Link of the Week – Navigational Tools

June 12, 2018


Once a month, I write a blog post for History Undressed about pirates or something related to sailing. Today my post is on the instruments used to navigate during the age of sail. Check it out.

Link of the Week – St. Elmo’s Fire

October 10, 2017

How about a fun little mix of science and history for this week’s link?  Here’s a post I wrote for History Undressed on St. Elmo’s Fire—the weather phenomenon, not the coming-of-age movie starring the Brat Pack. Check out why superstitious sailors not afraid of the hissing blue sparks shooting off masts.

Link of the Week – History Undressed – Yuletide with a Pirate

December 13, 2016

What do pirates do at Christmastime? Raid, of course.

Check out the blog I wrote for History Undressed on Dutch pirate Laurens de Graaf who had a pretty nice Christmas in 1683.


Link of the Week – History Undressed – Ghost Ship Mary Celeste

October 11, 2016

cc-1024px-mary_celeste_as_amazon_in_1861I love October. Not just for the mild weather (though I am a summer girl through and through), the colors, the seasonal foods, and the Christmas decorations, but for Halloween and all associated with the holiday. Black cats, costumes, haunted houses, and bad horror movies. I love a good ghost story, too.

This week’s link is to History Undressed where I blog every second Tuesday of the month about pirates. But today, I’m talking about the mysterious ghost ship, Mary Celeste. In 1872, Mary Celeste set sail across the moody Atlantic bound for Italy. One month later, the ship, in relatively good condition, was found drifting. There was not a soul on board. Nothing to suggest what happened. Ten people just…vanished.

Read more at History Undressed.