Link of the Week – Ninth Moon

August 20, 2013

getty rf moonLooking for book plates, stickers, booklets, note cards, graphics, and so much more to promote your books, series, or YOU? Check out the Ninth Moon. This is a great spot for all those little extras you might need to celebrate your masterpieces.  The promotional product and graphic designs come well recommended. I can see why. Check it out. Samples are available, as well as gift certificates (hint, hint).

For the on-line portfolio, click below.!

Link of the Week – Goodkindles

June 11, 2013

RF getty ereader booksThis week it’s all about bringing authors to readers. Goodkindles features new free and cheap books available for Kindles everyday. Not only is it a website, but readers can signup for a daily newsletter showcasing those books. Plus, readers can also follow Goodkindles via Twitter and Facebook to learn about new books and giveaways. Another nice thing about this website, authors can sign up their books even if they are not free or bargain-bin priced.  And the prices to list books range from $8-$20. Wow!

Give it a look-see, will ya.

Talk Back – Do you like promoting your book?

May 20, 2013

On my Kindle: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Talk Back – Tell us how you write! 

Oh I hear you all now.

Of course I hate the promo part of being a writer, you say. I’m an introvert! I hate having to go out there and try to convince people to buy my books!

I hear you because that’s exactly how I react if someone asks me.

Yet, I can spend hours on Facebook and Twitter chatting to stranger because well, I tell myself, they are potential readers.

I can spend hours looking on the web to see whether I should choose Instagram over Pinterest over Tumblr because hey, I have to stay on top of my promo game.

I can spend hours writing daily posts about myself on my personal blog because I think that’s what sells books (especially the part about choosing that very pretty picture that goes with the post which takes a long time to do).

And again I can spend hours designing the layout of my website, blog, bookmarks, ads and all that because you know how important that is!

And let’s not forget how I must go to writer’s conferences, dress up as a vampire, sample fancy drinks and frolic with cover models to increase my book sales!!! (Yes Honey, all writers HAVE to do this and that’s why I’m taking money from the kids college fund to go away and promote my novel! It will pay off in the end, don’t you worry!)

And guess what, I LOVE doing that stuff! Love it so much that I can lose myself in it. Love it so much that it is sometimes easier to work on promo than to write the damn book that never end.

So my own problem is that there is a huge part of promotion that is so much fun that it makes me think that I’m working, where in fact I’m just “playing author” while the real work (aka the actual writing of one book then another then another) is not getting done!

Hence why I reduced my online presence dramatically in the last year to focus on improving my craft and write more.

So tell me, how do you like the promo aspect of your writing career? Do you like it too much? Not enough? Things you love? Things you hate?

Your turn to talk back!

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


Link Of The Week

May 14, 2013

Hi All!

I think this link has a lot of applications for writers- especially those that aren’t trained in the art of utilizing the internet and social media to their advantage. (I know I’m one of them!) I will be book marking this for future reference since I’ve already taken a page of notes on what’s out there. I hope you find it useful

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

“It’s frustrating isn’t it? Owning your own website can sometimes seem like you’re left standing alone in the corner of the room. You keep hearing about how other sites are attracting thousands of visitors to their site everyday, but you check your statistics only to find a handful of people have dropped by.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Social media can help you spark up a conversation that connects with an audience. There are so many different social network, social news and social bookmark sites that it can be difficult to know where to begin. But much like a conversation, you just need to listen and have something interesting to say.

Here at, we offer a regular selection of in-depth articles, statistical analysis, simple to digest guides, original and unique resources. has information that will help you expand your website and help you to truly engage your audience.”

Um… Can I get a minute to write…??? PLEASE?

April 6, 2013

Oh. My. God.

Someone come and shovel me out of the month-long avalanche I had hit me in March! PLEASE!


This was my life for March. Seriously! I was hit with work issues at the EDJ, Scout issues, a final edit for STAY, a pre-print edit for PRIMITIVE NIGHTS, and a fast round of edits for a new novel due before I was ready… 🙂

BUT I made it out safely. And with my sanity, I think…


Thank goodness Jenn posted something about Goodreads being bought by Amazon or I would, literally, still be in the dark. Thanks Jenn!

So, now that I got that out of the way, here’s my dish for the week!

  • One – Got a super awesome review for Primitive Nights at Amazon. 🙂

  • Two – Did you see who’s coming to Agent/Editor Shop this month?

Debbie Gilbert with Soul Mate Publishing!!!!

Make sure you check out what they’re looking for and get that pitch ready. Pitch day is April 20th!

  • Three – I learned this month, that you can do what you set out to do. You may have to set aside other things, shift schedules, work in a timeline you weren’t expecting… But it CAN be done!
  • Four – I hit 20K on my new novel this month amidst all the craziness. Who knew?


Happy writing and reading, and life!



Link of the Week – InD’Tale

March 19, 2013

Getty rf penThis week’s awesome link is to InD’Tale Magazine. The online magazine is dedicated to self-published and small press authors. Within the pages and all throughout the website, there are honest book reviews, educational articles and columns, contests, polls, interviews, and industry information.  It’s a great place for both writers and readers.

While you are there, check out the nice review I received earlier this year for A KISS IN THE WIND.

Triberr – An Author’s Quick Guide

October 17, 2012

Song of the Day: Unity by Shinedown

(This post originally appeared October 5, 2012 on The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood blog.)

So what is this Triberr people keep talking about? How does it work, and, more importantly, do I have to dress in animal pelts and coif my hair with chicken bones if I join?

Let’s break down Triberr into easy digestible chunks, shall we.

First, what exactly is Triberr? In short, Triberr is a reach multiplier. Huh? What does that mean? Triberr is a community of bloggers who also double has pimps, or marketing tools. These bloggers band together in tribes and share blog posts. When one tribe member posts a blog, the blog is tweeted through Twitter by all the other tribe members.

What is a tribe? No, it’s not drinking the Kool-aid. Tribes are collaborative groups of bloggers that often have a commonality. In our case, that might be writers and reviewers. Groups might consist of cliques for a more narrow target market, such as authors who write historical, erotica, thriller, etc. Tribe mates in these classification specific units share quality, relevant content and networking, and often provide guest posting opportunities.

How does it work? Triberr easily manages this through the RSS feeds (every blog had one). Triberr automagically imports blog posts into the tribal stream (much like a Twitter stream or Facebook wall) which is shared by all tribe mates. Tribe mates then share these posts with their Twitter followers, either manually or automatically.

I’ll give you an example. Say I write a fascinating post on Caribbean pirates. For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume I have 10 tribe mates. My one post is tweeted 10 times. Now think about how many Twitter followers each of my mates might have. Also think about how many people integrate their Twitter accounts with other social media networks like Facebook. The number of possible exposure grows exponentially. And what if you belong to more than one tribe? Whoa! Now that’s driving traffic to your site.

Let’s one-up that. Every tribe mate can reblog your post. Reblogging through Triberr offers extra incentives. Let’s go back to my pirate post. Tribe mate Johnny thinks my post is pretty awesome. He reblogs it on his blog, putting my article in front of a new audience. Any comments made to the post on Johnny’s blog will show up on mine as well. And if tribe mate Orlando also reblogs  my post to his site, any comments made there will appear on both mine and Johnny’s blog.  In other words there is no loss of engagement.  This is good for all involved. It’s like guest posting. Less work and more interactions. Wow. I’m all over that!

Triberr is a community of engagement, and it’s growing. There are forums called bonfires for tribe members to ask questions, get tech support, network, and more.

Tribe members also collect bones. No Triberr is not conducting secret cannibalistic rituals. Bones are the equivalent to currency. Bones are earned through activity on the site and they are spent on benefits to bloggers and to creating more tribes.

But why use Triberr? Here’s the important part. When invited to join Triberr, you become a part of an instant community. Not only are you connecting with like-minded bloggers, you are expanding your potential readership sweep. It’s share and share alike. Your post gets distributed. Tribe mates are sharing good relevant content to their followers. And followers are exposed to you. Your blog traffic grows. For authors, pffsh, it’s a no brainer.

Triberr is always improving, too. Soon the network will be integrating social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. Can you just imagine the potential reach? Get your ooga mooga primitive groove on and check it out.

Any thoughts? Questions? Are you on Triberr and would like to share your experience? Let’s hear from you.

(This post originally appeared October 5, 2012 on The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood blog.)


Link of the Week – askDavid

September 18, 2012

I just stumbled upon this site and thought how cool is that? This is a great spot for both readers and authors! is a site ‘publishes reviews submitted by the community’.  The  reviews added here  are NOT found anywhere else on the web.  Each product has it’s own page. Along with any reviews, there are reviews found on Amazon, a section to add a review of the book, and recommendations. Oh, and Daivd, himself gives a description or nugget of information, about the book, too.

So who is this David fellow? He’s the handsome and clever virtual character (or spokesman) for the site.

Here’s a page for one of my books, BENEATH THE WATER’S EDGE, for an example.

And it’s not just for books, either. Movies, music, electronics, furniture, cute shoes, truck tires, vibrators … hey, just about anything.

Know what else? Authors can advertise their books on this site for FREE! Yes…FREE! What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Could Marketing Crash The Book Market?

September 6, 2012

The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction.  By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is you really want to say.  ~Mark Twain


Marketing. (AAGGHHHH!!!!!! …as she runs screaming out of the room.)

As authors we have to continually keep our eyes on that ball. Besides providing great content between the covers of a book, we now have to be masters of the business world as well. Sheesh- sometimes it feels overwhelming.


I have an interesting question that I will ask in just a minute.


There’s no getting around the business side of writing. There just isn’t. Let’s say you’ve published your book, you’ve blogged, you’ve Face Booked, you’ve had a book launch, you’ve done all the things you know how to do and your sales are still moving along at a sluggish pace. Many authors will offer their books for free on Amazon and other sites. While doing that, you can also contact sites such as,,,,,, and These types of sites will be happy to email or tweet your book to their followers which can run into the thousands. There are tons of sites out there to help you, too many to list them all here. I’ve heard of one author who offered is book on Amazon’s KDP Select, ran it through as many of these sites as he could (with no other promotion) and he ended up with over 4000 free downloads. This sounds pretty terrific!


Another interesting idea is to use something called Wattpad. I had never heard of it, but it could be a great place to start building a readership, get feedback, and build excitement for your next bit of work. It’s like a giant high school literary magazine where people can put up their work and there are tons of readers there. This site is most often accessed by smart phones where short stories, novels, poetry, and fan fiction are read voraciously. Many writers reveal their stories chapter by chapter so the readers anticipate new developments and can often be found asking the writer for plot shifts or new characters! If you think this is just another site among the millions out there, think again. Wattpad gets 9 million unique visitors a month! I think that qualifies as a good site to build a readership.


So here’s my question. With this fairly proven method of offering your work for free as a marketing tool, are we training a whole generation to expect free books?


What does that mean for a writer? Dale Brown, who is a very successful author, just offered his books for $1.99. That’s not free, but it is pretty cheap. My husband bought ten books at once. While that’s a win win for both my husband and Dale Brown, Peter will now think twice before spending a chunk of change on a new book. If he waits long enough it will go on sale or be offered for free.


MuseTracks Link of the Week

March 6, 2012

Looking for a place to get great read recommendations? How about a place to promote yourself as an author? Better yet. How about a one-stop-shop to read or request reviews from multiple review sites? For FREE!

Check out Manic Readers!

Not only can you get information on authors, books, reviews, upcoming releases, there are also opportunities for authors to opt into special features such as a royalty tracker and promotional services. Plus there are author-sponsored blogs, contests, chats, and free reads.

Pop on over and take a tour.