Link of the Week – Google Keyword Planner

April 3, 2018

Keywords are an important part of discoverability for anyone selling goods on Amazon. In authors’ cases, they help drive readers to books. With all the lovely (yes, that is sarcasm) algorithms Amazon has in place that makes it nearly impossible to get noticed, it is crucial to optimize the SEO for every book authors publish. One way to do that is to plan the best keywords to use for your metadata, book description, and more.

Try Google Keyword Planner to “refine search campaigns and ensure content remains relevant”. Come up with a bunch of words that would describe the main points or theme of your book (or other product you are selling) to plug into the planner and retrieve the keywords that garner the most search relevance.

Sounds like a winner.

Link of the Week – Fair Use & Copyright

October 20, 2015

Seems authors’ rights, as well as any under the creative umbrella, are slowly being chipped away. Recently, New York Second Circuit ruled in favor of Google and against the Author’s Guild on Goggle’s right to scan books under fair use protection. I will be honest, I understand and will often agree with the use of and benefits from searchable comprehensive online databases. However, what about compensation to authors?

Read more about this on Author’s Guild v. Googlecc-rf-gavel

The recent ruling: Author’s Guild – Second Circuit Leaves Authors High and Dry

For added reading pleasure, the government’s Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright.

Click to access 92chap1.pdf


Link of the Week – Google Search Engine Tricks

March 31, 2015

Today’s Link of the Week is just for giggles. Try the steps below and see what happens.

barrel roll



Pretty cool, huh?

Want more Google fun? Type the following in your Google search bar (you may have to click “I’m Feeling Lucky”) Enjoy!

  • Google Pacman – play one of the best video games ever!
  • Anti-gravity Google – floating Google
  • Askew – tilted google
  • zerg.rush – click on the Os before they eat all your search results
  • recursion – repeats everything infinitely
  • Google pig latin – I eelfay ikelay a idkay gainay.
  • Type in any actor/actress Bacon number (ex: Chris Hemsworth Bacon Number) and Google will tell you the degree of separation. FUN!
  • Festivus – the sacred aluminum pole will appear. (for more on Festivus –
  • In Google Images, type atari breakout – another game from the past.
  • Go to to play guitar, view your searches backwards, search underwater, and more!
  • And finally… Type in Chuck Norris. See what Google has to say…Seriously funny!

There are many more Google Easter Eggs. Feel free to share the ones you know. I’m always up for procrastinating from work.