Hump Day Kick Start

April 4, 2012

Hump Day Kick Start for your muse, a writing picture prompt or just a visual treat.

Song of the day:  What Lies Beneath by Breaking Benjamin

While I was pimping my latest release last month (you have bought your copy of A KISS IN THE WIND, haven’t you?), I’ve been amassing more awesome pix for Hump Day Kick Start. While trying to choose today’s rather tame selection, I began to realize many of the photos I couldn’t share for the sole reason they were way too risque. Not that most of you would mind. I’m sure a few sizzlers will leak into MuseTracks soon. And good grief, there were quite a few involving ropes. Hmm…what does that say about me? Oh wait, I know. I’m a control freak. LOL!

So to ease you back into the Hump Day scene, I thought I’d start with a threesome.

Who are these guys? Where are they? What are they staring at on the ground?

Maybe they are about to they remove their jeans in the middle of the street. Are they the survivors of a post-apocalyptic solar storm and it’s so hot they need to strip down? Are they auditioning to be the next Naked Cowboy?

Love to hear your take on this photo.