Agent Shopping day w/ Literary Agent Laura Bradford.

November 21, 2011

UPDATE: I’ve heard from Ms. Bradford and have sent out e-mails to the six lucky pitchers!

Thanks to everyone, especially Ms. Bradford for coming and participating.

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As always, I’ll keep it short and sweet. The turn out for Ms. Bradford was awesome! Let’s hope she finds a few pitches below that she likes. Fingers crossed for all of you.

Here are the stats:

Pitches received: 78

Pitches Accepted: 30

Pitches Deleted: 48

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  • 2 – Spam

So that’s it. The first thirty VIABLE pitches are below. Good luck to those who made it through.

Ms. Bradford! Welcome to the madness of Musetracks. The pitches are below. Have fun! If you find any pitches that you’d like to see more of, simply e-mail me the number, what you’d like to see, and how you’d like it sent. I’ll take care of the rest.

Huge thanks for being our guest!




Paranormal Romance

45, 013 words

Beth expected bugs, swamp rats and gators. Finding out the bog monster was real? Well that sure as hell wasn’t.

Evil has a name, it goes by Octavia, and the swamp Witch wasn’t stupid. She cursed her stolen men into creatures that couldn’t become of serious threat to her. Namely, those found naturally in the swamp.

Opossums, lizards and armadillos oh my!

What she failed to realize is every creature is blessed with natural defenses. Though the cursed souls aren’t fully human, neither are they much like their counterparts…except in their defenses. Speed, strength and even armor help unlikely heroes Moss and Damien take a stand for those unfortunate souls who have crossed Octavia’s path.

Beth and her aunt were two such unfortunates…or so everyone thought.

Who knew that these two held special magic’s of their own or that one secretly has revenge on her mind and in her heart.

As the swamp heats up its creatures come out hunting. Only not all of them are in animal form as the past crashes with the future and as is nature’s way only the strong or strong willed survive.



Women’s Literature

87,000 words

Julia is an optimist and expert problem-solver who “packs her diaper bag like it’s a mission from God,” but her quiet life as a stay-at-home mom is quickly unraveling. Her alcoholic father lands himself in the hospital with liver failure, her husband’s new job means that he is increasingly absent, her sister’s going through her third divorce, and her trouble-making uncle has just resurfaced to stir the family pot.

As Julia comes to terms with the fact that her father needs a long-shot liver transplant to survive, she tries to reconcile her strained marriage with raising her two daughters to her own high standards. While the family keeps vigil at her father’s hospital bedside, long-held secrets are revealed, leading the misfit group to a new understanding of one another, and Julia to a better understanding of herself. Julia learns to ask for help, admit defeat, be selfish when necessary, and surrender control as she redefines her own notion of happiness.

This novel was inspired by a true story: my uncle’s battle with liver failure. Julia’s Well was a semifinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. I was a Glimmer Train contest finalist and have published several short stories.



Romantic Women’s Fiction

80,000 words

In her heart, Kate would rather be her good friend Oliver’s second wife than anyone else’s first.  Seeing his strength and courage in battling back from his wife’s death has made Kate love Oliver in a way she knows will only ever belong to him.

And that is why she sits alone, today, in her cold basement.

Unfortunately, such a desperate love can leave one half of the heart lost in the other’s wake.  Kate gave herself to Oliver when she’d been whole.  His promise of a woman he could build a new life with.  Love fruitfully, bear his babies, hold heaven.

Kate shouldn’t have let him fall so hard for her.

His good heart will always love but never forget.

Her decision to be sterilized breaks him again and again and again.

How desperate is his love for her?

Enough to leave him sitting waiting, today, on her doorstep.



Mystery/Family Saga

177,060 words

Secrets and Lies is set on Caleb’s Woe, an island resort located off the coast of Rockport, Massachusetts. Kate Stanwood’s peaceful life was shattered the morning her brother found their father, Matthew Weston, lying in a bloody heap on the living room floor. At Weston’s feet lay a framed magazine cover page depicting the heyday of the family’s art gallery – an Abstract Expressionist exhibit held in 1957. The cover page was covered with a cipher, written in her fathers’ blood. The condition of her father’s body plus harassment of members of her family encouraged Kate to look into the incident on her own to get answers as to whom was harassing her family and why. What Kate did not know was that uncovering the mystery that led to her father’s death would dislodge an evil much older and much more determined to remain buried.

I publish erotica and dark fiction with several small presses under the pseudonym Elizabeth Black. I’m looking for an agent because I need agent representation for my writing career to succeed.



Upmarket Women’s Fiction

110, 000 words

When an unexpected storm rolls in on the afternoon of her mother’s funeral, thirty-year-old Maddie fears that the indomitable Lena is not gone—at least not yet.  With Lena’s death, Maddie had hoped for release from her mother’s oppressive shadow.

Maddie abandons a promising career in New York to return to her childhood home in the Colorado mountains.  She soon discovers that her family has wasted no time in mourning Lena. While her father posts his profile on singles websites, her sister becomes engaged to a man Lena loathed.  Maddie wants her own new start, and sparks fly when she reconnects with childhood friend Brad. Brad is great in bed, but good sex is a poor substitute for the love she wants. She finds consolation from a broken heart in her friendship with cowboy artist Jackson. A cynic who doesn’t believe in romantic love, he’s a safe bet.

But Maddie discovers she cannot find love while haunted by the past.  As she adopts the unlikely role of maid-of-honor to both her sister and soon-to-be-stepmother, she must confront her mother’s shadow, and the one man who asks her to choose between him and her dreams.



Humorous Women’s Fiction

88,000 words

Falling in love is easy; it’s all the other junk that brings headaches…and nausea…and demands from family members.

Wedding florist Roda Morgan wonders if she’s destined to sit back and watch everyone else find their Happily-Ever-Afters. Until she meets Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, and knows right away he’s different. A typical guy wouldn’t help pick up spilled feminine products, or stick around after being thrown up on. But her modest lifestyle clashes with his extravagant one. And instead of holding to her values, she loses herself in his world of fancy cars and glamorous parties. Her mother fears the woman she’s raised is being stolen away, and his is too closed-minded to accept someone who has a different set of beliefs. What’s a girl to do when she’s torn between two lives? Mental breakdown is one option.




77,000 Words

Restaurant manager Georgie Nikolopatos is losing her husband.  To another man.  This doesn’t surprise her, but it presents a bigger problem.  If Spiro divorces her, Georgie won’t only be out of a marriage, she’ll be out of a home and out of a job in the family business.  She’s spent her entire adult life making a success of the Bonaparte House, a landmark in Bonaparte Bay,New York, and she doesn’t want to give it up.

When Spiro disappears with a chunk of money, and a rival restaurant owner ends up dead on an island in the St. Lawrence River, it’s up to Georgie to prove – or disprove – her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s innocence.

Enter Coast Guard officer Jack Conrad, a sexy stranger to Bonaparte Bay.  Jack seems to know way more than he should about the murder and about Georgie herself.  Will he turn out to be a cold-blooded killer, or a hot-blooded hero?

COLD MAN RIVER is a standalone mystery, with series potential.  It differs from other mystery series in that the murders in future novels are related to the murder in COLD MAN RIVERas part of a continuing story arc.



Paranormal Romance

85,000 words

Black magic corrupts the natural order of the universe when the present and the past and the paranormal collide.

After evading arrest for Jacobite activities, Scottish nobleman Robert MacLachlan turns privateer. Some might say pirate. A Caribbean Voodoo priestess curses him to an eternal existence as a vampire shifter torn between the dual natures of a Florida panther and an immortal blood-thirsting man. For centuries, he seeks to reverse the black magic whilst maintaining his honor. Cruising the twenty-first century Atlantic, he becomes shorthanded to sail his 90-foot yacht, Sea Panther. The last thing he wants is a female crewmember and the call of her blood.

Although she swore never to sail again after her father died in a sailing accident, Kimberly Scot answers the captain’s crew wanted ad to escape a hit man. She’s lost everything, her fiancé, her job, and most of her money, along with money belonging to her ex-clients. A taste of Kimberly’s blood convinces Robert she is the one woman who can claim the panther’s heart. To break the curse, they travel back in time to where it all began—Jamaica 1715.



Adult Urban Fantasy

85,000 words

After recovering from a heart transplant, Rieve Tarunessa returns to her job as head Control Officer to the demons who are legally allowed to feed on the sex, blood, and emotions of human donors. In return, the witches get to harness demon energy to strengthen their magic, which benefits the humans. Lately though, the witches’ magic has been going horribly awry, and the subsequent fallout with the humans has led the witches to a deadly plan to overcome their dependency on demon energy.

When Rieve finds out she actually received a demon’s heart, she uncovers the witches’ plot to use hybrids like her to destroy the demons. Things are further complicated when Rieve finds her heart donor Haden, and realizes that their lives are irrevocably linked because her heart is keeping them both alive. Haden is no ordinary demon though, and the unique power Rieve gains through him becomes the strongest weapon against the witches, who don’t realize that eradicating the demons will destroy everything their magic is a part of, including Rieve’s new heart.



Urban Fantasy

82,000 words

The demon Liam has been hiding a romantic relationship with the angel Mikael for centuries. When a battle for Heaven places them on opposing sides, Liam must decide if a victory for Hell is more important than losing the one being who taught him good and evil aren’t easily defined.

Liam enjoys traveling the Midwest on his motorcycle, chartering contracts for souls and feeding his addiction to coffee; a leftover need thanks to the body he now inhabits. Not even the minor annoyance of having to deal with archangel Gabriel’s sworn vengeance can interrupt his life for too long.

Thus far, Gabriel’s attacks have been a source of Liam’s mocking towards Heaven’s less-than-competent solider. But now God’s gone AWOL, Heaven’s in disarray, and Gabriel sees an opportunity to take the throne himself. The death of Liam would surely prove his worth as a leader, so he takes a new approach to an old problem. The next soldier to go up against Liam will be trained by the best teacher in heaven—Mikael. Now Mikael must decide how far he can go to protect Liam while serving Heaven, and Liam must save him from having to make the choice.



Romantic Thriller

85,500 words

UNDER THE MOON GATE is an 85,500-word (digital count) thriller set in contemporary and WWII Bermuda. The novel, a unique blend of old and new, has a mainstream feel that weaves a rich, compelling tale of action and romance spanning two generations. In UNDER THE MOON GATE, dashing Virginian Nathaniel Morgan sails into the life of prim and proper Bermuda heiress Patience Whitestone, determined to dig up her family secrets at any cost, along with a cache of Swiss gold he’s convinced her father buried somewhere on her property during World War II. Nathaniel confronts Patience with evidence – a wartime sea chest raised from the Atlantic, containing incriminating documents and a wartime journal – proving that her father, William Whitestone, was a German sleeper agent planted in Bermuda in 1937. Patience must save herself and her family’s reputation when she finds herself pitted against, but reluctantly drawn to, the stranger who has the power to expose her, while a man from her father’s past threatens to destroy her.



Romantic Suspense

90,000 words

In Sixth Sense, reluctant Psychic Katherine Crystal, dubbed “Crystal Ball Kate,” is thrust into the national spotlight when she accurately predicts that the young son of actor Vince Rivers (think John Travolta) will die in a private plane crash. Skeptical Atlanta Police Detective Beauregard Lee Jackson Hale (Jack), who has a deep-seated distrust of psychics, is the by-the-book officer who ignores Katherine’s warnings when she calls to report her premonition, with disastrous consequences. When Katherine and Jack are forced to work together to help catch a serial killer, their brief and fruitful chase leads to romance and the ultimate discovery of a mystery and a murder surrounding Kate’s birth in the secret spiritualist community ofCassadaga, Florida.



Historical Romance

93,000 words

English-born but Norman-blooded, Isabel Dumont struggles to keep her home and heart intact when William the Conqueror sends his knights to her father’s holding after the Battle of Hastings—a task made more difficult when she learns of her father’s death. Sir Alexandre d’Évreux leads the men who have come to escort Isabel and her father to London to swear their allegiance to England’s new king. When Alex learns of William’s plan to give him Isobel’s hand in marriage, he is determined to win the affections of the reluctant maiden on his own terms. Unaware of the brash Normanknight’s true purpose in her life, Isobel strives to maintain her independence, desperate to hide her growing attraction to the confounding knight and the truth about her father.

But time is running out for Alex as they travel to London. He must lay siege to the heart of the one woman who can help him navigate the war-torn country still reeling from the brutal conquest. Just when Alex is convinced Isobel is finally his, she mysteriously vanishes, and his quest to find her plunges them both deeper into the conquest’s fallout.



Historical/regency romance

110,000 words

“The sacrifice of one spoiled heiress for the good of many…” at least that’s how tarnished war-hero Major Vicks Geale quiets his conscience. Newly returned to England, Geale finds his pay and commission forfeited, he’s inherited a crumbling estate, worthless title and a mountain of debt. With his band of wounded men depending upon him, Geale chooses the feckless and rich Lady Evangeline “Mischief” Moorecroft.

Gorgeous over-indulged Lady Evangeline delights on dancing the razor’s edge between scandal and infamy. Unable to resist Geale’s bait of a notoriously naughty masquerade, Evangeline awakens to discover she’s been ambushed into marriage.

Ready to escape her new husband and pay her way out of scandal, Evangeline finds herself in the impossible predicament of needing Geale’s unwitting assistance to help her wayward brother escape to the Continent.

Alternately teasing and appeasing, Geale begins to win her heart. Evangeline fans the fierce attraction between them until she discovers Geale’s been commissioned by her father, the Duke, to return her brother to London, dead or alive.

If Geale succeeds, he will keep Evangeline and her fortune. But his failure he will pay for with his life.



Time Travel Romance

 93,000 words

Determined to regain her royal status, a banished Highland faerie accepts a challenge issued by the queen of the fae to unite an unlikely couple while the clan brownie vows to stop her.

Passion ignites when a faerie-shove propels burned-out business consultant Laurie Bernard through the garden gate, back through time, and into the embrace of Patrick MacLachlan. The arrogant clan chief doesn’t know what to make of the lass in his arms, especially when he recognizes the brooch pinned at her shoulder as the one his stepmother wore when she and his father disappeared. Laurie sets his blood afire and he’s determined to have her. She’s resolved to return to her own time and the quiet country life of which she’s dreamed. Yet her desire for Patrick is impossible to resist.

With the fae interfering at every opportunity, the couple must learn to trust one another while combating an enemy clan, exposing a traitor from within and discovering the true fate of Patrick’s missing parents. Against the odds, they learn the most important truth—love transcends time.



YA Paranormal Mystery

60,000 words

18-year-old Hannah Spencer would give anything for a dead-free day. For most of her life, she’s ignored the Visitors who appear in her bedroom each morning. After all, they’re dead, they don’t speak and they rarely stay more than a few minutes. Everything changes when Adam, a recent casualty in a car accident, appears and demands her help to move on to the afterlife. Troubled by her intense attraction to him, Hannah uncovers the truth about their connection: Adam is her twin flame — the other half of her soul— and the two have spent a number of lifetimes together. Unable to ignore their bond, Hannah and Adam rekindle their ages-old romance. However, when she links this mysterious ghost to the disappearance of his sister and the terrifying recurring dreams she’s been having, she must decide if helping him is worth risking her life … again.



Young Adult Contemporary

59,000 words

There are no strangers in Coffee, Texas. This little town has two unspoken rules: 1. No one moves to Coffee, 2. No one moves out of Coffee. Willow Dean Connor and her father have broken not just one, but both of these rules. Willow’s getaway path out of town is littered with the debris of her former life including her surreptitious relationship with her older brother’s best friend and the shadow of the mother who left Willow when she least expected it. Having left without a backward glance, Willow’s escape is short lived. Now she must return to Coffee where she is shocked to discover the home she grew up in has been sold and is now occupied by Max, a new boy in town.

Overwhelmed by her unexpected homecoming, an anxiety prone Willow is confronted by the life she has left behind and the one she has yet to live. Willow must determine if “home” is her fractured family, an old house, or maybe a boy named Max. Homesick for Goodbye is about the realization that home is bigger than four walls; home is a broken puzzle comprised of all the seemingly mismatched pieces collected along the way.



Category Contemporary Romance aiming for Harlequin Blaze

55,000 words

Thirty-something Lucy is a returning college student who isn’t going to waste her time dating unworthy men.  She manages to fall for the wrong guy every time.

She makes a list for her perfect man, and ignores her heart in her quest for Mr. Right.  Until she meets Andy.  She can’t get him, or his sweat pant clad butt out of her mind.  Even after she learns he lives with his mom, and his goal is to “win World of Warcraft, and attend ComiCon.”  An honest man who can make her laugh means more than a five-year fiscal plan, doesn’t it?

Dr. Andrew Sullivan, PhD, is undercover researching his next presentation for ComiCon, and his subsequent articles in Wired magazine.  Since he’s famous in the gamer world and recently had a public break up with a B-list actress, he grows a scruffy beard, chooses clothes to match it, and acts the part of an unemployed slacker while living with his mother.  Unfortunately, he can’t keep his mind, or his mitts off Lucy.  Can he trust her enough to keep his secret?  And can he tell her before it’s too late, and she breaks his heart?



YA Paranormal

59,000 words

Seventeen-year-old Allison just wants to make it through high school without killing anyone.  There’s just one problem.  Allison, like all the other women in her family, is cursed.  She can weaken a man for days with a single kiss, and when it comes to sex, there’s no such thing as safe—losing her virginity means a man loses his life.

Fighting her murderous destiny isn’t the only thing on Allison’s mind.  She also has to deal with an aunt who keeps pushing her to “turn to God for guidance” and her sister, Jade, who has weakened more men than she can count.  Allison knows Jade’s reckless behavior will catch up to her sooner or later, but she never imagines it will lead to her sister’s death.

After Jade’s apparent suicide, Allison’s good friend Ren is there to help her get through the difficult time.  However, their relationship soon turns into something more than friendly and far more dangerous.

As if trying not to kill the man she’s falling in love with and dealing with her bible-thumping aunt isn’t bad enough, Allison also has to come to terms with her sister’s death and the unanswered questions surrounding it.



Paranormal Romance

90,000 words

When an immortal alpha male searches the city for his rogue brother, he embarks on a torrid and illicit affair with a human named Kila. The instant attraction drags Kila into a clandestine realm that has hugged reality for centuries, one where shape-shifters prowl the earth while preying on humans. Powerful adversaries face Kila, vowing to destroy her while returning Ethan to his alpha duties.

As the adventure escalates, the dreams and whispers in Kila’s head pull her to the place of her birth, exposing the most astonishing revelation yet. You see, Kila isn’t a weak, insecure human begging at the feet of immortals. She just happens to be their worst nightmare, and fated for a destiny most befitting of star-crossed lovers.



YA Dark Fantasy

60,000 words

If you don’t think the idea of flesh eating mermaids is terrifying, then you’ve obviously never been trapped in the middle of the ocean during a storm constructed by the bloodthirsty maidens. Step into Anita’s world as she tags along on her father’s expedition in search of Atlantis. Since the arrival of the team’s newest member, the hotness known as Riley, an unexplained song haunts Anita’s dreams, and soon thereafter her waking hours. The siren’s song, a sweet and hypnotic melody, unleashes zombie-like mermaids turned human bent on revenge and plagued by madness.

When the sirens lure the mortals to the labyrinth tomb of Theoisis, Anita faces the demons from her nightmares. Trapped underwater and at the mercy of an undiscovered race, Anita must fight in order to save her father. A series of horrific murders set the pace for an unprecedented escape from the siren’s hold as Atlantis’ protector, Riley, struggles to imprison the sirens before they reach land.



Paranormal Romance

75,842 words

Dark Knight is a paranormal romance based on the Shadowlands, a world parallel to our own.  Creatures, such as vampires and other demons, were born in the Shadowlands and often make their way into our world: the outer world.  Not all of them are evil, but the ones who are bad, are really bad.  The U.S. Government has designated a top-secret sector who has been assigned the job of researching the Shadowlands, while continuing to protect the outer world.  Ethan St. John is one of those agents.  Born into the secret life of protector and hunter, St. John will save Gabriella Woods from an evil vampire.  Gabriella is a “starving artist” at her first gallery opening when she’s abducted by one of the world’s most powerful vampires.  The clan wants her because she has a unique gene they need.  Ethan saves the day, sweeping her away from her captor to a New England safe house to teach her mind-control to battle against the evil that’s come for her.  Dark Knight is the first book of many in the Shadowland series.  Readers will get to know reoccurring characters as they read through the books.  Dark Knight is 75,842 words.



Upper middle grade fantasy

85,000 words

Mythical creatures are a complication Dexter Gallagher doesn’t need so
soon after his mother’s death. More so because shy, stuttering Dexter
is awkward; lots of awkward. When a not-so-fictitious firebird follows
him to school and sets a bully’s hair on fire, Dexter isn’t grateful.
He’s terrified, especially when this firebird by day also turns into a
beautiful mute girl by night. Dexter has always been clueless around
females, even those who can’t talk back.

Adding to his problems is his long-absent father, who just happens to
be a famous warrior from Faer. Yes, the place with all the magic and
ogres and Faeri godmothers. (And crazy seeresses, and talking pigeons.
Maybe a zombie or twelve. And lots of aggressive toads.) Said father’s
taking custody, and that means Dexter’s moving to Faer.

But legend also says firebirds are the key to finding the Kingsword,
Faer’s most powerful weapon. And there’s a Snow Queen who’d kill to
get her hands on both. She’s giving Dexter two choices: surrender the
firebird, or lose his life. But while Dexter’s no Prince Charming,
he’s learning that sometimes you don’t need to be a hero to fight for
the things that matter most.



YA Urban Fantasy

71,000 words

How do you live your life when you’ve already seen your death?

Seventeen-year-old Carri Helms ability to see the future did not prepare her for visions of her own death. Or, an attack on her life by a secret society who believe she is the descendant of one of the world’s oldest bloodlines and the key to unleashing an ancient power.

Rykeir Davis is used to hiding his supernatural abilities from the world, but when he saves Carri from certain death, he finds himself risking everything to protect her. Drawn to her, he will stop at nothing to keep her safe, even if that means revealing all he is and all he is capable of.

Now, Carri and Rykeir must uncover the truth behind her lineage while preventing the revival of a war that nearly destroyed her kind once before. It is a battle of good versus evil in this supernatural journey as the discovery of love and self defies nature and transcends time.



Dark, Romantic Women’s Fiction

104,000 words

Thirty-two year old musician assistant Trista Hart knows she needs to find a way out of the nocturnally persuaded world of her best friend and boss, Jaxon James. But no matter how dark that route has become lately, he and his band Sin Pointe are her family and she’s not prepared desert them for Jaxon’s visiting cousin, Lucky Mason of Tennessee, if it’s just going to take her down another of life’s pot-hole littered highways. She has valid reasons to question Lucky and his beloved south—having experienced at an early age the sometimes hypocritical underbelly of the region’s good manners and charm.

Her hourglass has been turned upside down and now with Lucky’s heartfelt proposal before her, she has to decide one for the other at the most inconvenient of times—just as Sin Pointe’s tour is taking off and on the heels of a horrendous late night attack on her and Jaxon that leaves her sure of only one thing…

It’s time for Trista to be her own savior.



Romantic Suspense or Contemporary

90,000 words

Count Aldric Bradawulf, aka Elliott Tibbles, aka Slick is the ultimate invisible man. A Master of Disguise, he collects clandestine global information. After overhearing three International thugs planning to kidnap Deidre Townsend in order to steal her sister’s new fuel technology, his plans to approach Deidre slowly, and ease his way back into her life, are spoiled. He’d hoped for more time to explain his deception a year earlier, but danger is imminent and he’ll have to move fast.

In the midst of mayhem, Elliott Tibbles tumbles back into Dee’s life and she soon finds herself ensconced in a magnificent Austrian castle with Elliott, or rather, Count Aldric Bradawulf. Can she forgive him for his deception a year earlier? Can she trust him and his dubious connections? Together they must outwit a dangerous group of men in pursuit of a hundred million dollar prize. Can love—based on a foundation of lies and deceit—grow and flourish?

My first published novel, Mirror Images, received two five-star reviews. I have been a member of RWA for ten years and hope that my pitch intrigues you.



Romantic Suspense

102,000 words

Sin on the strip is a romantic suspense about Maggie Anderson, a televangelist’s    daughter and street counselor. Years earlier a violent near miss with a human trafficker destroyed Maggie’s confidence forcing her to use her strip club as a means to reach women in need. But when a serial killer kidnaps her friend, Maggie has no choice but to finally face her old demons and once again run to the rescue in spite of the fact that she couldn’t defend herself the one time she needed to.

Search and rescue investigator, Christian Beck has been on too many ‘damsel in distress’ missions to stomach another one. But when his latest assignment leads him to a reckless club manager determined to put herself in danger, professional distance no longer seems to be his motto. As the serial killer sets his sights on Maggie, Beck races to save her or face losing her to the same psycho he believes killed his kid sister twenty years earlier.

Maggie and Christian discover that on the strip sin is a relative term and to have a future they must conquer their pasts.




97,722 words

Some say that dreams are the doorway to the soul. Willow is no stranger to that doorway. Each night she shares a silent dream with a stunning blue-eyed boy. With each new moon she’s haunted by a nightmare shared with a different boy, who is always hidden by the shadows.

In her waking hours she must battle her sixth sense. The one that allows her to feel others emotions as if they were hers. This insight is exhausting, causing her to draw inward, only trusting a few close friends. Oddly, this sense also attracts ghostly images that seem to appear out of nowhere.  With a touch, they take her to wherever they may be, allowing her to change their emotion. This alone would cause most to go insane, but Willow filters her aggression by painting, capturing the emotion.

One August night, a nightmare came days after the new moon. In this dream the shadowed boy marked her wrist with a star, leaving her father no choice but to share a family secret that would tie all of the odd attributes of Willow’s life together. Now, she has no choice but to outrun the fate that is closing in around her.



Contemporary women’s fiction

96,000 words

Aussie veterinarian Shaye Gillies is running from the memories of a tragedy back home when she lands in Granite Harbor, Maine to take over the island’s only animal hospital. A tragedy she feels she could have prevented. How? Shaye gets visions of possible future events. No one listened to her warnings Down Under, and afterwards, the town vented its anguish and anger on her.

Now, years later, in a small village in Downeast Maine, new visions warn of a fire at the general store. However, the visions have some conflicting details. Past and present blend in seemingly impossible combinations.

Betty, the village’s elderly psychic. Jane, Shaye’s long deceased psychic mentor. Shaye’s visions of a future fire. A 1930 fire that destroyed the general store. Two suitors, both possibly with ulterior motives for winning her heart.

After denying her psychic abilities since the tragedy Down Under, Shaye must trust her heart and reveal her abilities to the village. When the visions gain startlingly sharp detail, she sees the fire, one suitor, his mother and herself. They race to the store to save lives, the store and something unexpected – a decades old connection between Down Under and Downeast.




90,000 words

Mother Nature plays matchmaker in my ninety thousand word historical romance, In Sarah’s Shadow.

Separated from her family, frostbitten Roberta Shallcross is a woman in desperate need of a hero. David Henderson is far from that. He’s a drunken widower who can’t get past the murder of his seemingly perfect wife, Sarah.

When David grudgingly saves Bobby’s life from the Rocky Mountain wilderness, she intends to return the favor and see him sober. Unfortunately, battling liquid demons aren’t the only obstacles on the path to happily ever after. Enter Reginald Crocker.

Reg is a smooth talking Bostonian with a covetous heart. What he covets is Bobby’s affection.  And why not?   Didn’t Sarah fall into his trap?  Perhaps, Bobby will too, for aren’t the mountains a lonely place for a woman in the clutches of brooding drunkard?

Despite his meddling, genuine feelings between David and Bobby grow. But will their new found love be strong enough to survive David’s guilt over Sarah’s death. And more importantly, can they survive Reg’s wrath?

Pitch Day at ‘Agent Shop’ with agent Jenny Bent and author Ellyn Bache

May 29, 2011


UPDATE: STOP! We’ve received the pitches we need. Check back tomorrow to see if yours made it in time! (and hopefully followed the rules.) I’ll also announce the winner of the Top Pitch Slot and the copy of The Art if Saying Goodbye.

Good Luck!

Welcome to another ‘Agent Shop’. It’s pitch day! YAY!

We’re happy to welcome Jenny Bent from The Bent Agency to this session of Agent Shop.

Today we also have Jenny’s client, Ellyn Bache, with us for the author spotlight with her novel, THE ART OF SAYING GOODBYE.

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Welcome Ellyn!



In a gesture of support and affection for a long-time neighbor who has fallen ill, four women in a close-knit suburban development tie white ribbons to trees in front of their houses, and embark on a powerful journey of transformation. Their ailing friend has always been the neighborhood star, an effervescent beauty whose charm draws all of them in.  As they grapple with her illness, each of them responds in a different way as she sees her own problems with new perspective.  A marriage put on hold because of a difficult child, a nurse’s eerie and unwanted gift of diagnosis, widow’s destructive bitterness, the price of a successful career, all come into play to shape their stories. Ultimately, each one learns to say goodbye … but not before drawing from her friend’s strength the courage to move on and change, as she recognizes that her own life, in the afterglow of someone else’s, is richer and more precious than she thought.

Praise for The Art of Saying Goodbye

“This is a moving, gratifying, and inspiring reminder to live life to its fullest and demonstrate love in every possible way to friends and family.”—Publishers Weekly

The Art of Saying Goodbye is a deeply felt and beautiful story that portrays what friends can mean to each other in ways that are difficult to articulate, and Bache has done so here in perfect pitch. Bravo!”—Dorothea Benton Frank, bestselling author of “Sullivan’s Island” and “Folly Beach”

This sounds like such a powerful read. I have to ask, where did the title come from?

From Jenny Bent.  We had been tossing titles around for weeks.  Nobody liked the preliminary ones — “The Ribbon Trees,” and before that, “Ribbons for Paisley.”  Then Jenny came up with THE ART OF SAYING GOODBYE, and from the first moment, it sounded right.  It was exactly what the book was about — five women learning the art of saying goodbye, not just to a friend, but to elements of their own lives that weren’t working, that needed to be discarded so they could move on and grow.


Care to share what ‘The call’ was like?

In addition to being a remarkable agent, Jenny is one of the finest editors I’ve ever worked with.  When she first saw the book, she had a number of questions she wanted me to address.  What was amazing was how right she seemed to be on every issue.  The minute she posed it, I invariably thought, yes, this is something I need to work on.  And I did.  When she finally thought the manuscript was ready to go out, we both felt confident about it — and she sold the book in three days.  What a thrill!


That’s awesome. Both that you have such a great working relationship with Jenny AND that she sold it in three days! What else do you have in the works?

Something almost too new to talk about.  But I can tell you it’s about a friendship between several women, one really annoying man, and the art of walking dogs.


Too fun. We look forward to seeing more from you. What’s your advice for aspiring authors?

I’ve been writing for a long time, and there are two things I think are most critical: Stick with it.  And don’t lose confidence. If you sit down every day and write, you are going to get better.  You are going to learn skills you never thought you’d master.  You need to believe in yourself enough to send that work out when it’s ready (knowing when it’s ready is another topic altogether).  You need to believe good things will happen.  Sooner or later, they will.  In today’s competitive market, even the most accomplished writers are often rejected, criticized, and (too often) demoralized.  Don’t give up. If you have a supportive writing group that believes in your project, that’s a huge help, too.  But you have to keep at it, no matter what.  Persistence, persistence, persistence!

That’s great advice! 

Where can we find you Ellyn?

Harper Collins

Fresh Fiction



Where can we buy The Art of Saying Goodbye?


Barnes and Noble


Thanks so much for being our spotlight today and we wish you the best!

Make sure you find Ellyn and The Art of Saying Goodbye out there.

And now it’s time!

Agent Shop is open. Read the rules, polish your pitch and –


Blurb This Winner

June 29, 2009

Thanks to all who entered the blurb contest.

It was fun to read the entries and I did get a few via e-mail that were fun as well.

Our winner is: VICKI!

Here is her post:

After her last earthly encounter went haywire, Jade Simmons receives one final chance to redeem herself and be granted another life. Walking into the church where she was murdered to rescue Anthony Raphael, a man with too many sins to count, has flames of desire igniting more than her soul.

Vicki, please contact me at . You can send in your pitch any time and I’ll make sure it’s in the number one spot in the line-up.

Thanks again to everyone, and I hope to see you all here on July 5th at 10:00 a.m. EST when I’ll post the word go.

Our visiting agent this time is:

Kimberley Cameron from Reece Halsey Literary Agency

Here is what she had to say:

My interests are Fiction: Literary/
Historical/Mysteries/Women’s/Mainstream/Horror/Science Fiction/Thrillers
Non-Fiction: Biography/History/France/Current Events/Popular Science


Good luck everyone and keep those pitches coming!