Link of the Week – Apple iBooks Link Maker

March 31, 2015

Hey kiddies!

Did you know you can create Apple iBooks banners, widgets, and link buttons for your books? It sooo simple, a monkey could do it! (Click on links if the images are not showing. Though a monkey can do it, apparently WordPress doesn’t always recognize the monkey’s hard work.)

Click on the handy dandy button to go directly to A KISS IN THE WIND’s page in Apple’s iBook store.

A Kiss in the Wind – Jennifer Bray-Weber

Check out this banner I did in less than 3 minutes!


And look at this awesome widget! If you click on it, it takes you straight to DEAD MAN”S KISS book page! Try it, I dare ya!

Dead Man’s Kiss – Jennifer Bray-Weber

There are options to customize. Including your books outside the United States. And they all can be added to your website and blogs.


And the site even lets you create a feed showing the top Audiobooks (and books, movie, music…) How cool is that? Check it out!

Link of the Week – Sales Rank Express

March 3, 2015

pixabay rf graph-163509_1280This is great for the indie author. Sales Rank Express offers visitors an up-to-the-second snapshot of a book’s Amazon ranking. But this isn’t the same as other ranking sites, it’s easier. Plug in the author, title, ASIN or ISBN to view a book’s ranking…and other data. It will  show  reviews, any different versions of the book, its release date, other books it might pair with, how many minutes long it is in its audio format, pricing, and more. You can even track its progress! Did I mention that it will do this for titles released internationally? Check it out, root around, have fun.

Link of the Week – Naughty Girls Writing Naughty NaNoWriMo Event

November 18, 2014

NGWN+Promo+November+2014+with+textYou may or may not know this, but I have an alter ego. I also write steamy, dangerous sexy stories under the name Harlowe Wilde. Harlowe belongs to a great group of saucy gals called the Nice Girls Writing Naughty. And, yes, we have a blog. This week’s link serves a dual purpose. One, to introduce you to the Nice Girls. Two, to offer you some awesome tips during the Nano season. Tips that can help you along any time of the year.

Nice Girls Writing Naughty is holding a NaNo Event, now through November 26th. Lots of great advice and encouragement for your writing pleasure, as well as daily prizes can be had. To sweeten the pot, there is also a grand prize up for grabs – a $25 gift card to ARe. Tomorrow, Wednesday the 19th is my, or rather, Harlowe’s day. Stop on by to see what awesomeness we can spread.

Link of the Week – DuckDuckGo

August 26, 2014

dreamstimefree_217130Recently, I jokingly mused on Facebook about whether the government would red-flag me for Googling subjects such as how to crack vaulted safes. A librarian friend of mine commented about this nifty search engine that doesn’t track you. (Bless you, Pam!) DuckDuckGo boasts of better search results while protecting your privacy. Win!




Link of the Week – Book Glutton

June 18, 2013

BLD067423Here is a unique approach to book clubs. Book Glutton is a community for reading clubs and an online bookstore . The site allows readers to connect virtually to discuss a book or books, anywhere within a book. As in inside the book. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s also a place for writers to discuss craft and help one another with WIPs. This site is even used in classrooms. Teachers can attach study questions for students within the text.

Check it out. Book Glutton

MuseTracks Link of the Week – Pirate Fun

March 13, 2012

In honor of my upcoming release, A Kiss in the Wind, let’s have some pirate fun, shall we?

This week’s link is a handy English to Pirate text translator.

Now ’tis easier than ever (assumin’ ye’ve tried) to squawk ‘n message on ye favorite social media sites whatever be on ye mind.

Heartly enjoy!

Link of the Week

October 11, 2011

How about some Twitter love this week.

Got an eBook available on  Amazon you’d like to market? These Twitter folks tweet Kindle suggestions and will tweet your book. Your book could potentially reach thousands of readers!!/KindleCoyote!/KindleSurprise!/TweetYourBooks!/BookNutter

MuseTrack’s Link of the Week

August 16, 2011

Today’s link features Pitch University. You’ve heard us plug this site from time to time. Not just because the head alchemist is a personal friend, but becuase this site has so, so much to offer.

Learn to pitch your novel, write a query, and get helpful advice and insight on marketing, hooks, and proposals. There is even an entire section entitled Indie U devoted to offering career advice to authors pursuing independent publishing, as well as small press and traditional publishing.

Check it out!