight has been coming for thousands of years and Alice could end it all.”



Dystopian New Adult


Becoming a soldier to protect her nation from rebels isn’t the way twenty-year-old Allesra92 expected to spend her birthday. Heck, she’s as far from a kick-ass heroine as she can get. So acting like a soldier while posing as her twin brother borders insanity. But she’ll do anything to keep her mentally challenged brother out of Asylum – a place where those who aren’t ‘normal’ are sent and never return.

Pretending to be part of the male fart-belch-fight club is a piece of cake compared to finding out her entire nation is nothing more than a higher government’s biological testing dome. Outside the dome isn’t much better when a rebel attack places her under the control of a bipolar(ish) rebel leader who wants to sacrifice her and her brother to the authorities to further his own cause.

And the government wants her brother – badly. Enough that anyone she comes in contact with becomes a target as well, and she’s faced with the ultimate decision between her brother’s safety and the freedom of a nation. With rebels who lie, authorities who kill, and a handsome rebel she doesn’t want to like, any direction she chooses looks like a deadly end.


Marie’s World

Contemporary Romance/Drama


“Exposed and with no where turn. Marie must face the aftermath of her sister exposing her secrets to the world. Lies, betrayals, dance and the past are about to collide, will Marie find a way to survive.”


Norse Gods Immortals: Carla


“Carla was a normal girl, now she is one of the Norse Gods Immortals. She must fight for her

life or lose all those she cares about.”


A Heart Trapped Inside A Highlander



“Born in the wrong time, thrown back to the right time. Adrian was about to get his first love,

only she isn’t like any other woman he’s ever met and he can’t let her die.”


Winning the Player

New Adult/ Contemporary Romance/Sport


Aubree Taylor has spent the past two years travelling overseas after an injury obliterated any hope of playing basketball for Australia. Growing up Aubree felt like a freak being tall and athletic, taunted for her tomboy ways. Basketball was her resolve, and fleeing her way of coping with the disappointment.

Returning to Adelaide she bumps into Hunter Stone, star Australian Rules football player, her best-friend’s cousin, and the guy she ran out on the night before her flight overseas.

Twenty-five year old Hunter is famous, for his ability as a player on and off the field, which is why Aubree ran. Her gut tells her she should run now.

Bitter about life and the cards dealt to her, a relationship with Hunter is the furthest thing from her mind.

Yet after dinner dates, hiking in the hills, and unexpected intimacy, Aubree uncovers another side other than the arrogant footballer. She lowers her guard and begins to trust him, despite his past that keeps rearing its ugly head in the form of jealous girls who didn’t run from his bed like Aubree. To feel special again, Aubree must open her heart and take a chance on life and love.


All or Nothing

New Adult


Chase Embry had it all. A full boat scholarship, a girlfriend every guy wanted, and an epic inheritance.

That was before one night of partying. One night that ended when he crashed his car, killed his girlfriend, and ran from the only life he’d ever known.

Losing himself in New York City, Chase finds out how easy he’d had it, how hard others have it, and how hard it is to go back and set things right.


I Am The Bigot

New Adult


Twenty year old Dawslyn’s Sociology project starts out fun. She’s supposed to study human behavior, reactions, and outcomes when her ‘subjects’ are faced with a difficult topic.

She could have settled for abortion, politics, or war, but when a public service announcement about racism catches her attention, she knows what her topic will be.

Setting up twelve different websites, each that portrays a group working to help only a certain race, Dawslyn starts sending out emails as advertisement and keeps open chat boards for each site.

At first the data is great. But as more and more people find out about the sites, tempers flare, public figures start taking sides, and the campus is rocked by a division in reactions, Dawslyn’s identity is revealed.

Now she has to defend her beliefs, her project, and the fact that she’s been labeled a bigot.

It’s Pitch Day at Editor Shop with Karen Grove of Entangled Publishing.

November 13, 2013

Good Morning and welcome to another round of Editor Shop.

Make sure you follow the rules for pitching. You can find all the details under the Editor/Agent Shop tab above.

Good Luck!


We have the awesome Karen Grove with Entangled Publishing as our guest Editor, and she coming with a BANG!

Entangled just launched it’s New Adult line Embrace, and they’re doing a mega give-a-way! Here is the link to the Embrace Launch Giveaway. It is open to everyone (whether you’re pitching or not) and it will run through the end of the month:

They’re giving away a Kindle Fire, an iPod Shuffle, and a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card.

And even more… Entangled is doing something special for some of our ‘pitchers’. They’ll be giving away some advance reading e-galleys of Embrace’s upcoming December releases!

• Forged by Fate by Reese Monroe (NA paranormal)

• Sneaking Candy by Lisa Burstein (NA contemporary romance)

• Ruined by Jus Accardo (NA paranormal)

*FROM KAREN: [Please note that these are early peeks at upcoming books, and they may have errors in them as galleys are made from uncorrected proofs…but a few tiny errors are worth getting a first look, aren’t they?]


And here’s some information about what Karen is looking for:
Embrace is seeking fresh, strong voices that capture the emotions and complexities of characters straddling the line between high school and the adult world of work and family. Our ideal protagonists are from 18-24 years old; these characters are legally adults but are still finding their way to adulthood, separating from their parents, heading off to college, experiencing full-time employment, searching for love, and even beginning families. For these characters, it’s a time of experimentation and metamorphosis. Embrace novels are digital first and priced from $2.99 – $4.99.
At Entangled, we believe New Adult is an extension of Young Adult fiction—dealing with many of the same issues of identity and exploration but with a more focused perspective toward breaking away from parental supervision and the impending responsibility that goes with adulthood. We are looking for books told from the point of view of the emerging adult, defining a critical period of decision making and growth. There should be an element of romance in every Embrace title, though it does not need to be the main focus of the story.

Entangled New Adult publishes across genres, and we are looking for engaging voice and bold, fresh stories in
• Contemporary
• Romance
• Mystery
• Suspense/Thrillers
• Historical
• Fantasy
• Science fiction
• Paranormal

And here’s a bit about Karen!


Karen Grove, Editorial Director of Embrace (New Adult) and Senior Editor

Karen Grove has been an editor for 28 years, working with authors at Harcourt and then Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, concentrating in young adult fiction. She has worked with such prestigious authors as Han Nolan, Carol Plum-Ucci, L. A. Meyer, Ann Rinaldi, Adele Geras, Kathryn Reiss, Gary Paulsen, and New York Times bestselling author Susan Beth Pfeffer. The majority of her books have earned starred reviews from major review journals and such prestigious awards as the National Book Award, Michael L. Printz Honor, multiple Edgar Allen Poe Awards (Mystery Writers of America), and a RITA Award (Romance Writers of America). In addition to her editing, she owned and operated a local business newspaper for 10 years. She resides in Southern California with her husband and college-age son.

Karen looks for stories with quirky characters, compelling voices (even snarky ones, if there’s heart behind it), and settings that are so strong they become characters themselves. She adores small-town and Southern novels, with their strong sense of community and personal relationships, as well as stories with deeply flawed characters that she can both love and hate. Karen reads across a wide range of genres and enjoys gritty contemporaries, dark urban fantasy, apocalyptic stories, suspense/thrillers, mystery, romance, and tales that contain elements of the supernatural as well as sports (hockey, soccer, football, equestrian)—though maybe not together. Although Karen edits both Adult romantic fiction and YA, she is especially interested in stories that feature protagonists grappling with life after high school…those 18-24 year olds embarking on their first foray into independence. The only topics that don’t particular interest her are high fantasy (she prefers her fantasy to be firmly grounded in the real world) and deeply rooted science fiction. No matter what the age group or genre, Karen wants a story to move her—to make her laugh, cry, tense in fear, or cause her to think in some way she hasn’t considered before.

Good luck everyone!

I’ll see you Saturday morning around 10:00am E.S.T. Wait until you see me post the word GO!

Happy reading and writing.


MuseTracks Guest – Susanne Matthews – Co-Writing

October 17, 2013

MuseTracks welcomes back guest Susanne Matthews. Today, she talks about her experience with collaborating. So without further ado…

Co-writing: Working as Part of a Team

The old adage, two heads are better than one, is alive and well, and easily proven in the world of Misty Matthews. Misty Matthews is the pseudonym for two Canadian authors living almost twelve hundred miles away from one another. This makes chats at the coffee shop impossible, but we are only a click away on the computer or smart phone. We managed to write an entire novel and a short story without ever having met. We didn’t even speak to one another until after we sold our manuscript to Front Porch Romance. People ask how we managed to write a book together under those conditions. The answer is simple. Coming Home, the first book in the Taking a Chance on Love series, is a product of the electronic age.

Chance_Love200x300Misty and I met in an online chat group last December. We were all trying to hone pitches for novels we wanted to submit, and although none of us were successful with that pitch, we decided to continue chatting together and supporting one another. It was one of the group members who encouraged me to pitch Fire Angel to Crimson Romance, and since that day, we have all managed to officially become authors. Some of us now write for Crimson Romance, others for Entranced, a few write for Sweet Cravings, and still others for Front Porch Romance. We are an active and prolific group. We have shared the excitement and disappointments that are part and parcel of an author’s life, and support one another in all we do. Many times, I have been stuck, and one of them has managed to help me over the writer’s block. When I get down on myself, doubting, my abilities, they rally and pull me out of the gloom. I like to think I do the same for them now and again.

Misty has incredible ideas, and one night, in that chat group, she and I decided to collaborate on a book. One of the group members liked Misty Matthews, so that’s how the name was chosen—her first, my last—and that’s how we write, her first, me last.

Misty is the plotter, and I’m a pantser. She plots the story and writes the first draft of a chapter. I’m detail-oriented, so I do any research, add in details, and flesh out the chapter, but when it comes down to it, without Misty’s plotting, there wouldn’t be a story. When I’m finished with a chapter, it goes back to Misty who reads it, makes any changes she feels are necessary—she knows what’s going to happen next; I don’t—and, once the chapter works, we repeat the process until the manuscript is finished. Once it’s all done, we each take a shot at editing before it’s submitted to an editor for possible publication. We basically did the same thing for the cover art.

Misty Matthews


The Taking a Chance on Love series is Misty’s brainchild. We are in the process of writing the second book in the series and hope to release it in the first half of 2014. Since Misty and I also write individually, we make time for our collective efforts amidst really busy schedules. I love working with Misty. She has made me a better writer, and I hope I’ve done something to help her too.

Coming Home is available from Amazon at:

Front Porch Romance :



About Coming Home:

Motorcycle riding, high-powered attorney Alana Stewart is a far cry from the shy, teenager who left Chance determined never to look back. Family obligations force her to return to the town that only holds bad memories for her. A stop at her former sanctuary brings an unexpected surprise…the new manager just might be what she needs to get her through the holidays.



When sexy, leather-clad Alana walks into the bookstore, Connor Tate, has a feeling he may be in for the ride of his life. Despite the fact that their lives are headed in different directions, they are drawn to one another. Connor is determined to prove to Alana that Chance isn’t the place she remembers, but will his efforts fail when she discovers he hasn’t told her the whole truth about himself?

Can they trust each other enough to take a chance on love?

To learn more about Misty Matthews, visit and click on the link for Misty Matthews.  Like Misty at

MuseTracks Guest – L. Anne Carrington – Just Write!

October 1, 2013

MuseTracks is pleased to welcome journalist, radio host, reviewer, and author L. Anne Carrington. She has brought us some sound advice and an excerpt. Enjoy!

Just Write!

Famed author Anne Rice once gave this advice to new writers: “There are no rules in this profession. Do what is good for you. Read books and watch films that stimulate your writing. In your writing, go where the pain is; go where the pleasure is; go where the excitement is. Believe in your own original approach, voice, characters, story. Ignore critics. Have nerve. Be stubborn.”

In most cases, these words couldn’t ring more true. A few writer colleagues discussed their ideas of developing their respective novels with me, and confused by the conflicted feedback she’d received on her manuscript, one had shelved her own project for some time.

“Just write,” I told her.

She once again dusted respective manuscript, encouraged by telling her story first, and worked on the editing details later.

We all read the books, the blogs, attend the conferences, frequent the message boards and websites, attend the writer’s groups and conferences, yet we’re still left scratching our heads in bemusement as to if we’re creating our work the “right” way.

Maybe that’s the problem; we’re so focused on turning out the perfect manuscript and getting published that we’ve lost focus of the true purpose of potential books: to tell our stories.

Some writers tend to think in order to “sell” their work, they must dash out something that’s the current “trend,” but once the market is saturated with a specific genre, your work will remain on the slush pile for an undetermined amount of time.

Write what you know, not what’s “in style.” There’s a story that’s run through your subconscious for months (or years, if you will), characters yearning to be created and developed. Why not share them with the world? Who cares if they aren’t the “current trend?” It’s your work in progress; make it your creation!

There’s no guarantee that your work will get noticed by a publishing house sooner, but it won’t be competing with thousands of other stories with the same theme. Sometimes, it’s good to write a novel about a subject that isn’t trendy or cool, but at the same time, can grab a reader’s attention and tell an amazing story from the first chapter to the final sentence of the last page.

Pay attention to advice and feedback, but don’t take all of it literally. Otherwise, you’ll drive yourself into a frenzy and just become frustrated. Try incorporating a few of those suggestions into your work. If the ideas improve your manuscript, by all means, use them. If not, it’s fine in some cases to skip suggestions.

Yes, novels are written for readers to enjoy and take them away from the world’s woes, but at the same time, it’s also good to bring something to the market that is original and exciting. Who knows, your book could begin the next big trend, but not if you don’t take risks and bring your own voice and excitement into the mix. I’ll see you on the book shelves and e-readers!



Late June 13/Early June 14, 2011

I’ve had plenty of what I like to call “Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong will go wrong)”days since starting at CONSOL, but today started out as the worst thus far. When I say “started,” the day ended on a high note, which is why I’m still awake at four-thirty in the morning and plan to take a personal day from work.

Everything went downhill from the moment I arrived at work. Janice was in a foul mood; I must’ve been the only person on whom she didn’t unleash one of her fits. A wrestling show was in town, and I swear they drove poor Rodney and other arena security personnel insane!

A freak thunderstorm came into Pittsburgh shortly before lunch and we lost power. Try doing office work these days with zero electricity…not going to happen. Duquesne Light seemed to take their good old time once the storm passed, which made Janice even more difficult to contend with. I don’t want to know what those poor guys in security went through before power was restored around three o’clock. Since we obviously couldn’t have lunch, the majority of employees were ravenous once the lights came back on. Vending machine raid…haha! Toni and I ended up splitting pizza from a place across Fifth Avenue.

Things were quiet for a while this afternoon (Janice’s grouchiness aside) until I finished at five. I walked to the parking lot alone today since Rodney was busy with security detail for tonight’s event. Of all evenings, Little Putt Putt didn’t start at all. Not on the first, second, or even fifth try! Worse, when I went to call Joe to see if he could pick me up after his shift (since the buses are often crowded and it’s almost impossible to get a cab during evening rush hour) and the auto club to pick up Little Putt Putt, my cell phone was dead! I know God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, but this whole day was ridiculous.

Looking back, I think Little Putt Putt’s latest trouble could’ve been a sign from God things were (are?) about to turn around for me. Before I headed to a nearby pay phone, I lifted Little Putt Putt’s hood to see if I could immediately spot the latest problem (though I’m no expert on cars) and tie a white cloth showing a disabled vehicle, which avoided Little Putt Putt being tagged and towed as “abandoned” by the city, and me stuck with abominable charges.

I never made it to a phone, but almost had the life scared out of me – at first.

When I looked up from under the car hood, a man was standing on its other side. I wasn’t sure what to think since I heard the Rescue Rapist is still at large. He approaches unsuspecting women offering to help with some kind of problem, but instead takes them to isolated areas where they are raped. Janice warned us about the guy, but I never thought much about it since – with the exception of tonight – Rodney always accompanied me to and from the parking lot.

Well, this man wasn’t the Rescue Rapist, but a genuine Good Samaritan. He was a bit heavyset with short dark hair (a few gray strands blended in), a welcoming smile, and perhaps the most intense brown eyes I’ve ever seen. He wasn’t terribly tall, but certainly taller than I am. Judging from the way he was dressed, I presumed he came to Pittsburgh for business.

He introduced himself as Peter and wondered if I had car trouble. I laughed and said Little Putt Putt dying was common. Wow, you can tell I have little experience with men! Haha!

Anyway, next thing I knew, Peter had his suit jacket off and fiddled under the hood. I don’t know what he did, but Little Putt Putt turned over on the first try – something that never happened the entire time I’ve owned that crazy car! 

The most amusing part was when Rodney came outside to the lot on his break and spotted me talking to Peter. He wanted to know if I “failed to tell him something” after Peter left for the Marriott to change clothes. When I asked what he meant, Rodney wondered why I never told him that I “knew Pete Klass.” Of course, I had no clue what he meant.

TheMarilynDiaries_cover“I forgot you don’t follow wrestling,” Rodney said before he filled me in on who Peter really was, his career with both Global Wrestling and International, and he now worked backstage as a producer for most of International’s shows. “You don’t have to worry about Pete, Marilyn. He seems like a nice guy, at least the few times I’ve talked to him.”

Even though Little Putt Putt started, I didn’t get home until about an hour ago. Rodney invited me to hang out with him during Live From…, even though he had to work security detail most of the evening.

Rodney told me during one of the commercial breaks he overheard Peter got in some kind of trouble for barely returning on time from the Marriott. Just what I needed to hear; the poor man reprimanded for being kind enough to help me with my car. Surely Peter’s bosses didn’t expect him to show up in a dirty, greasy suit! If I didn’t feel guilty before, I certainly did after Rodney told me what happened. 

He managed to drag Peter from backstage after the show and they came over to where I was sitting. Peter looked surprised that I was still at the arena. Dummy me; I blurted an apology about his getting in trouble for running late because of my car problems. Peter smiled and said no apology was necessary before he asked me to dinner. Eleven-thirty was rather late for a meal, but I‘d eaten nothing since the late lunch with Toni.

Long story short – I’ve rambled enough at it is – we had dinner at the Marriott and talked for a long time (at least between fans asking Peter for pictures and autographs. Seriously, I wouldn’t want his job.). When the restaurant/lounge closed at two AM, he walked me to where Little Putt Putt was still parked. We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses before parting ways. 

I’m now exhausted, but need to set the alarm so I can call Janice and let her know I’m taking a personal day. I probably won’t hear from Peter again (he likely meets girls every night), but tonight had a memorable ending to what started as a horrible day. 

Good night/morning.

Love, Marilyn

Donovan closed the diary and grinned at a group of people surrounding him in the locker room. “For those of you not already familiar with the story, now you know through my mother’s own words the true story of her and Dad’s fateful meeting.”



L. Anne Carrington is an author, freelance writer/journalist, and radio show host whose previous work covered topics from fiction to news stories, human interest features, and entertainment reviews. She wrote The Wrestling Babeinternet column for seven years, is a former music reviewer for Indie Music Stop, former book reviewer for Free Press (an imprint of Simon and Schuster), and pens several other works which appears in both print and Web media. One of her freelance articles, An Overview of Causes of Hearing Loss and Deafness, was bought by Internet Broadcasting Systems, a company that co-produced for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics in addition to being the leading provider of Web sites, content and advertising revenue solutions to the largest and most successful media companies.

In addition to the December 2010 publication of her bestselling novel The Cruiserweight by Night Publishing, Ms. Carrington hosts The L. Anne Carrington Show on Spreaker Radio Wednesdays at 2:00 PM Eastern.

Ms. Carrington spends time between Pittsburgh, PA and Tampa, FL, continuing to write.



Web Site:

L. Anne Carrington Books on Amazon:

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Pitch Day at Musetracks is Sept 21st and we welcome Jill Marsal!

September 20, 2013


As much as I hate to stop before I have 30 viable pitches (27 viable pitches so far)… I needs sleep.

I’ll post the pitches that made it through in the morning! Good luck!

Welcome to another pitch session at Musetracks.

We have the awesome Jill Marsal with Marsal Lyon Literary Agency as our guest agent. You can find out more about her HERE.

Remember to wait for the word GO to be updated in big green letters (at 10:00 AM EST) at the top of this post BEFORE you send your pitch in to me @ candi_agent_shop (at) yahoo (dot) com. I’m posting this tonight, because I have to work tomorrow, and will have little time to update the blog in the morning.

For now, please welcome two of Jill’s authors with their new or soon-to-be released novels…


adair- Autumn at the Vineyard

Frankie Baudouin has a hundred reasons not to trust Nate DeLuca. First, he’s a DeLuca. Second, he kissed her—in front of the entire town—and then never called. Oh, and he’s after her land. Sorrento Ranch is Frankie’s last chance to prove to her family—and to herself—that she has what it takes to be an award-winning winemaker. And she will stop at nothing to ensure her success—even if it means playing nice with the starched, sophisticated, and oh-so-sexy Italian.

For Nate, Sorrento Ranch is more than just soil and grape vines; it was his father’s dream—a dream Nate is determined to make a reality. So when he finds himself forced to cohabitate with a hot-headed, irrational, and incredibly gorgeous Baudouin, Nate is surprised to discover that chaos could be so much fun—especially when she sleeps in nothing but lace.


It had taken three years, some tricky negotiating, her entire life savings, and a lot of ball busting—but Francesca Baudouin was finally a vineyard owner. Well, she was the owner of ten acres of prime St. Helena appellation soil, which would take another five years of sweat and, quite possibly, selling off a few of her vital organs before it fully became a quality producing vineyard.

But Sorrento Ranch, the most sought after property in the valley, and all of its belongings, was hers. She bought it right out from under the DeLucas’ noses. In part because the owner, Mrs. Sorrento, had played darts with Frankie and Frankie’s great aunt every Friday night for the past fifteen years, so her loyalties were clear, but mostly because Mrs. Sorrento knew that selling the land to either family involved in the great DeLuca-Baudouin feud would piss off her ex-husband.

“One more inch and I’ll shoot,” Frankie said to the alpaca in front of her, a four-legged garbage disposal whose mouth was currently wrapped around the plastic casing of the water tank. She stomped her ball-busting, steeled-toed combat boot in his direction for added emphasis.

The alpaca’s beady eyes narrowed and dropped to her feet. Extending its lips in her direction, he made a loud raspberry sound, stomped an aggressive hoof and then went back to nibbling. Yeah, ball-buster or not, hooves beat boots.

But Frankie wasn’t about to let some hardheaded alpaca with shaggy hair and buck teeth stick it to her on her first week in business. Being the youngest of four, and the only girl, Frankie was a pro at dealing with stubborn males who excelled at ignoring her completely, while messing with her life wholeheartedly.

She cocked her rifle.

“The only thing separating you from becoming a pair of next season’s mittens is my trigger finger, Camel Boy.” Because the only thing separating them from ten-thousand gallons of well water was the thin plastic seam-binding on the water tank, which “Mittens” had managed to chew loose. She didn’t want to deal with the cleanup and couldn’t afford a new irrigation tank. “I mean it, one more bite and the only identifying male trait you’ll have left is stupidity.”

That got his attention. In fact, the animal straightened and fluffed out the fur around his face, making him look like a cross between a camel, a koala, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. When he wasn’t destroying her property, he was kind of cute. In a big, dumb, oafy kind of way.

Mittens was the sole remaining alpaca from Mrs. Sorrento’s farm. The rest of his hooved brethren were living it up at Alberta’s Paradise Alpaca Farm and Pet Sanctuary. Mittens hadn’t even set one hoof in the back of the moving truck when the rest of the heard gathered their spit and took aim. Poor Mittens had been kicked out of his own family and before Frankie or Alberta had been able to catch him, his fluffy-butt disappeared, and Alberta had left instructions to call when Frankie secured the runaway. That had been four days, two patio chairs, and a motorcycle tire ago.

“See.” Frankie lowered her rifle to the ground, picking up the cushion from Mr. Sorrento’s old recliner in one hand and a rope in the other. “That wasn’t so bad. Now just come over here and I’ll give you a treat.”

Eyes glued to the nubby avocado-green cushion, the alpaca took a tentative step forward.

“Then you can go to your new house.” Another step. “Where they feed you gourmet hay and mud tires, and there are kids around all the time to play with you.” Step. “And you’ll get to see your family.”

The alpaca stopped, squared its body, and let out an ear-piercing bleat, which sounded like a cross between “wark” and Chewbacca screaming, right before he sank his teeth in the plastic casing and pulled. Hard.




The tank split at the seam and before either could move, a wall of water came crashing out with enough force to topple Mittens into Frankie and send the two of them skidding back several feet.

When Frankie stopped moving and the water had receded into a pool of mud, she shoved the hair out of her eyes and took stock. She was flat on her back, with a stick poking into her right butt cheek and a drenched Mittens sprawled out over the top of her.

“Move.” She shoved at the animal.


“I warned you! But did you listen?”

Mittens let out an apologetic nicker and dropped his head to Frankie’s chest, his big brown eyes looking up at her through long lashes.

“You could be half way to Paradise right now,” she said, giving him a little rub behind the ears. “Just think, in a few months it will be grooming season and all the ladies will be prancing around in nothing but sheered skin. Plus, you’ll have your family.”

This time the nicker was almost sad so Frankie, ignoring that he smelled like wet dog, called a temporary truce and dug both hands in his thick fur to scratch his cheeks. “Yeah, I get it. Family sucks, but I can’t let you stay here. Come spring, I’ll start planting my vines and you’d eat them.”

Mittens huffed, a burst of hot air hitting Frankie in the face.

“Liar.” She worked her fingers around his temples and behind his ears. The animal’s eyes slid closed in ecstasy. “You already cost me a water tank, which I can’t afford to replace by the way.”

His only response was to nuzzle Frankie’s chest and hum loudly.

“So, there is no way I have the budget to keep replacing everything you decide to sink your teeth into.”

Hum. Hum. Hum.

“I hope he bought you dinner first,” a voice said.

With a groan, Frankie turned her head and, wishing she were standing so she could glare at him without having to shield her eyes, swore. Upside down or not, there was no mistaking the man who was currently towering over her—or the way her stomach gave a lame little flutter when he lifted his mirrored glasses and delivered a heart-stopping wink.

“Afternoon, Francesca,” he said with enough practiced swagger that it made not rolling her eyes impossible.

Nathaniel DeLuca was six-plus feet of solid muscle, smug-male yumminess and he smelled like sex. He was also extremely Italian, annoying as hell and, for whatever reason, every time he entered Frankie’s space she felt all dainty and feminine. Which pissed her off even more because at one time she’d trusted Nate with her heart and a promise of keeping her deepest secret.

And he’d broken them both.

Thank God she had on her ball-buster boots today. Too bad they were currently covered in mud, alpaca fur, and pointing at the sky.

“Go away, Nathaniel,” she said by way of greeting.

Mittens hummed louder, arching into her hand as Frankie scratched down his spine.

“And leave a lady in need?” Nate asked, coming forward and squatting down to pluck a maple leaf off of Frankie’s forehead. “Nonna ChiChi would have my ass.”

“I know you’re used to your women poised and proper. But I’ve got this handled.”

“I didn’t know you paid that much attention to my women, but now that you mentioned the difference…” He plucked a branch from her hair and flashed his perfectly straight teeth in her face. His smile, like his personality, was lethal and his entitled attitude was one-hundred percent DeLuca. “That’s great,” he continued, “because I won’t have to worry that you’ll cry when I tell you to stop exciting my alpaca and get the hell off my property.”

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TARGETED by Katie Reus

reus- targeted (1)


Hidden in plain sight…

Former Marine sniper and current NSA agent Jack Stone has a new face to go with his new identity. But he still has the same tortured memories—which include the woman he let get away years ago, when they were teenagers. Now his new assignment in Miami will put him so close to the woman he’s never been able to forget, he could reach out and touch her—if only she weren’t under suspicion.

When Sophie Moreno uncovers evidence linking the medical supply company she works for with arms smuggling—and worse—she doesn’t know who to turn to. After a shocking betrayal, she realizes the only person she can trust is a mysterious new person in the company—a man with hauntingly familiar eyes.

As Sophie questions her intense attraction to this man and Jack struggles not to blow his cover, the two of them must race against the clock to stop terrorists from killing scores of people—starting with them.


“Good morning, Sophie.” Ronald gave her a tired smile as he looked up from his desk. Deep lines etched the grooves around his mouth.
There was no one in his office, so whoever they were meeting with must have stepped out. Which gave her the perfect opportunity to talk to her boss in private. “Ronald, we need to talk. Didn’t you get my calls last night?”

He shook his head, but the guilty flush spreading up his cheeks gave him away. Sophie reeled back as if slapped. He had been ignoring her. What the hell? She gritted her teeth, quickly moving past the hurt. “I discovered something . . . important.” She nearly snorted at that understatement.

His face paled. “Can it wait?”

“No, it can’t.” As she stared at the man in front of her, she tried to find the right words to just come out and say what she’d found. Something about his expression was just off. He looked almost haggard, so unlike the man she’d come to love and trust. She’d been twenty-two and right out of college when he’d given her a job. Not to mention that the company had paid for her master’s degree. She didn’t have any family and he’d always been like a father figure to her. Anyone would have been better than the asshole foster fathers she’d endured over the years, but Ronald was truly kind. Even with the panic humming through her, seeing him this way pulled at her heartstrings.

Ronald sighed and his eyes flashed with something she couldn’t define. Pain? “We’ll talk, but not here. Just wait—”

He abruptly stopped talking and his gaze trailed over her shoulder at the sound of the door opening. Sophie shifted in her seat and glanced behind her.

She blinked once as she made eye contact with the stranger entering the room. Staring into those eyes made her feel as if she’d been punched in the stomach. A raw sort of awareness stirred inside her, making her throat tighten and somewhere a lot lower heat up completely against her will. Mandy’s description of “yummy” was so very incorrect. A cupcake was yummy. This man was like a decadent triple-chocolate truffle cake with chocolate shavings sprinkled on top. Considering the crap she needed to deal with, noticing someone in such a sexual way—someone she clearly couldn’t trust—was beyond stupid. And definitely not like her. Only one man had ever had this raw effect on her. Though he hadn’t been quite a man. He’d been growing into a very handsome one and—damn it. She shook herself, trying to squash this strange sexual awareness that had erupted inside her.

Here are some review links & quotes:

“Nonstop action, a solid plot, good pacing and riveting suspense…” —RT Book Reviews (4.5 Stars)

“Fast paced romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat!” —New York Times bestselling author, Cynthia Eden

“Sexy suspense at its finest!” —New York Times bestselling author, Laura Wright

“Fast paced romantic suspense, action packed, brimming with sexual tension.” —Lea, HEA USA Today blog

“…this is what romantic suspense is all about.” —Amy, So Many Reads Book Blog

Publisher’s Weekly Review-

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Kitty Kitty, Bang Bang – Celebration

September 19, 2013

I’m so terribly excited. My alter ego, Harlowe Wilde is releasing a book this week. Kitty Kitty, Bang Bang, an erotic novella debuts this Friday. Commence with the fanfare and confetti.

To celebrate, I will be give one lucky reader will randomly be chosen for a free copy of the eBook. All you need to do is leave a comment. That’s it!



Reilly Shay has built a reputation as a highly successful cat burglar. Her current contract—to steal a one-of-a-kind diamond bracelet—puts her one step closer to freedom from her employer. But she suspects her days are numbered. She’s a target for cops and crooks, and no one has her back since her ex-partner, and ex-lover, Grant Aubrey turned on her.

Grant gladly takes the job to capture Reilly at her latest heist. He loved her and she betrayed him. Case closed. But as he waits in the shadows of a Greek villa and watches her crack the safe, old desires emerge. And, suddenly, taking her in isn’t nearly as enticing as just taking her.

Will one night of dangerous passion be the death of them both.


Damn. Reilly never got tired of the rush of cracking a safe. She swallowed her excitement as the safe’s lock whirred open. Slowly, savoring the moment, she opened the metal door. The diamond and pink-orange sapphire encrusted bracelet shined brilliantly under the tiny display light inside. Even as she removed it from its perch in the safe, the gemstones captured the moonlight filtering in from the balcony windows. Gorgeous.

Reilly couldn’t help the triumphant smile. The piece would look lovely with the matching necklace and earrings she’d already secured.

She wrapped the bracelet in a black felt cloth and tucked it into her utility belt. She closed the safe door and returned the exquisite oil painting of an Italian garden back on the hook, hiding the wall vault. Now all Reilly needed was the ring and the Lotus Collection would be complete. And then she could finally take that vacation to Belize. She closed her eyes imagining the warm tropical breeze tickling her skin and the fruity savor of a mango daiquiri.

“What took you so long?”

Reilly’s heart lodged into her throat. She whirled around, her Glock drawn, aiming into the darkness. Even if he hadn’t spoken, she’d recognize Grant’s wide build lounging in the shift of shadows. His back to the bay of windows and the shimmering Mediterranean Sea behind him created an aura around his form. Though she couldn’t see his face, she heard the smile in his voice. God, she missed that smile.

“Traffic was bad.”

Grant chuckled. “Same ole Reilly Shay.”

She inched forward, keeping her gun trained on him. She was no fool. Reilly couldn’t see it, but she knew damn good and well he had a gun on his lap pointed at her.

“How’d you know I’d be here?”

“It was only a matter of time,” he said. “Word has it someone’s hacking and disarming sophisticated security systems and disappearing without a trace with the Lotus pieces. Only you have that type of skill. Only you would leave more valuable and easily accessible treasures behind.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere.” She tasted the bitterness in her tone.

“There was a time it got me everywhere,” he said.

And anywhere. But that was before Paris. Before he ruined it all. Grant Aubrey had shattered her trust in him when he gave her up to Interpol to save his own ass. She’d barely escaped the authorities when they moved in on the flat she shared with him. The ugly scar from the bullet she took in the shoulder offered her a daily reminder to trust no one—even the man she once so desperately loved. Wearing a bikini had never been the same since.

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