Link of the Week – Facebook’s Message on the Down-low

April 12, 2016

Wow. How frustrating and embarrassing. Apparently Facebook has a secret message inbox. Secret to you, that is. You could potentially have many, many unanswered messages (and spam) that you never knew about. Potentially from fans, long lost friends, one of the Hemsworth brothers. Potentially making you a jerk for not answering.

This week’s link is an article about it on Hello Giggles and where to find this hidden stash.

I checked mine and while I had legitimate messages that went without a reply (so sorry!), there were just as many weirdos and ne’er-do-wells trying to make contact with me.  Potentially.

Have fun checking your mystery message box.

Link of the Week – 10 Misused Words- Hello Giggles

July 23, 2013


I got this off a friend on Facebook and thought I’d do everyone a service by re-posting here. Found on Hello Giggles, a blog for women covering a wide, and pretty fun, array of topics, the post enlightens us of 10 words we might be using incorrectly. I am sad to say, I may be slightly guilty of these sins. Tell me you are, too.

If anything, the author, Tyler, is delightfully funny. Enjoy!