Link of the Week – Historical Romance Network

October 21, 2014

Explore Historical Romance! I’m part of a movement to bring visibility to the historical romance genre, to show the stories are so much more than many believe, and to bust the stuffy misconceptions. There is excitement, adventure, and romance across the eras of all heat levels to be discovered. Check it out. Go on. I dare ya!

Stop by the new website. It’s a work in progress, but we’ve already got some great articles.

Watch the short video. You might recognize a few people, including yours truly.

Mocking Romance and the Revolution

January 16, 2013

Song of the Day: Blood by In This Moment

It could have happened.

Hey…It could have happened.

You see, most people who have know me prior to five years ago are surprised to find that I have become an author. With books. For sale. I admit, I’m surprised, too. Growing up, my dreams did not include the endless hours of solitude tapping away on a keyboard, mass amounts of research, the hari kari of reviews, marketing, and time displacement. No, I dreamed of rock stars and race horses. Don’t ask.

I stumbled upon my career. And I’m glad I did. I love it. But I don’t just write stories. I write romance. This coming from someone who shuns chick flicks and sappy greeting cards.

Not too long ago, an old friend asked me about my writing. It was small talk on their part. I don’t believe they were really that interested. But it was how they asked that drew up my hackles. Especially since the exact term used was ‘sex books’. Really? Sex books? I asked him (yes, him) if he had read one of my sex books. He bluntly said no, nor would he. Grrr…


“It’s not my thing.”

“What’s your thing? Shoot outs?  Car chases? Explosions? Danger? Intrigue?”

“And babes. Don’t forget, babes.”

“Right. Romance doesn’t have any of that.”

RF getty xxx

A romance author’s keyboard

A couple years ago, at a party, a woman I’d just met asked me about my books with great interest. That is, until I told her I wrote romance. She gave me the lip curl and proceeded to tell me she only read real books. I was stunned by her rude behavior and rendered ill-equipped with an impressive retort. Not to mention that for a split second, I felt the sting of belittlement. I don’t remember what my response had been exactly. I threw out a few facts, but she was unimpressed, saying it was nothing more than porn for women.  Boy, she just doesn’t know what she’s missing. But, I wasn’t going to change this woman’s impression of the genre, or of me. For the record, I bet she has a video collection of porn.

There is a stigma attached to romance books. Some of which is aptly earned from the romance books of the 70’s and early 80’s. But a large part of the misunderstanding of romance books stems much, much further back.

I am sharing a video I received from another forum (thank you, Ella Quinn!)  that does a wonderful job explaining why and how romance books were once considered dangerous. Yes. DANGEROUS. It’s a little more than 4 minutes, but well worth the viewing.

Back to my friend…
I educated him about my books. I challenged him to read one. Hell…just read the ‘sex’ part, if he wanted. I all but guaranteed he would not only see me differently (and maybe make his jaw drop, too), but see romance differently. He might just enjoy it. And I might even teach the guy a trick, or three.

They did what?

They did what?

To those who would mock the romance novelist, I dare you to read one. Come on…there are loads of sub-genres to choose from. Whatever tickles your fancy. Suspense, sci-fi, paranormal, historical, thriller, steam punk, and more. Take your pick. Read and get lost in an adventure.

Have you ever encountered someone who mocked romance? If so, how did you respond? What are your thoughts on those who look down on romance books? as always, I’d love to hear from you.

Editor Shop with Samhain editor Jennifer Miller and a multi Samhain author give-a-way event!

December 28, 2012

Pitch to editor Jennifer Miller with Samhain!

I’m a day and a half EARLY! Mark your calendars ladies and gents because this only happens once in a blue moon!

blue moon

Okay, it might have something to do with having to work this weekend, a self-imposed deadline, a soon-to-be-release and the abundance of sugar still coursing my veins after the holidays, but hey, I’ll take the energy where it comes from. 🙂


This Editor Shop we welcome my uber-awesome editor Jennifer Miller with Samhain!

Pitch Day is January 12th 2013 at 10:00am EST.

As an added bonus to our Editor Shop, I’ve invited some Samhain authors to the blog to talk, answer questions and give-a-way some books to anyone who comments!
Comment to win on Jan 12th, 2013!

We’ll have all these authors giving away free copies of their books:

  • Lacy Danes – WATERFALL
  • Isis Rushdan – KINDRED OF THE FALLEN
  • Anne Hope – SOUL DEEP
  • Jackie Ashenden – FALLING FOR FINN
  • Cynthia D’Alba – TEXAS TWO STEP
  • Barbara Elsborg – COWBOYS DOWN
  • Renee Wildes – GOD OF FYRE MOUNTAIN
  • Joy Daniels – REVVING HER UP
  • Mari Carr / Jayne Rylon – WINTER’S THAW

Check out these covers!!!!

CowboysDown FallingForFinn

GodofFyreMountain KindredoftheFallen

PrimitiveNights RevvingHerUp

SoulDeep TexasTwoStep

Waterfall WintersThaw

Mark your calendars! The more you comment, the more you’re entered to win! And some of us are giving away more than one copy!

MuseTracks – Link of the Week – Kickstarter

August 21, 2012

This week’s Link of the Week, I’m giving you a three-fer.

Kickstarter is a super cool “funding platform for creative project.” In other words, it is a site where creative minds, whether they are authors, designers, musicians, artists,   filmmakers, etc. build a platform, set an “all-or-nothing”  funding goal, and a project deadline. Friends and supporters back the project creator and in return reap rewards such as a copy of what is being made.

This leads me to the next link. On Kickstarter, there is a project called Love Between The Covers by Laurie Kahn. This is a feature-length documentary revealing “the remarkable global community of women who create, consume and love romance novels.”

Interested? There are only a few days left for this awesome project to hit its goal.

To see part of the project in the works, check out these videos featuring some well-known romance authors.