Talk Back: Do you edit your manuscript as you go?

May 6, 2013

On my Kindle: “Super Secret Contemporary Romance” by Candi Wall and “Super Secret Pirate Romance” by Jenn Bray Weber – I’m Beta reading!!!

Talk Back – Tell us how you write!

You tell me: should I edit as I go, or will I write the whole dirty first draft, then edit?

You see since I finished my last manuscript, I have now started a brand new one. Well not so brand new since it’s the sequel to the previous one. Anyhow, as I was finishing that last manuscript, I got back into editing mode which I usually hate and towards the end, I was almost liking it.

Hence my dilemma, if I just go straight back to writing, I won’t be editing for a good 3 months. I will hate it again. And there is a nice feeling to get to THE END with a nice complete novel instead of going up and down in happiness with each draft (I’m done!!!! – but I am really done??)

But when I write the whole first draft without editing, the story grows on me and when I go back to edit the first chapter, I have a better sense of my story and characters – great way to put those unfired guns when you know there will be a gunshots at the end.

So I don’t know. I am 10,000 words into this story and I’m still going back and forth with this. I’ve tried to edit a bit, but my heart is not into it.

So what do you do? Are you consistent in your method or does it change with each project?

And by the way, if you need a little help with plotting, NYTimes bestselling author Bob Mayer was kind enough a couple of weeks ago to share his whole method on how he sets up conflict in his plots. Check it out – you’ll learn a lot!

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


The long and tedious road

July 1, 2011


Hi everyone!

How is your writing going?

Here is some news for you: your best promotional tool is your next book. Not only the next book, but a high quality book.

Which leads me to the next thought. Sometimes it’s pretty damn hard to sit and write that next book.

But guess what? You are not alone. It’s hard for everyone.

Do you want to be a long term author?


Everyday if you can. On a schedule is you can’t.

But you need to write no matter what.

Isn’t that easy? Yet why don’t we do it? Why can’t we sometimes even find half an hour a day to stare at the screen?

There are so many reasons we procrastinate and there are tons of great classes to help with that (Margie Lawson and Bob Mayer are two people who have helped me with procrastination)

But the bottom line comes to this:

Just do it!

That author you admire, or the one you hate (aren’t we maybe a bit jealous?), she’s writing. When you come up with tons of reasons not to do it, she gets up at the crack of down, or stay up late when the kids are in bed, or sit at her desk when the baby naps, and she writes!

Small steps will get you there. Day in, day out.

There are no shortcuts, no magic solutions!

Sorry 🙂

Stay awesome and go write!

M-C 🙂