Link of the Week – Book Report

June 2, 2015

For those indie authors who use KDP for your Amazon books. Here is a handy-dandy USEFUL tool that reports your book sales data in real-time: Book Report.

It’s packed with features, but the important thing is this: you get the data you need to see if you want to work smart. Find out instantly which books are selling and which are flopping. Find out which of your pen names are the best earners. The business side of writing just got way easier. Now you can focus on the fun part: writing new books!

Rf getty laptopCheck it out for yourself! Scroll down to learn more about it.

Follow this link to install the bookmarklet to see how it works. It’s pretty awesome.


Link of the Week – Vook

April 29, 2014

CalculatorI’m a visual person. I learn and retain knowledge by being able to see it. So when I stumbled upon this site called Vook, I was intrigued. First and foremost, I signed up so that I could visually track my sales for up to ten books. For free. I like free. 🙂 I can track multiple books, and see gross sales, net sales, and downloads using pie charts, bar graphs and line graphs. This will come in super handy when seeing what promotions or changes made to pricing, metadata, etc.

But, if you are one of those people who likes to one-stop shop, Vook offers much more, such as formatting distribution, proofing, print on demand, book covers, scanning, and more.

Give it a looksee.

Link of the Week – NovelRank

July 17, 2012

Got books for sale through Amazon? Do you regularly check your sales ranking?

NovelRank is a free site that can track the rankings of both digital and print sales in real-time. And not just the U.S., but through all Amazon outlets. The site will even provide you a look at how your books’ ranking compare with each other in a colored-coded chart.

Pretty cool. Check it out.