Link Of The Week- Self Publishing Authors Podcast

August 15, 2017


They are called the SPA (Self Publishing Authors) Girls, and let me tell you, they know their stuff! The podcasts are free and informative with a ton of humor thrown in. This business can be overwhelming- they sift through the cacophony to find the true bits of guidance we all need. Enjoy listening and learning from interviews with Mark Dawson, Roxanne St. Claire, Brian Meeks and more!




They also have a book that is fantastic! Here’s the link for that as a bonus-



Link Of The Week- FaceBook Infringes On Publicity Rights

August 1, 2017



This is a link to an article about FB’s policy of using well known artists’ names in other people’s ads. Specifically as advertising keywords. This is something you should be aware of because Amazon has similar issues. So far, it looks like their stable of lawyers are keeping things at bay…….

Let me know what you think. I’m very curious!

Link of the Week – Viabox

April 4, 2017

Need a PO Box address but don’t want to pay for it because you won’t use the physical box? That’s the case with many authors. We send out newsletters but because of the CAN-SPAM Act, we must provide a physical address. Most of us don’t want to give out our home address for obvious reasons. And many folks don’t want to pay the post office or other facility a monthly fee to have a box we likely will not receive mail in.

Here’s a great solution! Viabox! This company provides a FREE physical US address.  One you can receive mail at…or not. (wink, wink)

In a nutshell, Viabox is a package forwarder — shop any US retailer, ship to any country. Viabox “allows you to receive mail, packages of any size or even oversized items on pallets that are shipped from merchants using major shipping carriers such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL, USPS, etc.” You only pay them if you want them to forward anything that has been mailed/shipped to you. Sa-weet! This is perfect for those of us who need that physical address that is not our private residence—even if we don’t live in Oregon (which is where Viabox is located).

Link of the Week – Magic Text to Sell More books

March 7, 2017

A friend shared this blog post with me recently and, like her, I think the information is worth passing along. It comes from the Where Writers Win blog. The post discusses results found testing a variety of text used describing books featured in BookBub daily newsletters. It’s worth the read and can help when creating your own descriptive text across the mediums. Check it out.

Link of the Week – Click To Tweet

September 27, 2016

twitter-bird-1366218_960_720In this digital age, authors and entrepreneurs are tasked with marketing themselves on social media. Love it or hate it, Twitter is a big part of our society. In our community of authors, we often request that our peers throw us a bone and tweet about our latest book, a discounted price, a giveaway, or other general news. But even when we create the perfect tweet to share, our peers have to take the time to go to their accounts to do the sharing, meaning they just might not do it.

There is an easier way. Click to Tweet is so simple, there really is no excuse for not sharing. At Click to Tweet, write a tweet and the site will generate a clickable link. Once someone clicks the link, it will share your tweet to their Twitter status box. It literally takes mere seconds. Click to Tweet also tracks the activity of the link, too.

For giggles, here’s one for you to try.

See…super easy! And thanks for the share!

Link Of The Week- Smart Marketing For Authors

July 19, 2016

Jennifer and I just got back from RWA’s national conference in San Diego. One of the benefits of going is to learn new information and to discover the folks who can help you navigate the publishing industry!

I met this amazing woman who does just that. This web site is a gateway to learning all things marketing! I will be signing up to take her classes just as soon as I cross the finish line and get this new book back to the editor. Check it out. I think you’ll be excited about it too!                              smart-marketing-authors-1

Chris Syme is principal of the award-winning CKSyme Media Group in Bozeman, Montana, a strategic communications agency. She has 20+ years of experience in communications from marketing and media relations, to radio and newspaper, to crisis management and teaching. She is an in-demand conference speaker and a published author.

Link Of The Week- HeadTalker!

June 21, 2016

Need a way to market that you might not have tried before?


HeadTalker allows you to share a message with unlimited people at once for free.

1. Connect with your account

Join HeadTalker for FREE with social media.

2. Create a HeadTalker

Easily create a HeadTalker to share your message.

3. Gather Supporters

Share your HeadTalker link to gather support!

4. Go viral!

Hit your goal and get the message shared!


Link of the Week – BookBub’s 98 Marketing Tactics

March 1, 2016

pixabay rf graph-163509_1280Recently email marketer BookBub offered 98 tactics in marketing that could increase your book sales. Many of them, we already know and utilize. See if there is any that you haven’t tried or would like try.

98 Book Marketing Ideas That Can Help Authors Increase Sales

Link Of The Week- Amazon Algorithm

February 16, 2016

Did you know that Amazon had a site just for its algorithm? Well, it does. There’s some interesting information here if you are a writer. Check it out! “If you’ve done a search on Amazon, you’ve used the A9 Product Search engine.” amazon-logo-o

Link Of The Week- Hashtag Anyone?

January 5, 2016