Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2018


Though today is America’s Thanksgiving holiday, the message is the same worldwide.

Life is full of Give and Take. Give thanks and take nothing for granted.

 MuseTracks wishes you a safe, joyous holiday filled with love, laughter, and tryptophan.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2015

Though today is America’s Thanksgiving holiday, the message is worldwide.

Life is full of Give and Take.

Give thanks and take nothing for granted.

And for goodness sakes, laugh!



Thanksgiving – The Year I Was Shot

November 23, 2011

Song of the Day: Feel Good Drag by Anberlin

Thanksgiving –a time to give thanks for the people in our lives, our accomplishments, our successes and failures, and our bounties, that which makes us stronger.

Like many, I have a patchwork of memories that weave a fabric of nostalgic moments in my life.

When my grandparents were still alive, every year the family gathered at “the farm” for Turkey Day. We reflected on the amazing tales my grandfather told of the wars he fought. We shared loads of laughter during the wild storytelling of my father and his siblings’ antics –some of which include wasps, pyromania, and cat poop. We ate dry turkey, drank watered-down instant tea, and dodged rolls that were not passed but rather lobbed (helmets at the table were optional). Those were invariable staples of our holiday.

No thanksgiving would be complete without some sort of chaos. Every family experiences them. Right? Riiiight? The obese uncle who, after his second trough-full of food, scares the family into believing he was having a heart attack. A trip to the emergency room confirmed it was just indigestion. How about the turkey that sat in the oven for hours only to be discovered as everyone sat down at the table that the oven hadn’t been turned on. Or the food fight, not surprisingly, started when a wayward roll bounced off the wrong head. I might add that coconut pie (not the chocolate pie as we never, EVER waste the chocolate pie) is a nightmare in long hair.

My favorite memory includes my bronco-bustin’, ninja-trained, flyboy cousin who was home for the holiday from the Air Force. Seems he had taken up a new hobby. Competition Paintball.  And he had brought his high-power guns. Looking back in hindsight, I’m convinced my cousin waited until after the big turkey dinner to play paintball because the rest of us were slow moving targets. Combined with his ninja skills, he hunted us down, picking us off like screaming monkeys in a barrel. Not one of us made it out “alive”.  I won’t lie, getting shot by a paint ball HURTS!!!! Even when wearing jeans. I had a bruise the size on Montana on my thigh. Diving and rolling for cover looks so much easier on TV. But I didn’t get it as bad as hubby. He got nailed in the middle of his forehead as he peeked up from his hiding place. It was HILARIOUS!

Ah…good times… good times.

Do you have a funny Thanksgiving story to share? What family traditions do you have? I’d love to hear from you.