Link Of The Week-Need An Editor?

Carla Rossi is an award winning author and happens to be my critique partner. She has a keen eye for story and will find even the smallest grammatical blunder…I know, she’s found all of mine!

She has attended PENCON 16, the Proofreaders and Editors Network Conference and is a pending member in the Editorial Freelancers Association and has been published since 2008!

“In the first round edits, I will read your completed MS and use Track Changes to make notes and comments. I usually make general story suggestions in an e-mail when I return the MS to you. I offer examples, when possible, by way of light rewriting. First round edits include:

  • identifying plot holes and checking the clarity and overall development of the story
    • Does the story start in the right place? Does it follow a logical path? Is it consistent?
  • establishing that the characters are well-developed and believable
    • Have you written realistic, authentic, and multi-layered characters, and do they follow a natural and consistent arc through the story?
  • checking for POV issues
    • Are you writing in the best possible POV for the scene/story/character and for your market?
  • identifying possible problems with word choice, awkward sentences, story gaps, show-don’t-tell issues, and other general writing mistakes
  • identifying common errors in grammar and word usage”


Editorial Services

2 Responses to Link Of The Week-Need An Editor?

  1. Loretta says:

    Good mornin’, y’all 🙂
    How fortunate that Carla is your crit partner! 🙂 Divine stroke of luck! 🙂 I shared the info on my fb page and tweeted 🙂


  2. Judith Russell-Tooth says:

    Thanks Stacey, this is great info. Will make copy and keep it in my files.


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