Hump Day Kick Start – Writing Prompt #13

June 28, 2017

Writing prompts to kick start your muse.


Who are our players in today’s prompt? What happened? Was it an honest mishap? Intentional betrayal? Did the result end in something detrimental? Upset the delicate balance of humankind? Are these her final thoughts as he hovers over her with a grim smile? Or is it something worse, like he forgot to bring home ice cream?

Share your ideas and/or post your creations, even if it’s just a line or two. I’d love to hear them.

Hump Day Kick Start – The Note Edition

June 21, 2017

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

Now here’s a story.

For today’s prompt, who is the author of this note? Who is the note about? Could this be between jilted young lovers? Wayward hellion son angry with his demonic mother from the netherworld? Twin sisters in constant competition with each other? Why had the note been written? Was one denied love? Maybe committed a crime or unthinkable betrayal? Left someone behind without remorse? Didn’t share their chocolate bar?

What’s your take? I’d love to hear it. Or just caption the pic.

Link of the Week – Amazon’s Buy Button (and it sucks)

June 20, 2017

So Amazon has quietly made more changes in the selling of books. One that seems to benefit everyone but the author. Third-party sellers can now “win” the Buy Box. What does that mean? It means this seller would be listed as the default for the Buy Button. It means that these third-party

Book Burn Open Knowledge Hot Fire Paper Old

sellers can mark books down to whatever price they want (so long as the meet some Amazon criteria…haha).  It also means that slices into any profit the author MIGHT make. I say might because there are various ways these third-party sellers can get their hands on “new” copies that would cut the author completely out of the sale. And it could mean that potential customers may only have a third-party seller as a choice to buy from.

This went into effect back in March and a buzz about it was made last month, but it has only been recently that authors have noticed and/or felt the pinch.

To read more about it, check out the links below to articles from Publisher’s Weekly and Huffington Post (with visuals). Definitely worth the read.

Hump Day Kick Start – Writing Prompt #12

June 14, 2017


Writing prompts to kick start your muse.

If that isn’t a story, I don’t know what is. Who is the customer? What does the artist think of him? Is he friendly? Quiet? What does he look like? Burly and threatening? Wiry and creepy? Super cute and wearing a biker jacket/football jersey/tailored suit? Is she curious? Maybe scared? And just what do the tally marks represent?

Share your ideas and/or post your creations, even if it’s just a line or two. I’d love to hear them.


Hump Day Kick Start – Sketching Edition

June 7, 2017

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

Getting creative for today’s picture writing prompt. Yeah, bad pun, I know.

So what’s up with these two? Who are they and what’s going on? Is she a tourist in a foreign country and he the local virtuoso not letting the language barrier come between them?  Maybe she’s an art teacher and he is her pupil. What is that expression on her face? Could she be contemplating a mistake? Thinking of how he could be somebody and she’s holding him back? Deliberating letting him go? What if there was something darker at stake here. Are they criminals on their downtime? Perhaps they are involved in espionage and he’s sketching out an escape plan. Suppose she is a succubus and her unwitting lover who helps keep her immortal black soul youthful. Hey, it could happen…

Your turn. Tell me a tale or caption the pic.


Friday Fun Facts- It’s Summer!!

June 2, 2017

The weather has heated up. Schools are letting out. Life is a beach.summer-fun

But, do you really know summer? Check out these tid-bits-

  1. The phrase ‘the dog days of summer’ has to do with the stars and not about sweltering heat. The dog star Sirius begins its rise just before the sun towards the end of July. The Romans believed the extra light gave off more heat heat to the sun and was responsible for the super hot days.
  2. More thunderstorms occur during summer than at any other time. It’s all that extra heat and moisture! Believe it or not, the most occur in the south of England. Hmmmm
  3. New York has a cool thing going on! Owing to the city’s design on a grid rotated 29 ° clockwise from true east-west, twice a year the sun sets directly at the end of the many New York’s major streets to create a spectacular sunset. The sun is slightly above the horizon and nestled between the rows of buildings.170px-Manhattanhenge2_rotated+sharpened
  4. The first modern Olympic games were held in the summer of 1896 in Athens.
  5. The last day of summer is September 20th.
  6. The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris grows every summer. With the heat, the metal expands and it grows up to 6 inches!
  7. The Roman general, Marc Anthony, named the month July after Julius Caesar.0rxCw229
  8. August was named after Julius Caesar’s nephew. He had received the title of “Augustus” which means “reverend”.
  9. Ice pops were invented by an 11 year old boy in 1905! THANK YOU!
  10. The first women’s bathing suit was created in the 1800’s. It had a pair of bloomers with it! ACK!!!history-womens-swimwear-1800s
  11. Swimming nude used to be the norm. In ancient days, clothes were definitely pitched to the side. However, in the 17th century, laws were put into place about decent swimming attire…and nude wasn’t it!
  12. Watermelons are a vegetable! Who knew?!? It is a member of the squash, cucumber, and pumpkin family. Americans eat around 15 lbs. per year.
  13. In the United States, over 650 million long distance summer trips are made. Let’s hit the road!!
  14. Scientist argue that babies born in the summer will suffer from more mood swings than babies born at other times. Really?shutterstock_464300804-776x600
  15. Jenn and I hope you have a terrific summer filled with lots of laughter and fun…and that’s a fact!images (1)

Hump Day Kick Start – Writing Prompt #11

May 31, 2017

Writing prompts to kick start your muse.

This can be scary or funny. What do you make of today’s prompt? Who is this? Who are they speaking to? Why are they wanted dead? Is this an evil demon/vampire/stepmother bent on destruction facing down an outmatched hero/heroine armed with a demon blaster/wooden stake/holy water? A spiteful ex-lover with nothing to lose? The soulless clerk that works at the DMV?

Share your ideas and/or post your creations, even if it’s just a line or two. I’d love to hear them.