The Righteous Side of Wicked – Release Day!

December 18, 2018

Huzzah! It’s release day for THE RIGHTEOUS SIDE OF WICKED and just in time for the holidays! Highlander pirates and spies will keep you warm this winter! Join the crew and grab your copy at Amazon, mates.

A spy on the run 

Treva MacDougall is running for her life. Not just hers, but those of her clansmen. Fleeing the hangman’s noose, she must reach her rebel cousin in Scotland in time to warn him of an ambush by the Crown. Finagling her way aboard a pirate ship running contraband wasn’t difficult, but ignoring the intense temptation she feels toward the ship’s captain is verra difficult. She can’t allow herself to have feelings for any man, but maybe just one night of sinful pleasure…

A pirate caught in the middle

Coire Fletcher doesn’t trust women. None of them, but especially the dark-haired, moss-eyed lass whose pretty lies got her onto his ship and her sharp wit and undying spirit is getting under his skin. He knows she’s lying—after all, she is a female—but by damned his growing attraction to her is as troubling as a Caribbean hurricane. He won’t be fooled again by a woman, not even one he can’t stop thinking about. He’ll deliver his smuggled goods and Treva at the next port, then sail away. Or so he thinks…

Chased by the British Navy and vengeful enemy pirates alike, Coire and Treva must leave past injustices behind and learn to trust each other…or neither may see another sunrise.

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More holiday goodness. The Laird’s Reckoning is on sale at $1.99 for a limited time!

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Fair winds and following seas and a full mug o’ rum!

Link of the Week – Amazon and Third-party Booksellers

May 23, 2017

Why does it seem like Amazon is anti-author? Here is an interesting link to news from The Author’s Guild that reports on Amazon’s newest policy allowing third-party booksellers to claim featured “buy boxes” and how this can potentially hurt publishers and authors.

Link of the Week – Sales Rank Express

March 3, 2015

pixabay rf graph-163509_1280This is great for the indie author. Sales Rank Express offers visitors an up-to-the-second snapshot of a book’s Amazon ranking. But this isn’t the same as other ranking sites, it’s easier. Plug in the author, title, ASIN or ISBN to view a book’s ranking…and other data. It will  show  reviews, any different versions of the book, its release date, other books it might pair with, how many minutes long it is in its audio format, pricing, and more. You can even track its progress! Did I mention that it will do this for titles released internationally? Check it out, root around, have fun.

Link of the Week – NovelRank

July 17, 2012

Got books for sale through Amazon? Do you regularly check your sales ranking?

NovelRank is a free site that can track the rankings of both digital and print sales in real-time. And not just the U.S., but through all Amazon outlets. The site will even provide you a look at how your books’ ranking compare with each other in a colored-coded chart.

Pretty cool. Check it out.