Link of the Week – Rank Stripping

January 3, 2018

Instead of a Hump Day Kick Start today, I am posting a link to writer David Gaughran’s blog Let’s Get Digital. He outlines one author’s ongoing rank-stripping issue by Amazon. It’s a serious problem for innocent authors following the rules and it’s costing time, ranks, sales and marketing dollars. Ultimately, it’s just another punishment to authors trying to get any type of visibility in Amazon’s crowded marketplace using legitimate marketing techniques. It’s an outrageous abuse by Amazon’s KDP program—stripping ranks, deleting reviews, jacking with but buttons, burying discoverability in favor for Select authors, and more!

This is a must read! 

We need to make a lot of noise over this. We must put on pressure for viable change. Spread the word and let Amazon know how you feel.

Link of the Week – Book Boost PR and Summer Author Promo Blitz

July 22, 2014

blitz14 buttonSometimes, okay, lots of times, authors need a little boost to help promote their books and their brand. Enter Book Boost PR. Book Boost offers “a wide variety of services and levels of service from simply creating media kits to full-service publicity campaigns.” The site is run by a librarian and an author, both of whom I know personally. 😀

Check out their services here!

It just so happens that Book Boost PR is hosting a SUMMER AUTHOR BLITZ. Lots of authors to explore and lots of prizes to be given away. And I’m one of the featured authors!blitz 14 banner

Link of the Week – Goodkindles

June 11, 2013

RF getty ereader booksThis week it’s all about bringing authors to readers. Goodkindles features new free and cheap books available for Kindles everyday. Not only is it a website, but readers can signup for a daily newsletter showcasing those books. Plus, readers can also follow Goodkindles via Twitter and Facebook to learn about new books and giveaways. Another nice thing about this website, authors can sign up their books even if they are not free or bargain-bin priced.  And the prices to list books range from $8-$20. Wow!

Give it a look-see, will ya.

Link Of The Week

September 11, 2012

Let’s say you’ve finished your book, edited the dickens out of it, put it up for sale, and now want to list it for free.

OK…now what?

How do you make the most of your free book? How do you get the word out there that it’s even available? Well, wonder no more! A friend of mine sent this link to me and I HAD to share it with you. I think you will find it to be a wealth of information!

Link of the Week

October 11, 2011

How about some Twitter love this week.

Got an eBook available on  Amazon you’d like to market? These Twitter folks tweet Kindle suggestions and will tweet your book. Your book could potentially reach thousands of readers!!/KindleCoyote!/KindleSurprise!/TweetYourBooks!/BookNutter