Link of the Week

This week’s link is to the Second Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood
Winter Writing Festival! Is this shameless plugging? Well, yeah.

So what is the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival? It’s a writing challenge custom made just for you! 50 days  from January 11th through the end of February to write, edit, brainstorm, polish, format, or whatever the little author in you needs or wants to do.

The RSSWWF work with a “point” system, and YOU decide the terms for earning your point each day. And you define what it takes to earn that point.

No matter what stage you’re at right now (brainstorming, plotting, free-writing, revising, layering, polishing…or any combination) you can make it work for you.

Here are some examples of the sorts of things you might define as worth one
point (you fill in the variables according to your needs) :

-writing X number of words or pages
-deep revising Y number of pages
-polishing Z number of pages
-freewriting / brainstorming for Q number of minutes/hours
-doing R number of 20-minute writing sprints
-keeping butt in chair and hands on keyboard for S number of hours

Another example of how one person might commit to earning points according to the following terms:

-writing 500 words per day OR
-deep revising 10 pages per day OR
-doing a final polish on 25 pages per day
-participating in an hour of writing sprints

Any day that person meets ANY of those goals, she gets a point.

There’s no falling of the wagon either. You can get points for slacking, too.

This isn’t a competition, it’s a supportive process for MOVING FORWARD WITH OUR WRITING.

For more info, visit the website.  Oh, and there will be swag tiven away, too, so check it out.

4 Responses to Link of the Week

  1. Cough cough cough- I just turned on my brand new oven for the first time and filled my kitchen with smoke! Apparently the installers left a rim of plastic underneath the seal that melted. …now that I’ve made my house toxic and I’m freezing with all the doors and windows open- I have to say that I’m so excited about this time around with the Rubies! I learned about it too late last year but I’m on board for this go round. Thanks for giving us a heads up- Count me in!!!!!!


    • jbrayweber says:

      Geez. What a way to start the day! You sure it was the oven and not you? You are smokin’ hot, ya know.

      Glad you will be joining the festival, Stacey. Nothing like accountability to get you going and keep you going. It’s going to be productive AND fun. 🙂


  2. Ruth Kenjura says:

    Stacey I’m inclined to think that your not good with technical and electrical things- however- what an interesting concept– what if the plastic was imbedded with highly toxic fumes and it was how a killer murdered someone?
    Hoping to be able to jump on board for this writing festival, it just sort of falls in place after Sat. workshop. (Jenn- it’s been a while, I just had to get a murder in there)


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