Link of the Week – Romance on the High Seas

March 28, 2017

Seven Swashbuckling Romance

One Thrilling & Epic Box Set


Seven best-selling and award-winning authors of pirate romance take you on thrilling and epic high seas adventures with seven swashbuckling romances sure to satisfy the pirate in you. Argh!

The box set weighs anchor May 18th but you can PRE-ORDER your copy TODAY at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, or iBooks.

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Friday Facts- Can’t Call It Fun

March 24, 2017

Sexual Assault- It happens.635960597167003479-1947247885_stop sexual assault

  1. 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be a victim of sexual assault.
  2. Every 98 seconds someone experiences this.
  3. Good news! The number in the US has fallen by more than half since 1993.
  4. Still…only 6 out of every 1000 rapists ends up in jail.
  5. Every 8 minutes the victim is a child.
  6. 60,000 children are victims in a year.
  7. 55% of the assaults occur at or near the victims home.
  8. 12% occur at or near a relatives home.
  9. There is help and healing!!– (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network)
  10. A Definition- Sexual assault is a sexual act in which a person is coerced or physically forced to engage against their will, or non-consensual sexual touching of a person.
  11. Another place of healing!!–  This was started by the actress Mariska Hargitay who plays on Law and Order SVU. 

    “But what really opened her eyes—and subsequently, her heart—was the fan mail she received. The letters didn’t say, “I love your show. Can you send me an autographed picture?”  They said, “I was raped when I was fifteen. I’m forty now and I’ve never told anyone.” Survivors were disclosing their stories to her, many for the first time.

    The fact that these individuals were revealing something so personal to someone they knew only as a character on television demonstrated to Mariska, and to all of us, how desperate they were to be heard, believed, supported and healed.

    Her response was to create Joyful Heart.”joyful-heart-1

  12. How You Can Participate! If you love to write or read, check out this great auction doing wonderful things!!!!!!!!!!


Hump Day Kick Start – Writing Prompt #6

March 22, 2017

Writing prompts to kick start your muse.


Now THIS…this could go in so many directions. What are the side effects? Are they mental, physical, or something entirely different? Small and unassuming or epic? Who are they affecting? Human or beast? Just one person, an entire population, or all civilization?

Share your ideas and/or post your creations, even if it’s just a line or two. I’d love to hear them.

Book Gorilla- Good For Writers, Good For Readers

March 21, 2017



Writer- “Are you an author? Just click here to see how you can submit (or update) information for your own free BookGorilla Author Page. Each author’s page accommodates a brief bio and a full listing of their Kindle titles.”

Reader- “Imagine a single daily email, tailored to your personal reading preferences, featuring the best deals on the best Kindle ebooks, either completely free or at deeply discounted bargain prices.”


New Release! Echoes In Time

March 17, 2017


Roark Foster kills at work. Truly. As a sniper for the Green Berets, he’s snuffed everything ever asked of him, including all emotion. That last part was easy. After the tragedies of his youth with a Native American heritage, his heart had to go—which makes it all the more difficult to return to Esterloch, NY, to settle the estate of his recently deceased mother. And to deal with the desperate stranger he finds lurking in his yard.


Dr. Monica Peterson’s first step was to hide. That’s why she came to this tiny upstate town, fleeing everyone and everything to stay safe. Next will come Plan B, when she thinks of it, but until then her secrets will stay her own. Yet one intractable soldier calls out to her with his hard eyes and harder body, promising both solace and ineffable danger. For the past is not a war you can escape, and every step with Roark will lead toward an explosion: of old enemies, of hidden pain, and of a love that can erase all want.

Echoes in Time




Hump Day Kick Start – The Catch Edition

March 15, 2017

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

In honor of this week’s St. Patrick’s Day, I give you one of my favorite Irishmen for today’s hump day.

What’s the story? Did he fish out a selkie from the sea? Is she alive? Why was she in the water? Had she fallen overboard? Was just out for a swim when she got caught in his net? Maybe she purposely swam into his net in an elaborate plot to destroy his reputation/go along with him on a treasure hunt/be on the next Deadliest Catch television show. Could she be his Moby Dick he’s finally caught?

Tell me a story or caption the pic. And Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Link of the Week – Song Lyrics

March 14, 2017

Not sure if you can use a song lyric in your work? Here’s some advice from a once lawyer on the matter posted on the Self Publishing Advice Center blog. Check it out.