Editor Shopping Day!

January 13, 2013


“I had lots of fun reading these. 🙂 I really wish I had the time to read them all! Thanks for having me on Musetracks, and I wish them all the best of luck with
their stories!”



Good morning everyone.


Thanks for visiting with us yesterday! And best of luck to anyone who made it into this pitch session. I have to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful Samhain authors who came to hang out with us, tell us about their books, and offer up a prize. Ladies – YOU ROCK!

As always, we’ll get the business out of the way first.

Pitches received: 59
Pitches accepted: 30
Pitches rejected: 29 (10 were over the 30 pitch limit)

• Missing info: 5
• Too long: 12 (The pitch)
• Attachments: 2

As always, thank you to those who followed the pitch rules and took the time to make sure your pitch was right! This is a business, even if our writing is personal, and we need to remember to treat it that way. How we present ourselves is as important as what we produce.

Okay – Now that we have that out of the way!

The WINNERS are:

• WATERFALL………………………………Fedora
• SOUL DEEP………………………………..Cynnara
• FALLING FOR FINN……………………GailHart
• PRIMITIVE NIGHTS……………………fionadruce
• COWBOYS DOWN……………………….Catherine Wolfe
• REVVING HER UP……………………….Ellie Heller
• WINTER’S THAW………………………..Annabelle Ambrosio

Please send me your e-mail information and the format you’d like for your prize to dancillaw(at)yahoo.com. Please put winner in the subject line and the title you won somewhere in your e-mail. Thanks!

Now, let’s give a big, warm welcome to Jennifer Miller, editor at Samhain Publishing.


Thank you so much for coming Jennifer! I know how busy you are. The pitches are posted below in numerical order. If there’s anything that catches your attention, simply e-mail me the pitch number, title, and what you’d like to see from the author. Also let me know how you’d like them to submit the requested information.

Happy shopping!

Paranormal/Contemporary Fantasy Romance
108,000 words

Someone is setting death-spells targeting mortals and elf blood alike. With her mentor out of commission, it’s up to half-trained Warder Mona Lisa Kubrek to stop the magic. Despite being told repeatedly her job is to nullify spells and not go after the source, too many people are at risk for her to not track the spell-caster down. Even meeting a sexy half-elf shifter who may well be her mate won’t distract her from her goal.

Except Cart Dupree, called in by a high-ranking elf, is fully trained and has the team to search for the evildoer, so she’d be stupid to not use his expertise. Stupid is something she can’t afford to be, not with her enemy’s henchmen after her. Later she’ll deal with Cart and his questions about her special abilities and the non-standard training her mentor has given her. Right now, they need to unravel where the magician is, and who he is, before he builds enough power to decimate them all. First, though, they need to stay alive.

58,000 words

Business executive Katie St. John has given up on love, which she stinks at, to focus on her red-hot career. All she wants from Steve Tyler, an amazingly sexy, surprisingly sweet, and younger Air Force pilot, is help making her vacation one to remember (and perhaps a little help crossing off a few things on her secret to-do list of sexual fantasies). Sure, the chemistry between them is hotter than the Cayman sun, but once this vacation’s over, she’ll say good-bye and go back to plotting corporate coups.

But Steve won’t settle for being her temporary boy toy. He’s lusted after Katie, the glamorous older woman who lived next door when he was a kid, since he was old enough to know what lust was. Now that she’s finally moved from his fantasies to his bed, he’s not about to let her go without a fight – especially once he learns she’s returned home with the mother of all souvenirs.

CONFESSIONS OF THE WORLD’S OLDEST SHOTGUN BRIDE was a finalist in the Textnovel.com America’s Next Best Celler Contest and several RWA chapter contests.

Romantic Suspense with Paranormal Elements
65,000 words

Reluctant psychic Katherine Crystal, dubbed “Crystal Ball Kate,” is thrust into the national spotlight when she accurately predicts that the young son of movie actor Vince Rivers will die in a private plane crash. Skeptical Atlanta police detective Jack Hale—who harbors a deep-seated distrust of psychics—is the by-the-book officer who ignores Katherine’s warnings when she calls to report her premonition. Jack is forced to partner with Kate, who uses her eerie sensitivity to evil to help him catch a serial killer. Their investigation into a mystery surrounding Kate’s birth leads to murder and romance among a secret society of psychics in the quaint spiritualist community of Casa Spirito, Florida.

Sixth Sense won the Georgia Romance Writers 2012 Unpublished Maggie Award of Excellence in the Paranormal/Fantasy category.

Sweet Romance
48,345 words

NICHOLAS TRENTON: Widowed, devoted father first. Hollywood director second. Yes his job called him away from home a lot but his son was safe at home with a nanny. Well he was supposed to be! Although his recent shenanigans had left Nick struggling to keep anyone to look after him. He had a shoot coming up in LA for 3 weeks, what was he going to do?!

RANIA GEORGE: Proud sweet shop owner. Yes it was run down but it was hers. Her mother had grand dreams of becoming an actress and would have been disappointed in her daughter’s career but she was fine with this. After all, unlike her mother, she knew if she ever started a family, she would put them first.

Rania was used to children outside her sweet shop but one alone on a dark night was a first. What parent would let their child wander the streets at night!

Nick was surprised to find his son contentedly spending time with a stranger. Why not hire her as the nanny for LA and bring Theo along? He’d pay of course, and judging from the state of her shop she needed all the help she could get.

Contemporary/Sci Fi/Fantasy Romance
80,000 words

Matthias of Linley loves spending time with Vivian Redwood. He adores watching her prepare for her day, cooking dinner and laying in bed with her at night. He shivers at her touch, stroking him softly, cherishing him.

But the trouble with this story is that Matthias isn’t real, he is a character in her favorite novel. See humans do not realize that each novel is actually alive; the characters can see, hear and feel us. Each is unique and most are content with their lot; but not Matthias. Matthias wants Vivian and he’s found a way to have her…

Hot Romance/Erotica Romance
50,000 words

“Becky finds herself being chased by three men. Each moment gives her another intense, erotic encounter. With tension and heat rising fast, what will happen when they all find out she’s been having fun with them. Will she be able to choose Mr Right?”

Humorous Thriller
95,ooo words

Unsinkable Maisie McGrane is desperate to join her Irish family’s cop fraternity. Expelled from the police academy, she takes a job as a meter maid to weasel her way back on to the force. When she over-enthusiastically boots the mayor’s limo and the ensuing scuffle goes viral, Maisie becomes a target with little more to protect herself than her ticket gun.

Similar in tone to: Stephanie Plum meets Blue Bloods

Contemporary romance with paranormal elements
120,000 words

Kate’s twentieth wedding anniversary plans never included discovering her husband’s long term affair. She quickly takes steps to rid herself of the man, while keeping her children and recovering a fraction of everything he has stolen from her life. Determined to make a fresh start for her kids, Kate follows her heart and buys the farm of her dreams in the North Georgia foothills. Sweet Sanctuary comes complete with an ancient and unusual Victorian house, a fish-stocked lake, and a reclusive handyman who not only lives on his own island in the middle of it, but cares about her children, and steals her breath away every time he looks at her.

Alone, Ian Stuart has walked the familiar paths of this old farm for more decades than he cares to count. Now, for the first time since an angry mother’s curse banished him to this place, he wants a normal life. He foolishly allows himself to fall in love with Kate and her children, knowing he doesn’t deserve them and will never have anything to offer. But he needn’t worry. His age-old secret will one day soon destroy everything he holds dear, and leave him with nothing.


Historical/Regency romance
100,000 words

Bored and gorgeous Lady Evangeline ‘Mischief’ Moorecroft delights on dancing the razor’s edge between scandal and infamy.

Cynical, duty-bound Major Vicks Geale returns to England to find he’s inherited a title, the family’s crumbling estate and a mountain of debt. To free a fortune held in trust, he must restore the estate’s land sold off by previous heirs, the bulk of which is attached to the Duke of Moorecroft’s feckless daughter’s dowry. Pragmatic Geale, who finds love irrelevant, is certain she’ll suit.

Unable to resist Geale’s bait of a notoriously naughty masquerade, Evangeline awakens to discover she’s been ambushed into marriage. Smugly certain her father will pay her way out of the unequal marriage, she’s horrified when he won’t.

Evangeline wages a campaign of secrets, flirtation and seduction to win her freedom from the hardened soldier. The trouble is, matching wits with her brooding new husband is proving to be the most fun she’s ever had.

Paranormal Romance
105,700 words

Bound to a vengeful goddess, immortal warrior, Reynner, has little time for the fairer sex. The last thing he wants is to be aligned with another female, even if she is the key to finding an artifact and saving his realm. His stone-cold resistance is tested, his attraction undeniable for the feisty mortal. But she demands the one thing he cannot give her…his trust.

Eve Leighton keeps away from intimacy of any sort after an accident in her teens left her with a painful gift—the ability to see into another’s soul through physical contact. When an ice-cold warrior claims she is his world’s savior, she’s intrigued, until she dares a look into his soul and sees a man who’s been cruelly betrayed. She agrees to help him and loses her heart. But the man is an unassailable fortress. With quiet determination, she chips away his barriers and a passion darker than night pulls them under.

But Reynner must overcome his own personal demons as battles are fought to claim the woman he loves or lose her to a vicious goddess. And Eve has to face her own mortality and fight for a love of a lifetime.

69,697 words

Criminal profiler, Jake McKenzie, volunteered to go to Afghanistan and came home minus a leg. Concerned that he can’t do the work the way he did before, he only takes on cold cases. When a pyromaniac serial killer terrorizes Paradise, he agrees to return to police work and prove to himself, once and for all, that he can do the job.

Sixteen years ago, Alexis Michaels escaped Paradise and an abusive uncle, and after surviving a deadly fire, became one of the country’s leading fire and arson investigators. She reluctantly returns home to lead the hunt for the killer. Her uncanny ability to put herself in the arsonist’s place is the skill they need to find this maniac.

After a threatening note, she grudgingly agrees to partner with Jake. Their past history intensifies their attraction, and sparks fly, but Alexis mistakenly believes that he’s married, and withdraws from him, leaving Jake frustrated and confused. They must set aside their differences and work together to catch the killer who sees Alexis as a threat to his agenda. Lives are at stake, and according to the killer, Alexis is next.

Historical Fiction with Romantic Elements
100,000 words

Back during the reign of Trajan, c. 108 AD, at the pinnacle of Rome’s power, Marcus, a fine Roman citizen, is stripped of his position to be condemned as a slave to fight in gladiatorial games. Sentenced to die in the Colosseum, he lives and excels at the blood sport, becoming Champion of Rome, possessed by a demon to win his freedom to exact vengeance against his accusers.

Gustina is a Roman slave, never tasting the joys freedom, serves her owner, her domina, but when she finds the woman dead, poisoned by her husband, Gustina is accused as the killer and sentenced to die in the Colosseum.

Marcus saves her by using the coin he wins to buy her life. He will protect her from death by his status as champion and she will save him from the dark demon of vengeance but together, their love is tested by the very Romans who condemned him to slavery – his family – the same people he must rescue her from before they kill her.

87,000 words

Operating as a British spy, Tristan St.James, the new Marquis of Wrenworth, barely escapes Afghanistan with his life in the spring of 1869. He plans to seek vengeance against the traitor who exposed him and for the agent he’s forced to kill. Returning to England, as a lord, he must marry. Haunted by guilt from the horrors of war, he avoids love at all costs, but finds himself drawn to the only woman who is disinterested in him.

Lady Evelyn Hurstine has waited over two years for the return of her love, a man who left for war in the East. But during that time, she suffered a brutal assault, resulting in a child and fear of any man touching her except for the man she once knew. The pursuit by the marquis scares her but her excuses against his proposal dwindle.

Their marriage strengthens into love until she discovers her husband isn’t the safety she believed but the one who killed the man she once loved. Caught in a world of intrigue and mayhem, Tristan must prove his love to her before the traitor destroys them both.

Romance – western romance
106,416 words

From the moment Celia, the emerald-eyed, Comanche half-breed, gets off the stage in Tyler, Texas, Seth Loflin realizes he is on a collision course with the past. She was his first love and now Shooter Creek’s ranch boss can’t allow her to succumb to the danger that stalks her.

Someone wants to kidnap her and sell her as a slave, but now that she’s in his protective arms, he intends to keep her safe.

Celia can’t run back to the safety of her former life in South Carolina. If she stays at Shooter Creek with Seth, she’ll be putting the man she still loves and his ranch in danger of harboring a Comanche. Seth refuses to leave her side. His vow to protect her comes with a price. Yet he gives Celia the hope and courage she needs. Now she’ll fight for her new life with Seth…or die trying.

Contemporary Western Romance
84,400 words

Sean O’Connell’s life was perfect until drinking affected his bull riding, and he ended the season too broke to leave the Northwest for the warm southern rodeos. Worse, yet, he had to get a real job.

After a wild night with his buddies gets out of hand, he wakes up naked in a strange house, staring into the intense blue eyes of a woman he’s never met. Turning to his infallible O’Connell charm, he’s dumbfounded when it leaves her cold. It’s obvious she’s not his usual good-time girl, so how did he get here?

When bar manager Catherine Silvera finds a waterlogged, unconscious cowboy in danger of freezing to death in front of the Sugarwater Bar, she saves his life–then runs away faster than a jackrabbit with a coyote on its tail. Any man who makes his living following the rodeo circuit is not for her, especially if he thinks partying is part of the competition. Since he’s everything she doesn’t want in a man, why can’t she shake an irresistible attraction to the rugged cowboy?

90,000 words

My name is Lolita Vette, a seventh generation seventh daughter of a long line of witches. And I’m a fake. A charlatan. While telling fortunes and selling love potion in the Delta isn’t as sexy as running a grift, it’s a lucrative and steady business.

I’m not a witch. Just a girl with an elevated Kinesic ability. My brain processes a person’s microscopic tics and tugs so clearly, I’m a human lie-detector. Combine my God-given curse with a decent ability to cold read, and you’d be surprised how many rational people start believing in magic.

So when hard-ass ex-Army Ranger Collie-Roy Souther asked me to find his no-good brother–last seen working for crime lord Queenie Trent–my answer was no. As in no way in hell. But the man’s persistent. So much so I started nosing around where I shouldn’t.

And now, before I’d decided on whether Collie-Roy belonged in a shallow grave or in my bed, he’s disappeared. Vanished into the ether, unless you count his little finger and a helluva lot of blood.

Now even I can’t help but search for a little backwater magic in this mess of a world.

Paranormal Romance
62, 806 words

A simple life’s all fun and games until you become the target of fire breathing dragons. So much for simple.

When Val Draig saunters into Ace’s Southern occult bookstore she accidentally almost emasculates the tall, emerald-eyed hunk. Just as well, he’s the type she knows she’s better off avoiding. What she finds out too late is that he’s a dragon and a simple phone call placed her humdrum life in danger. And not just hers: dragons and humans alike will fall if the long drawn-out war hits a crescendo. Suddenly, all Ace wants is her boring old life back: a return to a time when she wasn’t falling out of helicopters and unsuccessfully dodging bullets.

Val can keep Ace safe, but she won’t accept anything less than safety for everyone. To stop the rival clan, she and Val will have to rely on each other’s strengths and wits. They’ll unravel a past fraught with lies only to discover a future together is the key to their survival. Ace may not have it all, but who she is may just be wild enough to make it work.

Women’s Fiction – Paranormal
92,500 words

Encounters with mortals brought Lura nothing but grief. All the same, when the mermaid sees a man drowning in the Gulf of Mexico off St. Pete Beach, the words of the Law of One ring through her mind and she swims out to save him. Seven Sacred Laws rule the mer world; ignoring them leads to corruption and self-destruction.

Before the moon cycle ends, she must mate with a human in hopes of conceiving – her only chance to preserve her ancestral memories. The slim, muscular man found in her waters has the genes she seeks for her offspring. Once on land, Lura shape shifts into a leggy blonde to seduce him. Tyler isn’t about to get careless, though, not with an accidental pregnancy and a failed marriage behind him.

When the mermaid is captured by a treasure hunter, he triggers an ancient curse that keeps her in his power. It’s Tyler she wants. Only unlocking the secret of the last Sacred Law allows her to use the power of love against the curse and enlist Tyler’s help in her escape.

Paranormal Romance
88,000 words

Kila’s mother severed their relationship in hopes of keeping her lineage a secret. When Kila meets Ethan, a charming and lethal man from the bayou, things take a passionate but bitter twist. Their illicit love affair acts as a catalyst to her birthright. Bringing her destiny to the forefront awakens the Sepulturans, riling unprecedented anger from shape-shifting clans, and reveals the truth behind the voices in her head. One act of forbidden romance shatters the carefully sculpted facade on reality, one where shape-shifters prey on humans, creatures of the grave distort minds, and an unknowing hunter walks among the immortal bloodlines.

Contemporary multicultural romance
88,000 words

Priya is the epitome of an obedient Indian daughter. Her loyalty to her parents is carved by their love and sacrifice, but the manipulations of her aunts pushes her to forge an even tighter bond. Priya will fiercely uphold her family’s honor and has done so by becoming a medical resident, remaining a virgin, and agreeing to marry her intended. Life is near perfect, her fiancé is tolerable, and her friends are the intervals of excitement she needs. The only thing that can derail her world is the sexy Irishman down the hall, the one who wants to get into her bed and shatter her walls. Logic is clear. Tyler is no good for Priya’s life plans. Love, on the other hand, is unreasonable and clashes with the carefully sculpted life her parents gave her. Maybe going after her heart isn’t such a big deal, or maybe it’s the thing that will unravel her world and leave her an emotional wreck.

82,000 words

Grieving widower, detective Noah Daugherty, focuses his energy on winning over his late wife’s resentful Yorkie and taking scumbags off the street. Scumbags like The Driver, an honest to God hit man who advertises on Craig’s list. Noah has never believed in hit men, at least not ones that offer their services to the public, and he certainly never envisioned The Driver, a teenage killer who professes to take jobs to pay his college tuition, but in fact, simply loves his work.

When The Driver senses Noah closing in on his true identity, he takes steps to eliminate the detective and his annoying little dog. That’s when it gets personal. But Noah isn’t that easy to kill. After his first attempt fails, The Driver is left wondering–what’s it going to take to kill this man, silver bullets? A stake through the heart? He’d better think of something quick, because Noah is now aiming for him.

Winter Song is the first book in a four part series

Contemporary romance/womens fiction
100,000 words

After a tragic shooting claims the life of her fiancé, Celia Bailey returns to her small hometown vowing one day to find love again. A year later, she’s finding it difficult to keep that vow when the man occupying her thoughts and haunting her dreams is a man she knows shouldn’t get involved with.

Toby Colton is about to find his new life turned upside down. He has a steady job as a prison guard and is forming ties in the close-knit community he recently moved to. However, one chance meeting on the side of a road brings a string of complications he never counted on.

For the ex-rodeo rider, Celia is one sad cliché after another: the boss’s daughter…his best friend’s sister…and love at first sight. While the two fight a losing battle to resist their attraction, a scheming and dangerous inmate by the name of Vince Monroe sets his sights on escape—and Celia.

When Toby must risk his own life to save a kidnapped Celia, they learn love doesn’t always play by the rules.

DR. STRANGE LOVE Short Story Series #1
Erotica/ Erotic Romance
8,000 words

Toni Reynolds loves her fiancé, Luke Campbell, more than anything. Still something is missing. They both recognize their love life has become predictable. Toni, realizes she’s not satisfied. She fears that she’s missing something and the closer her wedding date gets, the more unhappy she becomes.

It’s her secret though, until the night, Luke announces they’re hiring a sex therapist. Uneasy about a professional poking around in their relationship, especially one who makes ‘house calls’, Toni feels betrayed. Her love for and her trust in Luke win out as she agrees to meet the good doctor. Neither Luke nor Toni is prepared for the talents of Damon. This story is 8,000 words.

Contemporary paranormal romance
100,000 words

Jonas Kavanagh’s life was predetermined.

One day he will be king to a magical elf kingdom and he will also be the first in the royal line to take a human as queen. Only two complications stand in his way. First, the human woman fated to be this queen doesn’t believe in love, magic or even the prediction. Second, and far more difficult to overcome, the person assigned the task of finding this human wants nothing more than see Jonas joined with someone else and he possesses enough power to accomplish this.

Alvina McKellen’s life has been one loss after another. Orphaned and unwanted by relatives forced to care for her, then framed by a man who said he loved her, she seeks a new life far from where she began. She sure never expected that new life to involve a frightening man with strange abilities and an unexpected marriage to a supposed king.

Together, a reluctant elf king and a lost girl find passion, love and their destiny together, something not even the most powerful magic of one who would tear them apart can destroy.

Paranormal romance
37,000 words

Growing up in a gothic royal castle, young Emmalyne has been in love with the handsome wizard Donovan for as long as she can remember, never believing he is aware of her affections.
She watches from afar as he trains to one day take his position beside her cousin, the prince.

Donovan is dedicated to becoming a wise and powerful wizard so when the time comes to serve his friend, Prince William, he will be the best there is. He has more important things to worry about than a small girl’s infatuation with him; namely, exacting his revenge on the vampire Keiron who killed Donovan’s family almost a century before.

When Emmalyne returns to the castle after two years away, now grown, captivating and beautiful, Donovan can no longer ignore what she stirs inside him. However, before he can make Emmalyne his, Keiron again shows up to steal the life of someone he loves.

Keiron is fascinated by the beautiful Emmalyne and instead of killing her; he changes her, making her into a being Donovan hates the most. Years later, Donovan must decide whether his love for Emmalyne is stronger than his hatred of the creature she’s become.

Single Title
90, 570 words

Jill Barlow has come a long way—Texas to Vermont—in search of a safe haven after her husband, and then her father are murdered. A letter she receives from him after his death suggests he was killed because of his fight to keep the Texas Legislature from adopting casino gambling. Jill wants nothing more to do with politics despite the attraction drawing her to the son of the woman whose crystal shop Jill wants to buy.

Jerrod Phillips, a Vermont State Assemblyman, has come a long way in the twenty some years since his wife abandoned him and their two children. He’ll do anything to keep his family from being hurt again, especially when the threats come packaged in the attractive form of Jill Barlow who he suspects is involved in murder.

Jill and her friends are physically threatened. The possibility of justice for her husband and father’s murders pales beside the need to keep her grown kids and her friends safe. If she survives, what chance can she and Jerrod have when he holds her responsible for his brother’s death, and she fears the consequences of involvement in the life of another politician?

Contemporary Category Romance
55,000 words

When desire comes head-to-head with feelings from the past, sparks are bound to fly.

Sarah never planned on seeing Falon Wolfe ever again. The he walked into the conference of her grandfather’s company. Falon was the one thing in her life she couldn’t forget. And she’d tried. For nine years she tried forgetting the scent of his skin and the way his body felt.

Falon’s overbearing ego, coupled with his dark good looks and undeniable charm grate on Sarah’s nerves. The cold cynicism that replaced his quicksilver spontaneity had Sarah devising a plan of her own: seduce the man who didn’t know he held her heart, and make him remember who he really was.

Returning to Chicago after fifteen year, Falon learns that things weren’t as simple as his cynicism had him believing. Faced with their strong attraction, Falon vows to have Sarah until he gets her out of his system.

When feelings change from cold agendas to blazing passion Sarah and Falon must come clean about their motives or risk losing everything. Sarah must move past her insecurities and Falon’s frigid walls if she truly wants to tame the Big Bad Wolfe.

Romantic Suspense/Thriller
90,000 words

Assistant District Attorney Madison Montgomery has a choice: work with an accused killer to save her life, or die.

When some crazed person bent on revenge stalks and threatens Madison, she turns to Joshua Baldwin for help, the former violent crimes detective she just prosecuted for murder. Although the jury acquitted him, this man she once loved and the only cop she ever trusted is still trying to prove to Madison and the world that despite the incriminating evidence the jury was right.

Amid accusations of police corruption, deep mistrust, and unrelenting passion, Madison and Josh navigate a dangerous road toward finding the real killer and the person threatening her and, perhaps, alleviating her unreasonable doubt.

NA Suspence Romance
97,000 words

Allison barely escapes her brother’s wedding reception alive. When the invaders raid the party, she and her siblings flee, avoiding the massacre.

Three weeks later, Ali is captured by the heartless General, who led the invasion, as she and her siblings search for other survivors. When she refuses to submit to him, he brands her for death. In a wild act of defiance, she snatches the branding rod and sears the mark onto his face. Furious at the humiliation she forced upon him, she is taken out to join the rest of the captives in front of the firing squad. But she escapes, and flees again.

She finds a small group in hiding who nurse her back to health physically and emotionally. While among them, she falls in love with the young man who found her – Damien Rogers.
But the General is hunting her. When he discovers their location, and finds her with another man, his obsession is inflamed. Allison discovers that his hunt for her may not kill her, but his mind games may break her and Damien apart. She must put herself on the line or he could kill her family and the man she loves.

Paranormal,Sub-genre: Horror, Romance
25,000 words

Set in a series of valleys named Hekati’s Wrath, a corrupt family, Matriarchal Oriane, seeks to overpower the ruling queen and council of Hera’s Paradise Kingdom. What stands in the way of those plans is one not so innocent female, Trestle Oriane, and a recruiter rebel, Clink Doggerel, seeking an inside weapon in taking it down.

Trestle despises her family, grew up abused and disdainful of the lcientiousness her dame and sire fostered to control outlying subjects and family members. She had no problems accepting the bargain Clink offered her, take down the power seat, and gain freedom.

Deep within Hekati’s Wrath is a labyrinth that the Oriane stronghold surrounds. That is the rumored power source of the entire set of valleys. Remove the power source, remove the threat, and lastly remove the corrupted family members came the orders to Clink. Only one problem resulted, he’d recruited Trestle from a very early age and then fell in love with her.

Trestle is aware of treachery lurking everywhere and trusts no one, except perhaps Clink. She carries his child, she has a secret ability that only Clink knows about. She shape shifts into a komodo dragon, one that goes Kaboom upon reshaping.

It’s the first Pitch Day of 2013! Say hello to all the authors!

January 12, 2013

I can’t tell you all how excited I am for this Editor Shop.

Jennifer Miller is my editor at Samhain. I adore her and am so thankful to have her in my corner!

PRIMITIVE NIGHTS released from Samhain on Jan 8th. and to celebrate, Jennifer agreed to be our attending editor. NINE other authors from Samhain agreed to come as well and we’re all giving away prizes!

I’ll start taking pitches around 10:00 am EST. But please don’t send me anything until you see the word ‘GO’ posted in big letters as an update at the top of this page. Once it’s there, send your pitch to candi_agent_shop (at) yahoo.com.

Yes, I know, it’s hard to wait, but while your waiting (and after you pitch), check out the new or soon to be released authors and their works below. Each link will take you to a page with their information, blurbs, excerpts and yummy covers!

Please feel free to comment and chat. We’ll all be here through the day and the more you comment, the more times you’re entered to win!

Here are the links to each authors info:


Good luck to everyone!

It’s ALMOST time to pitch! $25 Giftcard giveaway right now!

January 11, 2013

I can’t tell you all how excited I am for Editor Shop in the morning. Well , maybe you can tell since I’m posting before I usually do… 🙂


PRIMITIVE NIGHTS released from Samhain on Jan 8th. and to celebrate, Jennifer Miller (my editor) agreed to be our attending editor. NINE other authors from Samhain agreed to come tomorrow as well and we’re all giving away prizes!

I’ll start taking pitches around 10:00 am EST on Jan 12th. But please don’t send me anything until you see the word ‘GO’ posted in big letters as an update at the top of the morning post. Once it’s there, send your pitch to candi_agent_shop (at) yahoo.com.

BIG, HUGE, WARNING! We’re going to be swamped in the morning, so read the rules for pitching under the tab at the top of the page titled Agent/Editor Shop please. I delete without prejudice. If you don’t follow the rules, you’re out!

So just for fun tonight, and of course because I want everyone looking at my cover… Anyone who tells me what my MALE main character’s name is will be entered to win a $25.00 giftcard to Amazon or Barnes&Noble! I’ll draw a winner tomorrow before I post the word GO, and as a bonus, anyone who comments between now and then will also be entered in the big drawing for books tomorrow!

Read the blurb and excerpt from Primitive Nights at the links below:





Have a great night and good reading to you all!


Editor Shop with Samhain editor Jennifer Miller and a multi Samhain author give-a-way event!

December 28, 2012

Pitch to editor Jennifer Miller with Samhain!

I’m a day and a half EARLY! Mark your calendars ladies and gents because this only happens once in a blue moon!

blue moon

Okay, it might have something to do with having to work this weekend, a self-imposed deadline, a soon-to-be-release and the abundance of sugar still coursing my veins after the holidays, but hey, I’ll take the energy where it comes from. 🙂


This Editor Shop we welcome my uber-awesome editor Jennifer Miller with Samhain!

Pitch Day is January 12th 2013 at 10:00am EST.

As an added bonus to our Editor Shop, I’ve invited some Samhain authors to the blog to talk, answer questions and give-a-way some books to anyone who comments!
Comment to win on Jan 12th, 2013!

We’ll have all these authors giving away free copies of their books:

  • Lacy Danes – WATERFALL
  • Isis Rushdan – KINDRED OF THE FALLEN
  • Anne Hope – SOUL DEEP
  • Jackie Ashenden – FALLING FOR FINN
  • Cynthia D’Alba – TEXAS TWO STEP
  • Barbara Elsborg – COWBOYS DOWN
  • Renee Wildes – GOD OF FYRE MOUNTAIN
  • Joy Daniels – REVVING HER UP
  • Mari Carr / Jayne Rylon – WINTER’S THAW

Check out these covers!!!!

CowboysDown FallingForFinn

GodofFyreMountain KindredoftheFallen

PrimitiveNights RevvingHerUp

SoulDeep TexasTwoStep

Waterfall WintersThaw

Mark your calendars! The more you comment, the more you’re entered to win! And some of us are giving away more than one copy!