Link of the Week – Best Sellers that Don’t Sell

March 27, 2018

Here’s a bit about best sellers on Amazon in reference to ranking on paid versus category kindle books.  This blog — How To Avoid Best Sellers That Do Not Sell — on K-lytics breaks it down from the buyer’s perspective and the author’s perspective.

Link of the Week – Facebook Algorithms

December 26, 2017

Seems the rat race is getting even tougher for authors and any other small business thanks to Facebook’s new algorithms. Unless you are paying for ads (which are increasing in cost at a regular rate), Facebook considers many engagement posts, such as anything that requests a click or like, to be spammy. The social media giant “punishes” those pages by allowing next to no one following the pages a chance to even see posts.

Read more about it on K-lytics.

Link of the Week – Stripping Amazon’s Book Link Anatomy

February 2, 2016

Authors, did you know you might be sabotaging your Amazon reviews? You know, when great reviews disappear, removed by Amazon citing that the author knows the reviewer, etc. It’s all in the Amazon URL you might be using when you share your book links on social media.

This short video by K-lytics explains it all and tells you how to strip your book links down to avoid Amazon’s bots.