Link of the Week – Amazon Keyword Issue

December 3, 2013

RF getty red lightI recently did a post on metadata and key words. Keywords are very important by way of driving readers to you books. But the wrong keyword can get your book removed by Amazon. It’s not new to link your style of writing or similarities of your stories/genres with other authors and their titles. It’s a marketing tool. But if you do so in your keywords and/or description on Amazon, you are misleading the public and they will take action.

To read more about this in greater detail, check out the post on Author Marketing Experts.

Link of the Week – NovelRank

July 17, 2012

Got books for sale through Amazon? Do you regularly check your sales ranking?

NovelRank is a free site that can track the rankings of both digital and print sales in real-time. And not just the U.S., but through all Amazon outlets. The site will even provide you a look at how your books’ ranking compare with each other in a colored-coded chart.

Pretty cool. Check it out.