Hump Day Kick Start – Writing Prompt #48

Writing prompts to kick-start your muse.


Let’s get suspenseful. Who is our prompt? A scientist? Warrior? Assassin? Retired police detective? Dog walker? What apocalyptic threat did he save the world from? Infected Zombies? Aliens? World War? Global power failure? Amazon and Walmart merger? Why did his brother betray him? Is he really a bad guy? Or maybe he had no choice? Who was the voice? And what was the condition? Eliminating someone of power? That he could NOT seek revenge on his brother? That he had to remain “dead” and never see or interact with his loved ones again?

Share your ideas and/or post your creations, even if it’s just a line or two. I’d love to hear them.


3 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Writing Prompt #48

  1. Jeff Salter says:

    well, you finally stumped me. I got nuthin’


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