Never Forget

September 11, 2019

Take time to reflect on the day that changed us forever. Remember those who died, those who served. Honor them and those who carry on. Never forget.

A Day to Reflect

September 11, 2018


Take time to remember the day that changed us forever.

Never Forget.

We Remember… and always will.

September 11, 2011

I remember where I was ten years ago today…

I can still feel the shock I experienced as I drove home, listening to the news reports…

Today I still feel the sting of tears when I think about the horror that unfolded before our eyes…

I remember thinking how glad I was in that moment to be an American, where this travesty would pull us together, where we as a united people would stand up and say, ‘We’re still here’.


We won’t ever forget, we won’t ever stop praying, we won’t ever go silent…

Hold your loved ones, near and far, here or departed, close.

We are America.

God bless~