Hump Day Kick Start – Power Saw Edition

Song of the Day: Touch Too Much by AC/DC (Just because I heard the song yesterday and remembered how much I liked it.)

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.


A half-naked man. A big-ass power saw. What more from a picture prompt could you ask for? That was a rhetorical question for the ladies, of course.

What’s his story? Who is our fireman? Is he new to the job? A seasoned firefighter? Is he practicing in a mock set up to enter a burning building?  Maybe he is about to open the door to something more sinister. What could be on the other side? What’s with the sullen look? Is he thinking about  the sexy pump operator that he can’t seem to drum up the nerve to ask out? Or did he lock himself out of his apartment…again?

Just look at they way he is holding his, er, tool. Just wait until he starts the thing. Sparks will surely fly.

What’s your take? Come one, be creative! Let me hear from you.

13 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Power Saw Edition

  1. Sarah Andre says:

    Sullen? I’d call that expression determined…just the way I like ’em.
    Oh, yeah–you’ll be hearing from me. 🙂


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Rupert was new on the job.
    Little did he realize that the other guys had played a very ugly trick on him by spreading Super Glue to the back of that power saw.
    Now he’s stuck with a very powerful … well, you know.
    And instead of wielding the “jaws of life” to rescue a poor damsel trapped in a wrecked automobile, Rupert wields … well, you know.


    • jbrayweber says:

      LOL! And that’s a bad thing, Jeff?
      (I will refrain form making a comment on the choice of name you gave our subject.) 😉


  3. Sarah Andre says:

    So this is Derek Rupert.

    He’s been asked to attend Jefferson Elementary in South Bronx to give 3rd graders a talk on safety. The person who asked is school teacher, Erin Humphries, daughter of the fire chief. Derek’s been trying to get her to notice him for quite awhile, but there are A LOT of good looking firefighters at his station so he’s had no luck at all. And Derek is of Irish heritage, so he puts a lot of stock in luck.

    Therefore, when the chief pins his daughter’s emailed request to the fire station bulletin board, Derek counts himself lucky he was the first guy by, and instantly volunteered.

    The night before the talk Derek paced his house, more nervous than he should be, which annoyed him because he was a cool, laid back kinda guy. They were 3rd graders, for God sakes, why was he so worked up? Because a talk on safety was boring. And boring wouldn’t capture Erin’s attention. He could just visualize her yawning behind the students as he meandered on about safety.

    He tried to remember back when he was in 3rd grade. What interested him? Goofing off, recess and little Sally Snedeker. What ever happened to her…

    Anyway, this is how he came to the idea for this picture. The day dawns sunny and hot and he gathers the students and Erin outside behind their classroom. He spins them a scenario that there are a whole bunch of puppies being held by a mean man behind this padlocked fence.

    A little girl in the front row begins to tear up and Derek quickly assures her he’s gonna get them all out. He glances at Erin who isn’t understanding the connection between puppies and safety and sure isn’t looking too happy so far. He crosses his fingers and turns to the class. “Now I’m going to get them out, and I want you kids to tell me if I’m doing it safely.”

    He strips off his shirt, pleased to see he has Erin’s undivided attention, grabs his buzz saw and positions it above the paddlock. “Do you think this is a safe way to rescue the puppies?” he calls. Behind him a chorus of “no’s” shout back. “Why not?” he asks. “I’m in a real hurry to get them out.”

    “You should have safety glasses on.”
    “You don’t have your helmet face shield down.”
    “I think you only need those big metal cutters like my dad has. Not that humongous saw.” (Lots of laughter.)

    “Anything else?” he says, realizing that holding the buzz saw cocked upright on a sweltering day was probably not his best idea.

    “I recommend wearing a shirt at the very least, what with all the sparks that are about to fly,” Erin says coolly. Derek thanks his Lucky Charms and throws her a triumphant grin.

    “Any idea on a safe way to get these puppies out?” he asks the class, straining to keep the saw in position now. His biceps are burning.

    “Why don’t you just climb up to that air conditioner and shove it inside,” the little girl in the front says. “You can climb in after it and find them.”

    “You are a VERY smart little girl,” Derek says, turning around and taking his hat off. “And smart girls are cool with me.” He is rewarded by a worshipping smile from her and a soft sigh from Erin.

    Later that night (just as sweaty) he holds Erin in his arms and admits he had the jitters about turning a talk about safety on it’s head just to get her attention. She replies, “That was the dumbest talk anyone’s ever given. I got hung up on you the moment you let the entire class know that the shy, unpopular girl no one plays with is smart and cool.”

    Derek lies back and snuggles her to his chest, thinking that was a damn lucky thing he said off the top of his head to that little girl.


    • jbrayweber says:

      Way to tug on the heartstrings, Sarah. Love, love this! Another gem from you. Seriously, you should be a writer, or something.


  4. jeff7salter says:

    Sarah wins another round …


  5. pibarrington says:

    Okay, you’re all going to hate me but all I can come up with is: Compensation. LOL! Sorry but I couldn’t resist.


    • jbrayweber says:

      No hatin’ at all, PI. I think it’s funny, too. I love hearing everyone’s comments, snark, and stories. 😀


  6. odie8654 says:

    Kane Jefferson was supposed to have was supposed to be on his day off. But someone had been sick and the LT requested he take the shift, you didn’t turn down LT.

    The call came in, fire in small art studio, possible person trapped. As the truck came to a stop and all the firefighters sprung into action, Kane took in the scene and followed suite, grabbing the chainsaw when his gaze took in the padlock.

    As he approached the locked doorway a woman appeared behind the safety screen door. She was clothed in only a lacy bra and panties that were smoke stained as she was, they also looked torn. “I can’t get out, he locked me in and set the place on fire, or god, please, get me out of here! Please!”

    Adrenaline pumping, Kane jumped into action, ripping off his fire coat and shirt, he told her to cover herself as much as possible with both and not to worry. “I’m not going to let you die, darl’n, it would ruin my reputation,” he teased. Seeing the relieved look on her face he grinned that cock-eyed grin that he knew the women drooled over. “Now, step back and cover yourself like I explained, ok? Let’s see about getting you out of there, shall we!”


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